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Can I Switch To RYZEN?

– Hey guys, this is Austin. Can I switch to Ryzen? Ever since the first Ryzen Mobile laptops came out a few years ago, it’s been an incredibly compelling value proposition. What you’re getting is competitive CPU performance, and honestly impressive enough GPU performance that you could do some light gaming even on a thin

Pentium 200 MHz Review for DOS Gaming

Hey guys how’s it going. My name is Phil welcome to PhilsComputerLab. Today we’re having a look at another iconic processor. It is the intel Pentium 200. The processor launched in June of 1996 for the socket seven and have to P54CS core. The processor uses a 66 megahertz external frequency with 3x multiplier giving

How to Troubleshoot a Dead PC

Why won’t my PC boot? Okay, so before you even begin troubleshooting your PC I recommend drinking a cup of coffee have an energy drink something along those lines now This isn’t a sponsored spot on being dead serious Drink something like this before you begin troubleshooting because you could be doing this for quite