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Chief Marketing Officers talk Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics CxOTalk #332

We’re speaking with two chief marketing officers from Silicon Valley to learn their digital strategies. I’m Michael Krigsman. I’m an industry analyst. Thanks so much for watching CXOTalk. Tim Matthews, tell us about Exabeam. Exabeam is a security software company. We are trying to disrupt the security management marketplace. We’re a midsized company going up

Boost Your Business: Bernadette Schwerdt on digital marketing

(Bernadette Schwerdt) There’s social media, there’s webinars, there’s case studies, there’s whitepapers, there’s email, there’s ad words. And, I think, if any business owner doesn’t understand the basics of marketing and content creation and connecting with customers they’re go to find it really hard to cut through that clutter. [Music plays] I’m Bernadette Schwerdt and

Chatting with an Expert on Narcissism

Hey Amanda Hales, I’m here with dr. Ramani Durvasula Author of should I stay or should I go? Surviving a relationship with a narcissist. She is a professor at Cal State Los Angeles Yeah, how long you been there? Yea, almost 20 years. Wow, UHMMMMMMMMMMrip They actually would and we’d come up with robot partners