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Best of CES 2019!

– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today it’s time for the best of CES. First we have the Royole FlexPai. This is the first commercially available foldable smart phone, so you actually can buy one of these right now, and the entire thing is built around a super thin OLED panel, so the actual

Is a $130 Laptop Worth It?

– Hey guys, this is Austin. We take a look at a lot of budget computers But this, this is something a little bit different. At $130, is this Dell Inspiron worth it? At $130, not only is this one of the cheapest brand new Windows laptops you can find, but impressibly, it’s made by

Can I Switch To RYZEN?

– Hey guys, this is Austin. Can I switch to Ryzen? Ever since the first Ryzen Mobile laptops came out a few years ago, it’s been an incredibly compelling value proposition. What you’re getting is competitive CPU performance, and honestly impressive enough GPU performance that you could do some light gaming even on a thin

How To Waste $40 on Amazon…

(paper slapping) (gasp laughing) – Hey guys, this is Austin. Wow I’ve never been interrupted that badly by construction before. And today we’re were here with Mystery Tech Under $40. This is gonna be fun. Time for kids, Cell Phone Pros and Cons. Okay, hold on a second, what year is this from? This is