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How Diamond Rings Are Made

hey guys we are here in New York City with the team at Ritani and usually you guys see me building motorcycles but today we are doing building something even more special so we’re gonna be putting together a ring to propose my girlfriend Haley and the diamond is right inside this box so we’re

Tricks to Polishing Metal!

welcome back guys got a good video for you today been wanting to do a really comprehensive video on how to clean and polish up metal parts on a dirt bike or really anything for that matter so whether you’ve got aluminum stainless steel or steel this is the video for you so there’s a

The Next Project!

well guys it’s a pretty exciting day kind of turning a new chapter in the channel here we have a new project bike coming our way my buddy’s delivering it here in a few minutes and as soon as that thing shows up I’ll show you guys what I got my hands into you by

I ran it out of oil!

guys I made a huge mistake let me explain so back here we have my girlfriend’s little XR80 we went through and rebuilt this thing over the past couple months and so about a month ago I was finishing me up putting the graphics on getting the seat cover on and I was kind of

Our Incredible Story

what’s up guys so with us just being engaged show him that thing he’s sweet I thought it would be a good time to give a little a couple story my dogs are barking at her camera over there but hey yeah I thought it’d be a good time to kind of give a little