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New Coloured $2 coins for 2020

okay so hello fellow coin collectors are you going today this is another informative video today we’re gonna have a look at the new coins that the Royal Australian mint is going to release so here is their federal register of legislation we looked under currency determinations determination not with a plural 201 9 and

United Kingdom 1817 Half Crown

so hello fellow coin collectors are you going today today we’re going to have a look at a half crayon from 1817 so this coin is over 200 years old 202 years actually and there’s still in very good condition so if you have a look at the crown so that’s a crown from 1892

Alphabet $1 coin values on eBay

say get eight people here you can use come in back we’ve another coin we’re gonna have a look on eBay we just kind of look at prices and today we’re gonna do the Australian Great Australian Queen hunt so that seems to be the rage now everyone wants to get the envelope coin but

1917 Penny error search

so did way people are you going this is Glenn and today I’m gonna go through a one in 17 penny and we’re looking for areas here so I’ve got the phone that has better magnification then the ever I was a notepad so this one looking for errors and I’ve actually found quite a