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More online shopping could mean lower inflation

(“Circadia” by Tim Whitelaw) – [Narrator] E-commerce spending has almost tripled over the past decade as shoppers go online to buy things instead of into traditional, brick-and-mortar stores. This consumer pattern could have an effect on price inflation and how we measure it. When there’s inflation, prices go up, but how much they go up

RIT on TV: Online Shopping Security Tips

>>Some of you may be concerned about keeping your identity safe when shopping online. Chris Horvatits went to a cybersecurity professor to get some tips.>>You don’t need only be aware of what information you put online, you also need to pay attention to where you are doing it. I spoke with Rick Mislan, he’s a

Honey – Your Online Shopping Guardian Angel

When you’re shopping online, it’s nice to know that someone has your back. Honey is like your guardian angel that automatically finds the best promo codes so you never overpay again. Honey works in seconds. Honey gives you the comfort of knowing that you’re always getting the best price, and works on over 30,000 sites.