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How to Promote a Website

Picture this: You’ve just published your website. Within minutes your site is flooded with traffic and it’s already paying dividends. Sound too good to be true? Good! Because it is. Getting visitors to your site doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes quite a bit of work. But promoting your site doesn’t have to be a

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing delivered through digital channels. We usually don’t do the distinction between digital and non-digital marketing, we just obviously are specialized in digital channels. For me digital marketing is using digital channels to reach your audience and there’s a lot of them now, they can be search engines, websites, apps, email, social,

Affiliate Links Explained

Hello. Welcome to my website, christophedelsol.com. In this short video, I’m going to try to give you an overview of affiliate links. Affiliate links are very, very important in this business. I’m going to try to tell you why we have affiliate links and what they are about, what they look like and then some