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Product Widgets: Best Practices

In this tutorial, we’ll be covering product widget best practices. From the home page, click on the widgets tab and this is where you can create your widgets. We will not be covering how to actually create a widget in this tutorial. We have some great training videos that cover that topic in the Support

How to Grab Links

in this tutorial we’ll be covering how to grab links from the account manager after you log in click on the links tab within this tab you’ll be able to search for text links products banners and promotional offers one important thing to note is you could only pull links if you have an active

Reports and Payments

in this tutorial we’ll be doing a basic overview of our reports our reports allow you to keep track of how much money you are earning performance is the first sub tab you will see when you click on reports they will help you monitor daily clicks sales conversions and publisher commissions there are multiple

Time Saving Link Tools

we have many options for publishers on how to grab a link for an advertiser in this session we’ll do an overview some time-saving tools and available features in your account the first time saving link tool we have is our deep link generator you can download the tool by visiting our deep link generator

Tools and Support

Where can you go when you have a question or need help? In this tutorial, we’ll review some resources that are available to our publishers. CJ Support Centre is available 24 hours a day via the link in the upper right-hand corner of your CJ Account Manager. Here you can browse FAQ archives by featured

Communicating with Advertisers

the filly channel is all about relationships in this tutorial we will review communication best practices with advertisers a great way to connect with your advertisers is by using the mail tab in the CJ account manager this is where you can send receive advertiser communications to email an advertiser with whom you have an

How to Get Started

[Music] welcome to CJ affiliate and thanks for signing up for a new account we often get the question from your publishers so how do I get started in this tutorial we hope to answer that question and set you up for success this is a great description of what CJ does to support our

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