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How To Waste $100 on Amazon…

Hey guys, this is Austin. Today it is time for yet another mystery tech. This time at a hundred dollars. The Expendables Kunai Throwers. Is this like from Naruto? Wait, wait. No. (laughs) Hey, I’m glad I at least immediately recognized the knives. It’s like, wait a minute. I used to want one of these

Genius needs to be stopped!

I be flossin’ (x4) (Dentists love this boy) Genius needs to be stopped (and T-Series) (In the [copyrighted] pewdiepie voice) It’s time to stop. Everyone. Genius was just a site that, as far as I’m concerned, used to break down rap lyrics. Explaining the meaning behind the song Giving more depth to the artist. But

ARE THEY STILL WORTH IT?! | Ohuhu Marker 2018 Review | Best Cheap Markers for a Beginner?

So these are my Ohuhu markers, I bought them.. I think almost two years ago now. They’re my favorite markers, the first markers I ever bought. They’re inexpensive Copic knockoffs, basically. So they’re alcohol based markers. I’ve recommended them for a long time, but I was watching a Youtube video where someone else had just