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What is PopUp Towels?

what’s up guys how y’all doing for today’s video I got something cool in the mail in the fun mail look at that logo on the box, i love that. this has come from Tyler G and he sent me something really really cool you see this little piece looks like candy, right? well it’s

Review: The watercooled OPAM hotend!

hi everyone Tom here and today I’ve got one of those Far East oddities with me water cooled one-piece all-metal hotend short the OPAM now this thing got me in a DHL Express envelope straight from Singapore and by the way DHL rocks for international shipping in the package I got the hotend itself complete

First look at the Ultimaker 3!

The hype train has finally arrived – this is the Ultimaker 3. Ultimaker has always had a bit of an incremental development process – their 3D printers were always based on the previous generation and carried over large parts of the existing designs. The Ultimaker 3 makes some of the most striking changes yet, but

My favorite 3D printing hardware!

What’s up everyone, Tom here, and after releasing the original Prusa i3 MK2 review earlier this week, i’ve gotten a few questions about the “Tom approves” badge it received. Do other 3D printers or 3D printer components and accessories deserve that badge as well? Well, that’s what we’re going to have a look at today.