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Review: The Bondtech Extruder!

%Hello everyone, Tom here, and right now i’m trying to catch up with all the things i’ve been wanting to have a look at and review. And one of those things is the Bondtech Extruder, which i’ve had sitting around for way too long. Now, the bondtech extruder is pretty unique: Instead of using a

TKG Tamago Kake Gohan Maker – CRACKS SEPARATES & WHIPS egg for Japanese raw egg on rice

[Music] Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s Emmy, welcome back! Today’s video is sponsored by Trade, a company that brings award-winning coffee right to your doorstep. Take the coffee quiz and based on your answers and preferences, Trade will recommend and send you beautiful coffees that are roasted to order. And when I took the coffee

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener Test

What’s Up guys so today’s video we’re going to put to the test another Chainsaw Sharpening Tool By The Way T-Shirts are still for sale Links in the description i’m going to announce new Design Tomorrow Can’t Wait we’re going to do before and after tests I got a dull Chainsaw Chain We’re going to