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How To Waste $742.46 on Amazon…

– Wait, did you surprise us with mystery tech? Is it already hidden somewhere? – Oh, what is this? Austin? What could this be? Austin Evans, this is the right thing, right? – You did not! I know exactly what this… (ecstatic gasp) Ken! – [Jake] Aw, you even got a letter from Susan. (excited

How To Waste $147.16 on Amazon…

(laughing) – [Matt] You look ridiculous. – Actually guys, it (laughs) (dramatic booming) Okay. Hey guys this is Austin and today on Mystery Tech, we’re looking at Moon Shoes! – [Matt] Moon shoes. – Max weight, 130 pounds. Max shoe size, men’s size 10. Are you just trying to kill me at this point? This

Why Does Beats by Dre Exist?

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and today I have one question and one question only, why do Beats by Dre exist? So in front of me, I have nearly the entire lineup of current Beats products. Everything from the Beats EP all the way up the Studio 3s. So if you’re an audiophile, you’re

Review and ranking of the best hotel affiliate programs: Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, HostelWorld

Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, and Hostelworld are the major players on the market of hotel affiliate programs The Booking.com affiliate program offers a 4% commission on a completed hotel stay Booking.com is a well-recognized brand with a loyal audience No booking fees ever, more than 87 million verified reviews, and a simple reservation process ensure a