This is America ($399) LWIAY #0034

(Hmmmmmmmm) 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 (Pewds) Bet you didn’t think I would come from here The man full of surprises. What’s he gonna do next? I don’t know. Maybe another LWIAY. That’s right hahaha(laughs) It’s time for (Beware headphone users) LWIAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (Catchy and good LWIAY Intro by Day by Dave) Welcome, guys. Back to LWIAY YouTube’s favorite shoooow!


Listen up, you virgins. I bet you never had a real girlfriend. pfft.. Pathetic, you losers. It’s all about that Kanojo VR everybody I’ve been wanting to play this game for a loooooong time. Oh, yeah This videos been brought to you by Don’t tell Marzia productions. Alright, here we go. Time to meet my

Belle Delphine ATE me? LWIAY #0081

Okay, oh sh*t I FORGOT. OH MY GOD! Hold on one second, guys! OH NO LWIAY *WAAA sound effect* We have LWIAY merch Imagine watching LWIAY while wearing LWIAY Okay, very epic Sorry JacksFilms, it’s not just Fortnite… *laughs* …that’s gonna rip you off The hundred… it’s just a complete coincidence, all right? It’s not

Unintentional Opsies #29 [REDDIT REVIEW]

Racism! OOPSIE!!! Accidental racism How could that possibly happen?? This is just a ridiculous subreddit You’re either racist or you’re not. There’s no in between! There’s never any excuses. Ever! Now let’s see what these PATHETIC posts on reddit have to say about themselves. I am SMH’ing and disgusting right frickin’ now It’s a small

Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog

*Pa Pa Pa* This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, on this channel. That’s right. I’m gonna draw, from my own MIND. *Power effects* I know. Better than the Br0Fist! THIS IS WHAT EVERYONES BEEN WAITING FORRRR! So, This started out from a live stream, I tried to draw Sonic. *cute laugh* I