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How Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce

In 1994, a young, Wall Street hotshot named Jeff Bezos was at a crossroads in his career: Continue amassing a small fortune… …or abandon it all to sell books? That decision would single-handedly change the history of e-commerce, publishing, film, TV, journalism, and quite possibly interstellar travel. That decision also represents a recurring theme in

Best of CES 2019!

– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today it’s time for the best of CES. First we have the Royole FlexPai. This is the first commercially available foldable smart phone, so you actually can buy one of these right now, and the entire thing is built around a super thin OLED panel, so the actual

They WASTED $433.45 on Amazon…

– Okay, all right, fair enough. Hey– ey– ey– guy– Hey, guys, this is– guys, this is– This is Au– this is Au– Au– Austin. – Good evening. My name is Rod Flambe, and I thank you for joining me for tonight’s very special program. Now, you might be wondering why I’m here, for at