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ODOT Commission Meeting- September 10, 2018

[SIDE CONVERSATION] [GAVEL STRIKING] DAVID BURRAGE: We’ll call the meeting to order and have the Secretary call the roll. SECRETARY: Mr. Fidler? JOHN FIDLER: Here. SECRETARY: Mr. Overland? DAN OVERLAND: Here. SECRETARY: Mr. Love? GREG LOVE: Here. SECRETARY: Mr. Burrage? DAVID BURRAGE: Here. SECRETARY: Mr. Huckabay? TODD HUCKABAY: Here. SECRETARY: Mr. Alexander? BOBBY ALEXANDER: Here.

Men | ContraPoints

(eerie music) – Hi boys, it’s me again, just your average girl. Look I may be a biological female, but I do hope that just for this video, we’re able to converse as men. I want you to think back to 2016 which I know in internet years is like halfway between now and the