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Companies open brand centers so customers can experience new products

To meet the demands of smart consumers, companies are turning to experiential marketing. The direct connection between a brand and consumers can drive brand loyalty and boost sales. Park Se-young has more. At this exhibition center, visitors can test-drive Hyundai’s Genesis vehicles and receive a tailored purchasing experience. This home appliance maker has been getting

Online shopping boom in S. Korea

South Koreans are shopping more online than ever, using their computers and phones. In the second quarter this year, online sales were up by double digits, and now most of it is done using mobile devices. Yoon Jung-min reports. A growing number of people in South Korea are using e-commerce, including on-line and mobile shopping.

S. Korea, U.S. hold first high level commission meeting on nuclear energy

South Korea and the United States are holding the first general meeting of their high-level committee on nuclear energy in Seoul today,… a follow-up to the Seoul-Washington nuclear energy accord reached last year. Prior to the inaugural session of the High Level Bilateral Commission,… the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Seoul’s Foreign

Korea′s two largest movie chains fined for unfair competition CJ CGV, 롯데시네마 ′스

But the competition within the industry is growing fierce. That said,… Korea′s regulatory authority has slapped millions of dollars in fines on two of the nation′s biggest movie chains for unfair practices. For more on this report,… here′s Connie Kim. Korea′s two biggest movie chains CGV and Lotte Cinema have been fined a combined five