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Can Russia Invade Europe?

In 2017, Russia conducted a series of military exercises known as Zapad, or “exercise West”. With their roots in the Soviet Union, Zapad military exercises have traditionally been shows of force, meant to let NATO know that Russia was willing and ready to fight. Despite assurances that Russia’s 2017 Zapad exercises were nothing more than

11 Dangerous Railway Bridges In The World

facts verse presents dangerous railway bridges in the world number one kuranda scenic railway this railway runs from Kearns Queensland Australia to kuranda it is no longer used as a commuter rail and is now only used for freight services and as a tourist attraction it is 23 miles long to get from one end

Chatting with a Muslim

مرحبا، أنا أندرو هيلز أهلا بكم في حلقة جديدة من “محادثة مع” معي هنا ‘عمر’ شكرا لوجودك معنا العفو – أنت .. مسلم نعم – حسنا.. كم عمرك 24 سنة – أنت طالب في جامعة نورثريدج – منذ متى وأنت في كاليفورنيا؟ طوال حياتي.. ولدت وترعرعت هنا – حسنا.. والداك مسلمان؟ نعم – .. كيف