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Starting a business with no money

in this video I’m gonna walk through how to start a company with no money. Starting a business without initial capital is a process of building a stable foundation while minimizing risk. There are three things you need to start a company capital, customers, and products. We’re going to pick only two. The easiest way

How-to: eCommerce Website Design

Hi. I’m Serah with Get Online NOLA and today we’re talking about eCommerce. So first let’s talk about how important e-commerce is. eCommerce allows you to reach more customers and provide more revenue for your business. It allows you to reach your customers 24/7, even if your storefront is closed. Also it reduces your overhead

Online Product Selling

How to sell products through website Hello there I am Ankita from Weblink India.net and I am going to talk about the new age market which has become the most happening place for every business yes. u got it rite. its the www market. A web-site is an ideal mode to tap the unexplored potential

Managing a Low APR Promotional Plan

You have options when financing a big purchase. Learn how to use a low APR promotional plan. So, what does low APR mean? APR stands for “annual percentage rate.” Low APR plans may also be referred to as “special financing” or “low interest” plans. Basically, a purchase made using a low APR promotional plan will

Intro to SnapRetail: Email, Social Media, Website & E-Commerce for Small Business

With its comprehensive solution, SnapRetail is your partner in online marketing. By combining email, web and social into one powerful tool, we’ve simplified how you market your small business. At the core of SnapRetail is the Communication Planning Calendar. Here you can create, schedule and track your online marketing activity, including posts to Facebook, Twitter,