Take me back to this GREEK ISLAND! | travel journal with me

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their platform later but for now let’s just take in this
incredible island of Elafonisos. This was the first Greek
island that Lou and I went to in Ody, actually the first
island we ever took Ody on and it was a wild experience
getting him on to a ferry and then on to
this remote island and truly was some of the best times
that we’ve ever had in the van. So, I was really excited
to sit down and reflect on the island and our time there
with this travel journal. I think it had been like a month or
something like that since we actually were on the island and so, yeah I was
really excited to journal and go through our little momentos from the trip.
though I have to say I did not keep a lot from it, I
by accident threw out my ferry ticket and a lot of the
receipts and things like that when I was cleaning the van so, this is the travel journal
without a lot momentos. So, it’s going to be a little
bit more creative and I feel like it’s kind of nice to show that
you can reflect on a time somewhere even without
keeping anything from it so, this is where I did
my first drawing. I think this is actually the first
day that we got to the island and we’ve been driving all day and then taking
the ferry until then we kind of got to this top point and looked
out on the beach and it was… it’s so crazy. I don’t
know if you realize but did you see these two
like, semi circles? The ocean like comes
together and this two crescent moon shapes leaving a teeny
little strip of beach in between. And so, I thought that it looked so crazy
that I had to get it down on paper. So, I tried out my colored pencils
which I had been trying to improve on but really didn’t take it very
seriously, just enjoyed the space and happy with how that one turned out
even though I did spell Elafonisos wrong in the top corner but, don’t worry I’ll get it right on the
actual journal, which is what’s important. Oh, and then here so,
I met an amazing woman on the island named Maria
and she ended up giving me Greek lessons, which was like
the coolest experience so, these are some of the notes that
I had from working with her. And I thought it would be fun to put
those into the travel journal because learning Greek was such a fun
part of my first two weeks there. I haven’t stuck with learning Greek
as much as I would have wanted but at the same time just spending
like two weeks of focused effort has gotten me so far, and has
really allowed me to engage with so many people
here, which I love. I think I mentioned it in maybe
the learning Greek video but for Lou and I like, we don’t
eat out at restaurants and we don’t even drink
alcohol anymore. So, learning a language
was such an amazing way that I got to actually
interact with people here and you know chitchat
when we’re buying gas or get to know somebody who’s looking out at the water
the same time I am. And even on hikes and stuff just being able to say hello or ask
somebody what their name is has been pretty incredible so, I wanted
to have a little spot of the journal commemorating those
times learning Greek with Maria. Sorry a car is going by here. I don’t know if you
can hear it but it’s difficult for us to
get a quiet recording spot. I think there are going to
be bells on the background from a bunch of horses
and cars going by but that’s just the nature
of recording in a van, but yeah, wow! Elafonisos. It was just so special because
it’s a pretty small island and so Lou and I like to take morning
walks or strolls after dinner and things like that and we
actually were able to walk almost the whole island
while we were there. We parked in a few different
spots like we were at one wild camping spot
near that crescent beach and then we found a
really nice campsite and that’s actually
where I met Maria and then, there was another amazing
wild camping spot but I think, I hope Lou put a footage
in later in this video. But I really wanted
to commemorate the closeness that we felt with
water while we were there. We had never gotten a
chance to go swimming as much as we did
on this island. at least before
like we’ve gotten. We are really lucky we spend a lot
of this summer by the ocean but getting to Elafonisos we were
swimming multiple times a day and those crescent shapes were kind of to represent
the water and then… getting a little distracted. It’s kind of funny voicing
this in real time but wow! Look at these goats. This was one of our
nightly strolls. We met these beautiful creatures, it’s kind of weird they were actually
like tied together all four them. So, they had difficulty walking but they were very
happy when I picked up some of the grasses and leaves that were
just outside their reach because they had picked up everything that
was in their pen so, getting a little extra green to make their night better and yeah. I’m about to draw something but
before I do I just want to say those whale pictures that
I pulled out of the Nat Geo. I really wanted to get something
that would make me remember how much fun we had getting to
know our underwater camera and so I wasn’t going to attempt to
try like draw something under water. So, I thought that it
would be kind of fun to use these under water
pictures of the whales as a background for… I think I end up putting the
I like to draw outside, which is one of the sentences that
Maria taught me how to say in Greek. So, I put that as the
backing for those words and yeah, even though you can’t
see the whale or anything I feel like in my
mind I can look back and know that, that little blue
background is actually to represent how much fun we had taking photos
and videos under water and playing in the ocean. And so this section is about these umbrellas
that were just standing, this is at the other
wild camping spot that we found and while you did have to
pay for them during the day, at night after people had gone
home or early morning at sunrise, they were totally empty
and free. And Lou and I would bring our morning tea out
there and sit and enjoy the sunrise or at night after we went
swimming we’d lounge in them and it just felt so luxurious and
like the epitome of island life and yeah. I didn’t want
to forget how special they were and so I decided
to draw a bunch of them, I painted them with water color and then added a little bit of pen on top
and so I thought that I wasn’t exactly sure how I would end up putting them down
as a whole border or split them up. I ended up bringing three to the top
and using only two at the bottom so I had a few extra but it was good because
my glue to stick thing kind of exploded and got on top of one of them and
which made all of the paint and pen smudge. So it was really nice
that I had made an extra one. This was a lot of our
life on the island you know the van just lets us see such different
places like these. We thought this was like an abandoned
restaurant, it turned out it actually opened just as we were
leaving. So we just got there before like big season had happened. So, we just used it
as like a shaded dining area while we were at this parking
lot, which felt really nice because shade was far and few between and so yeah, oh, my gosh. This was hilarious our haircut experience, Lou used to make me cut his
hair when we were in Berlin. I can’t remember
if I talk now. But haircuts were so funny though
because I did really mess up a haircut for him in Berlin
and have not cut his hair since that. It was like right
before my brother’s wedding and I cut it so short and it was really
embarrassing and the hair dresser that we
took him to, to salvage it was not very nice
about it. But Lou is a brave soul and he really
wanted free haircuts so I’m getting back into it and I have
done another one since Elafonisos and I’m getting more confident. It’s kind of nice Lou’s hair grows
so fast that I’m just going to try to cut it once a month and slowly build up
my confidence and who knows maybe I’ll have another calling as
a hair dresser but probably not. I think that my true other
calling and for Lou and I both is actually to live on a boat and that’s actually why I cut
this sail boat out from… I forget that’s like a
book I got in Barcelona. But when we were on the island,
we spent so much time looking out at the ocean from the parking lot
and things like that. From the beach and there were a bunch of
sail boats out in the water just anchored enjoying
you know, boat life and this is something that Lou and I
have had like on our life list even back when we were
living in New York. So, five plus years ago we’ve
always talked on how at some point we’d love
to sail around the world. But seeing it in
Elafonisos in reality and how different the perspective is from
living in a van in the parking lot to living in a boat and having
like the ocean be your home instead of land. It just, it really sunk in that it’s something that we need to
make happen for ourselves and I don’t know, it made
it seem like real, like it was possible it’s not just
like a figment of our imagination. People do this, people
live on boats, and we could be those
kind of people. Oh, yeah before I get lost talking about
how much I want to live on a boat I thought I would read the little
portion that I had wrote in the journal. I might have lost my ferry ticket and
the receipt from the loveliest campsite but even without the momentos, this island is clearer than any other
memory from our adventures in the van. The white-hot sand still
lingers on my toes, when I close my eyes I’m
still splashing in the water bathing in the moon light. But most of all, it is the sail
boat a hundred yards off the shore swaying in the wind calling us to
make the ocean our home one day. Elafonisos may be a
lesser-known Greek island. It may be hard to get to resting at the
bottom of the Peloponnese Peninsula but I know we’ll be back one day maybe we’ll even return by water
instead of by road and yeah. I really love like the
little written memories that we’ve been putting in each
of the travel journals because it’s such a nice way
to actually reflect on my emotions from
whatever the location is. And I think that when I look through
this you know, 20 years from now I can just get teleported right into
the space and the headspace I was in and the adventures that we had (Speaking Greek) I like to draw (Speaking Greek) I like to draw outside. So, this is how the travel journal all
turned out and I’m really happy with all the little details
from the umbrellas to the little pieces of sand that
I included there on the left. Kind of framing in the
written words and it just feels like it really
encapsulates our entire time there and it was a joy to make and I feel
like that’s the whole point. Is just to carve out a
little bit of time to reflect on our travels
as we go because we are seeing a lot of
places and it’s really nice to slow down for a
second and get creative. So, thanks for watching
and before you go, I just want to say a big
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series it’s been really fun to make and I’ll see you here next time.


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