Take Your Kids To Work👍

(upbeat music) – [Kendra] So Janae is shall we call it helping fold laundry. – Destroying. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Did you find some bowls? Good find. (upbeat music) Good job. Well I’m really bummed. All winter long we’ve been wanting to take the kids ice skating and we just haven’t made the time for it. Anyway, with it being March we were like, we’ve got to schedule this soon. So we scheduled it and today’s the day we’re gonna go ice skating. I just called and the
rink is not open today because we’re having one
of those crazy warm days. We’re in the type of
springtime when some days are cold still and some days are warm. So today the ice rink is closed. Lesson learned though, if
something’s important to you, just do it, don’t wait. Janae are you helping with the laundry? Are you gonna fold that one? So Janae is shall we call
it helping fold laundry. – No, destroying. – So I don’t really have a laundry day but today I’m doing like
four loads of laundry. So I guess today is laundry day. The kids are helping fold and Janae is wanting to be involved. Go for it girl, fold it. You folding sister’s pants? Good job. Bring me another one, I’ll fold it. There we go. Nope. So we decided to take advantage
of the pretty weather today and hit up the park. (upbeat music) Apparently the kids have made some sort of an obstacle course. You watching everybody? Yay, you’re cheering for them? She’s like, how do I do that? (upbeat music) Janae does not know what
to make of the wood chips. What is this? Climb on up here. Going up. Whoa! So we’re playing with friends at the park but the main attraction
isn’t the playground. It’s the tree with the sticks
and the dirt and the wood. – Good job, how about this one? You know these two notes. – One, two, three, four, five. – It’s a fifth. – It’s a fifth, exactly. (piano music) – [Kendra] This girl is such a big girl. She eats real food these days. She’s having some leftover
pasta, grapes, veggies. – Exactly what we had. – [Kendra] Exactly
’cause she’s a big girl. So at lunch today we had
an interesting discussion as a family about
expectations and happiness. And how our expectations of something can affect our happiness. Like if we have these
really high expectations then we might be easily disappointed. But if we have really low
expectation, we’re easily happy or do we go into it with a bad attitude ’cause we’re just expecting
it to be miserable. We’ve just been talking
a lot about expectations and healthy expectations and hope. And kind of how all of these
affect our happiness in life. (rock music) Blow kisses. So Laura just walked by
getting a drink of water and blew a kiss to Janae
and Janae blew a kiss back. It just melted my heart. – So I did my own ponytail
for my first time. – [Kendra] Oh, let’s see it. That looks really nice Laura. – Thank you. – [Kendra] Where are you going? You’re dressed up so nice. – I’m going to the gym with Mom to play with Brittany. – [Kendra] To play with
your friend at the gym. Well you definitely look nice for the gym. (jazzy music) – I thought I’d bring the kids with me off to work today while
Kendra went to workout. – I am doing stuff. – [Jeremy] Are you lawyering? – There’s a secret drawer under here. – [Jeremy] You found the secret drawer? What did you find Isaac? – I found an 1994 road atlas. – [Jeremy] That’s probably the
most exciting thing we have. (upbeat music) So are you lawyering? – Yep, okay let’s read this. – [Jeremy] So after spending
some time at the office, I wanted to bring the kids on
a little business field trip. (upbeat music) – What’s Facebook advertising? – [Jeremy] We are gonna go
learn all about it okay? Alright, so this is Tom. He’s a friend of mine
from church actually. He does some Facebook advertising and he’s gonna teach us about it. – So it looks like you
already have a business page? (upbeat music) You comfy over there Elise? – Are there any sports websites stuff? – Absolutely. – [Jeremy] There’s all kinds of advertisements in social media. So we’re talking to the kids about how you can start a business over
anything you’re interested in. You can make a product and
then you can create that thing and get it out through marketing. Well there’s legal sides of it but really the most important thing is that you have something
of value that you can sell to people who wanna buy it. That’s a company. – I wanna make a company. – [Jeremy] You wanna make
a business or a product? I was grabbing something out of the fridge and a whole thing of
potatoes fell on the floor. So I gotta try to clean
it up before Nae-nae tries to eat it all. So I’m doing more days of this cleanse. What I really like about it is that it’s not a starvation plan. There’s still a lot of
calories, there’s salads and a protein ball. It’s just really, really healthy eating. (baby screaming) We’re at the point where it’s hard for any of us to communicate with each other ’cause Nae-nae has something to say. (rock music) – Oh boy. – [Jeremy] What are you kiddos doing? – We’re doing gymnastics. – [Jeremy] Just working on your skills. – My gymnastics is belly flops. (rock music) – [Child] Goodnight, J House out. – The treasure hunt is ready. (orchestral music)

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