Taking Action Online Review + Bonus 🎲[Affiliate Marketing Super Course??]

hey what’s up are you been aspiring affiliate marketer but you keep buying every single shiny object that comes out every day of the week well stop cuz I got something really cool for you today check it out hey what’s up what’s up my name is Sherisse I am the afropunk entrepreneur and on the comment actually today to review a product called taking action online and it’s exactly what it sounds like this course is a behemoth it’s huge it’s got so much content so I’m going to be showing you the membership area I got to show you the sales page I have some really cool bonuses so let’s hop right in so what is taking action online taking action online is a course by philip bowman excuse me a fellow affiliate marketer a really great guy you know I I don’t know him too well but I know his videos actually he’s got a really cool YouTube channel and it’s the name was really funny to me it’s called I poop cash now I was gonna just like yeah I poop cash which is hilarious to me obviously he does some really honest reviews he’s willing to kind of speak out when something is is bad but he also praises something when it’s very good so I like his style for sure so anyhow so what is this product this product is basically at a tizzy on how to become an accessible affiliate marketer so philip was able to quit his job he was a baker I don’t know that he if he still bakes or not or whatever but anyway he was able to quit his job as a baker and become successful online so he’s created this gigantic massive course is something like 96 videos in like 30 hours of content it’s gonna take you a while to go through this but I don’t want you to get overwhelmed when I show you the whole membership area I’m going to talk to you about what he’s kind of trying to help you with so let’s just dive right in so how can you copy the same underground action plan that motivated a baker to quit his job and build a successful affiliate business online so he’s launching this product with a guy named JK daddle JK is probably one of my favorite marketers top 5 for sure he puts out amazing quality in these two guys together are an absolute powerhouse so I’m really excited to review this course and so this sales pages you know it’s very cool it’s your standard sales page you got some testimonials but imma let you guys go through that in your own time it’s very well put together it’s gonna tell you all the kind of stuff it’s a lot of details gonna tell you all the stuff that you’re gonna be learning in the course so I’ll let you guys go through that in your own time that’s Phillip and that’s JK and let you go through it in your own time so anyway let’s hop right into the product before I do that I forgot to say if you guys are new to my channel consider subscribing I do affiliate marketing reviews I’m also an SEO I’m a blogger and I’m also an electric bassist if you can’t see the guitar behind me so consider subscribing if you like the content so anyhow this is the membership Barry it’s a lot of content and when I see a lot of content a lot of content one module alone seven lessons for lessons nine lessons one of these videos here something like this real matches success I think oh this one here this action plan is to our about two hours long so like when I said 96 hours at 30 I’m sorry 30 hours 36 hours or something like that in 96 videos whatever I said before it’s a lot of stuff so this is kind of I just wanted to show you everything that you’ll be getting here so he’s gonna have a couple intro video see he really cares he really is walking you through the steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer he doesn’t want you to skip anything and every few modules he’s basically gonna stop you and Rick you know and say let’s regroup and he wants you to not skip in his stuff so each one of these videos he’s gonna basically say did you follow all my videos if not go back and check this out and here’s the salient points that she need to be concerned with and all this other stuff so like I said this is a two-hour tutorial I’m gonna be honest with you I typically go through every course that I did I review I’ve gone through bits and pieces of this but I could not possibly review 30 hours of stuff I have too many things that I’m doing right now so I’ve gone through bits and pieces of this course but I know that from what I’ve seen it’s absolutely great quality so I feel really great I feel good and confident endorsing it so anyway I just want to kind of show you I’m gonna show you the whole thing right now so just you can see all this it’s basically 20 steps altogether so here’s a big so the first four videos are intro con it kind of and then we’d go with step one and it’s gonna be choosing your needs building a website he’s gonna talk to you about making a YouTube video now I’m a youtuber and an SEO and also their stuff this is good information for newbies if you’re an advanced affiliate marketer number one this course really isn’t for you because you probably know much most of the stuff this is for your beginner newbie to intermediate level marketers the YouTube stuff is not anything that’s going to blow you away you’re not gonna find not any super crazy secrets but it’s good content and it’s stuff that if you’re new to all this you need to know creating a social media account building your foundation he’s gonna regroup and then creating valuable content social media using free traffic page traffic email marketing regroup taking things to the next level rinse and repeat making money from your website at I your blog investing yourself so that’s gonna be like mindset and stuff like that outsourcing is something that once you get to a certain level it’s gonna be a lot to try to maintain everything yourself so he’s gonna be teaching you how to outsource making your website beautiful networking landing page and Louis building which is a very good section I actually did go through that excuse me step 19 is creating your own project which I’ve only done once before it’s a hell of a task but it can be done and obviously he’s done this is membership area looks really good I’m not sure what software he’s using but it’s really slick making more money it’s gonna regroup again and that’s basically it so I’m just going to kind of show you you know inside a few of these modules so you can just see the quality of the course that you’re getting again I don’t want you to be intimidated that it’s this many modules because you can go over this over a couple weeks you know take take one go through one module a day or something like that you don’t have to try to go through this all at once and if you did you probably won’t absorb most of it so the best thing for you to do is to kind of take things slow grab a pen and paper and take some notes and you really want to kind of focus so this is seven lessons here so he’s basically you in order to get to the next lesson so you watch the video here and all this stuff come in here on the side so basically here’s all the different training steps and you go through these one at a time you’ve recognized that you go through them and this order because they’re all going to kind of dovetail into each other so that’s one module seven videos and I’ll just show you a few more out like I said I don’t I’m really really impressed with how much how much carries put into this basically so your roadmap to success I really this module is cool he’s basically kind of talk to you talking to you about how to be a successful and we close that successful marketer and basically he’s breaking down in this module how the course is organizing this is not out of order this is basically telling you which which steps correlate with which process so basically all these steps here or how to develop and grow steps 6 through 10 is your building blocks and then your foundation is steps 1 through 5 and so this is a really cool graphic to kind of see because you’re gonna it’s going to show you basically how the course is overall structure excuse me use me a little it’s a little late and I try to martini and I get a red cup don’t judge me so anyway like I said overall I’m just I’m so impressed with what with just how much content is here when this course after the launch it’s gonna be a monthly thing so you’re gonna so basically this is a membership site so if you’re at all interested in getting this you want to get it during the launch because once it goes monthly you’re gonna be paying month to month to have access to this site and if you get during launch you pay one-time so basically I don’t want to like take too much guy time going through all these because it’s just so much content but as I said each module has so many different things like this one is nine lessons seven lessons five eleven lessons on the email marketing let me describe got open and see what’s in here at it and go through that step step yet using email marketing got a nice video and then all these key elements to you just check out this how to get your autoresponder gdpr and compliance unless you guys read all this stuff but the point is it’s really well it’s really all the building blocks and things that you need to have a successful career as an affiliate marketer again I will repeat that if you’re an advanced you don’t need this course I don’t recommend that you buy because this is really for the newer and immediate affiliate marketer in mind so if you’re in advance I would recommend that you skip this and grab something else that’s more here to where you’re at but if you’re new stop buying like every like products are launched every day several products a day and some of them are good some of them not so good I’m not really one to kind of do negative reviews but I mean I definitely don’t do as many produces that used to because I’m not fully confident in the quality that’s being put out in an everyday basis so I would say make this year one course that you buy for them of yes I will be reviewing up a few other things this month that doesn’t mean that you have to buy them if you’re trying to start in you’re basically banging your head against the wall and you’re frustrated by this course it’s not gonna it’s not gonna cost you that much I’m gonna tell you how much it cost and then take go through one step a day one step a day step one nine lessons go through that take some notes go outside and go play and do whatever you want to do and then you know so it you know you could do this over a three-week period it’s 20 steps so almost you know 21 days three weeks worth of stuff take your time so anyway that’s kind of enough of this section like I said there’s so much value and stuff in here and it’s very very cool and they might have care of it he puts in it you can tell he obviously cares his reviews are very cool in the sense that he’s willing to kind of speak out on stuff that’s crap and he’s very loyal to his uh his buyers and his customers so these reviews he’s gonna tell you if the product is good and if you should buy it or if you should save your money and I like guys like that it’s guys like him and guys like Adam paying they kind of speak the truth and are willing to kind of put themselves on the line and kind of save you guys a little bit of money so with that said I’m going to hop into my bonus section so it’s kind of it’s gonna sound kind of corny but with this type of course it’s it’s hard to come up with bonuses because there’s literally I mean how am I going to add on to 30 hours of training you know it’s 96 I can’t I can’t do that so basically what I wanted to do was just put together some stuff that’s been of value to me and that can help you in your in your online career in general so it’s kind of a little bit of a hodgepodge of stuff that I believe will help you so the first thing is I’ve been messing around with YouTube that’s finally I’m finally learning how to use them and I love them and I miss wearing them and by them I’m having some really good results I’m just beginning to get the hang of it so I created a kind of a little mini tutorial on instream ABS I mean this is not completely comprehensive YouTube ads course it’s just me showing you how to do is set up in stream ads using the new Google Ads interface and I also have some Google Apps I’m sorry YouTube ads script templates for you to swipe because when you create an in-stream ad you need to script and kind of stick in a create a video so I’m going to show you how to do that notice number two I always try to give this away it’s my over the shoulder training of everything that I do once I’ve finished shooting the video and I’ve uploaded it to YouTube all my backlinks what I do and you know to kind of get my videos to rank like they normally do sometimes they don’t but most of the time they do rank okay pretty well and so I’m gonna be sharing that with you number three is a Facebook algorithm hack that I discovered by accident and you’re gonna kick yourself but you didn’t think of this but it’s really true and you’ll be able to up your engagement significantly by using the small hack bonus number four is more off page YouTube stuff that’s kind of an addendum to that’s kind of like I shot this video first and then I created this video which is a lot longer and more intense but I share some slightly different things at each one of these videos bonus number five if you’re in affiliate marketing and EPL are not crappy PLR but you need like a little bit of a PLO or library because there’s a lot of stuff that you can do with it I recommend that you take these pivot PL RS and not share them exactly as they are you can make you can take a PLR and make blog posts you can make videos you can create courses or whatever don’t just grab these and use them exactly as is create something there’s a lot of content so this two thousand two thousand PLR ebooks and things like that and fifty of different niches that you can use so you can grab that from me and go hog-wild bonus number six is a similar thing i have access to a group account not a group account it’s a shared account where there’s a thousand flesh-eating me courses in like 50 different niches like even like fitness or like blogging everything that you want to learn coding whatever one hundred thousand different courses I’ll give you the log and you can log in take as many courses if you want as you want so I don’t do that until after you go on through this course but it’s a bonus that I might give to you that you can use to kind of you know this is just a little bit of everything in there so bonus number seven if you’re getting into affiliate marketing you’re gonna need a list of programs that you can promote and there’s net there’s a never-ending list of programs that you can promote so I’m giving you a list of 125 lifetime recurring commissions so that means things that you can create YouTube content on and it’s its products that charge a monthly fee so every month that the person that you recommend it stays with the course or stays with the product you get a lifetime recurring Commission so that’s not those are my exclusive bonuses if you get one of the OH TOS I’m gonna give you a copy of my course called niche renegade it’s basically on how to create a niche affiliates blog site and you know all the ranking white hat black hat SEO all this kind of stuff and it’s a full course it’s a full like over an hour because many modules kind of course that I get that that was uh an upsell to my course ranking Rockstar renegade that came out about six months ago so I’m gonna get that to you for free if you get one of the OTAs you just have to email me with your you know proof of purchase once you’ve done that then I’ll just have to happily send you over access a couple of a free bonuses them is going to give just for juicing giggles a couple products by Jono Armstrong at Bretton what the first thing is the last code is all about pixels it’s a really cool course and then the last one is from zero to a hundred and twenty four hours Jono is bright yes something crazy earns like something like 50k a month it’s absolutely ridiculous but the point is he created a course a few months ago on how basically if he had didn’t have his email list if he didn’t have any money how to go from zero to 120 100 dollars in 24 hours it’s pretty cool core so I figured I throw that in just for the hell of it and so those are my bonuses so you those are exclusive to me so anyhow so let’s talk to you about the price how much is this thing calls for all that let’s go back to this for all this all of this how much is it fourteen ninety five which is crazy I don’t know why they’re doing this why do you know why because they’re only gonna do this for for a week for less than a week and then it’s gonna go to forty seven dollars a month in the summer which is quite a bit quite a leap in the pricing so if you want to get it get it now I mean I’m not saying you have to that’s up to you but the price is going to go up significantly and sorry it’s going to go up to twenty four ninety seven not forty seven anyhow so that’s the front end of it OTO number one it’s just a gold card program I don’t know that you necessarily need this I mean this is definitely gonna those new tutorials new case studies workshops live events but I don’t know that you need this you had there’s so much content in there I don’t I don’t know that I would recommend this one OTO number two is $67 and Sunday OTO number two is $67 and Sunday underground strategies and workshops this one is actually pretty cool JK is heavily into chat box and email automation so it’s more advanced stuff so again I wouldn’t say that you need this if you’re a newbie because it’s going to be over your head chat box chat yeah chat BOTS and stuff like that email automation that’s stuff that’s more advanced so I would say you can get this if you want but again I don’t want to overwhelm you guys of course the course is already overwhelming as it is the only one that I recommend and this is not because under 97 but it’s just JK is so successful as is Filip there’s there’s a 8 different case studies and basically a treasure chest of these case studies where they’re going to explain to you how they’ve been making money and again I’m I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this you don’t need any of these but the one if I were to recommend the OTO I would say number two or number three and again that’s not because they’re more money it’s just because I don’t think you need this first one because it kind of feels like it’s an attachment an addendum to the whole course and you’ve already had you know so many videos and so many hours of content it’s it’s gonna be overwhelming for you to have all this stuff so just a couple like I said it’s 95 videos in total it’s over 30 hours of content it’s a 20 step action program broken down into 20 video modules so anyhow that’s my taking action online review I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please drop me a thumbs up drop me a comment if you’re new to my channel just let me know and you subscribe let me know this you sub then I’ll write you back just to say thank you for watching and my email and and social media and stuff is all in the description as is the length to get this it’s going to send you to my bonus page or my blog depending on what I decide to put in the description so I hope you guys have an amazing day and even better week keep crushing it and I’ll talk to you soon peace


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