Tangerine Travels FIRST EVER video!

This is really happening So we set up here a train of off of our suitcases with all of the stuff that we own. And we are putting Laska at the beginning because she has way too much energy. And mine also has … What is it? Karela? Karela. Karela. Karela. Karela. Karela juice. Karela juice. Aquí estamos en México. Here we are in Mexico. I’m Maddie And I’m Jordan. And we decided one day that we didn’t feel like we were being totally fulfilled with our lives in the U.S. I live in Arizona my whole life. And I grew up in Minnesota and then moved to Arizona. Also, my entire life in the U.S. And we just wanted to travel more. And what better time to start traveling than Approximately 2 years after we made the decision. [Laughter] We finally decided to do it. We’ve talked about it for a long time and here we are. Here we are in Mexico. We decided to sell everything we own except for what would fit in my tangerine color Prius c. And move to Mexico. And we’ve made a lot of sacrifices, but we’re really excited to see more of the world Super stoked for all the adventures that may come. And to be around new people, language, food and culture. And just experience more that the world has to offer because living in one place forever, really isn’t gonna give you that experience. And so far, we’ve been to at least a half dozen cities in Mexico. What! What! And we are super excited to show you And we’ve had lots of experiences. Lots of adventures. Lots of good stuff. It’s following me! Run away! A little of bad stuff too. But that’s to be expected. Worm’s salt? Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! [Laughter] We’re really excited to have even more of that happen. Yeah, it’s not all beautiful sunsets and beaches, but … Well, it kind of is. And even with both of us, it was just a cluster, and I was like freaking out. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be great. If you wanna be with me … No, this is terrible! Turn this off! [Laughter]


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