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At this point you guys might be
wondering how? How do I get access to these awesome things? Hey there Tangerineys! I’m Maddie and I’m Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels! Who just hit an awesome milestone. We’re not gonna dedicate the whole video to this but we have to mention it because we’re so excited! What just happened?
There’s 5,000 of you. 5-0-0-0 Woot! Thanks a lot guys! That’s awesome! We’re super excited about it. Yes, thank you guys to everyone who has subscribed to our channel already
and is following along with all of our adventures here in Mexico. If you haven’t
yet, maybe you’d consider subscribing so that you can hear some terrible puns.
This enclosure, they have so many animals, there’s deer, iguana, turkeys, but what I
iguana know is how are they all getting along so well? Random events
where we mess up Spanish and can’t speak English either. Repeatedly! Not just once,
I just kept saying “va” as in I can go? I can go? But no, that means you go. You go. Fun stuff like that. Right now, we are in one of the beautiful places Guadalajara has to offer. Bosque Los Colomos. Seems familiar, I’m getting deja vu. Have we been here before? Oh crikey there’s a real live ardilla! By the
way guys, throughout this video, instead of using transitions, we’ve decided that
we are going to use previous, funny clips from our previous videos? Funny that’s
what, yes. We’re going to include funny clips from previous videos. Cinco pesos los tamales (tamales 5 pesos). What are you doing?! Don’t I eat the whole thing? You don’t eat the outside! Oh. You’re like a hyena! That was scary! I thought I was supposed to eat the outside. Are you serious? Yeah! Oh my gosh! This squirrel likes elote, just like me!
Crema, queso, y Tajin (cream, cheese, and Tajin) on top. Which isn’t spicy, and, oh my gosh! Best ever! I said don’t run away! A lot of people have been asking lately
what we’re doing in Mexico? And what our story is? And we realized that we really
haven’t said anything about that in a while. Yeah, we’ve just been boppin’ around here, there, and everywhere in Mexico. We haven’t even told you guys why we came here, so we’re
gonna do a little bit of that. So originally, back I don’t know a year, year and a half, two years ago, we started tossing around the idea. What if we move
to Mexico? At that time I was dealing with some really bad health issues. I’m
still dealing with health issues. And it was just like, you know we could just try
going to another country, and we were both pretty dissatisfied with the
culture of the US and how self-centered people were, and always hooked on their
phone, things like that. Working all the time. And I really wanted to see more of
the world, was that the case with you too? Both of us, we’d barely traveled anywhere.
The little bit of traveling we did do, it opened up our minds so much and you see a whole new view of everything when you travel. And become much more tolerant of
languages, people, culture, food. It just, it lets your mind think in a completely
different way instead of being a sort of one-track mind. That so easily happens
when you’re just immersed in your own culture. Worm salt? What are you putting on there? Hot sauce, lots and lots of hot sauce. We realized something. If you were to
have asked us what are we doing here in Mexico? or Why do we want to be here in
Mexico? Four months ago, the answer would be night and day with what we would say
today. When we started, it was some of the reasons we just listed, as well as a
whole long list of other reasons. Now, we feel there’s more we need to do here.
There’s a bigger purpose. It seems like we sort of uncovered a secret
incognito mission that we didn’t even really know was there at first. And a
large part of that is to destroy what the media’s saying, the North American
specifically, is saying about Mexico and portraying it is this awful place. Which
it is not. Even our families, everyone, everyone thought that it was a scary
place to be and we were risking our lives to come here. It’s not that we
didn’t believe that or we did but we just thought “How can you possibly say
things like that if you’ve never been to a place? And that shouldn’t, fear
shouldn’t stop anyone from going anywhere or doing anything. Come on Laska, let’s go! Will you walk in front? Laska come on! [Laughter] [Laughter] Walk over there so she follows you. [Maddie laughing uncontrollably] [Laughter] [Laughter] When we first started this, we thought
three months, we’ll see how it’s going, Maybe we’ll go back? Maybe we’ll keep
going? We didn’t really know. Now we think of that time, like oh my gosh, we
blinked, and here we are it’s four months later now. And we’re here in Guadalajara, a place that we really actually never expected that we would be. Our plans have changed, things have gotten shaken up. And as far as we’re concerned, we want to
spend a lot more time in Mexico if it’s at all possible. So, we have some ideas
for you guys. We have some fun stuff that we’ve been cooking up for a while now. [Laughter] Hi, I’m a bird. Señor. Señores Quack Quack Quack. Hi. Oh. He’s. Nope, nope. No, no, nope [Laughter] Oh, he looks like he’s going to charge. [Laughter] But to be perfectly honest you guys, we’ve been putting off this video for a while now
because we have such great ideas, and any time we try to do it, it was like oh is
it ready? Is it perfect? It’s never quite good enough. It was never quite good
enough, but we think we’ve finally done it. We’ve done it! (maniacal voice) [Laughter] We’ve thought of some
ideas because the situation is, we have surpassed the point at which we can
respond to all of you guys. We get so many great comments and emails and
Facebook messages, but we can no longer get back to all of you, which makes us
really sad. So we started thinking, what could we do then? What can, what can we do for you guys? So with all the comments, and the emails, and whatnot, the gist of
what we’re getting, is that you guys want more Tangerine Travels, or maybe it’s
just more Laska. [Laughter] It’s definitely more Laska. Laska, say hi to your fans. [Laska talking]. Laska looks dead. Yout need to wake, wake up. [Laughter] Wake up. [Laughter] Circle. Yes. Out of the kitchen. [Laska smacks her face on the ground] Jeez. Are you okay? You can have all of the treats. [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laska talking] Alright, so here’s what we got. We
wanted to give you diehard Tangerineys some opportunities for
perks and bonuses. And you know, Tangerine-flavored extras. It’s a tangerine travels imposter! [Music Playing – 90s Instrumental Gangsta Hip Hop] One of the first ideas we had for perks that we can give you guys is Priority comments. Since that’s the first
thing that we’re not able to do anymore is respond to all of your guys’s
questions, asking “Is it safe for dogs here?” or “What did we think of this
location?” and things like that. So priority comments. How about the next one? (dinosaur talking) Hey Maddie. (Maddie) Yes? (Dinosaur) “What do you call a dinosaur with a big vocabulary?” (Maddie) “What?” (Dinosaur) “thesaurus” [Laughter] [Laughter] That’s a good one. [Laughter] So another thing we’ve been requested quite a bit is blooper videos. Having more bloopers in our videos.
Yes, exactly. So you would have access to private blooper videos that are not
publicly available on our channel. Like me, for instance, in The Chronicles of
Maddie saying dumb [email protected]# in Spanish, and times where. What are you doing? Nothing. For everything that we would have paid for in Phoenix. So if we’re going out to a restaurant, is
a third if you’re in doubt. [Laughter] You tricked me! The next thing we thought you guys
might like is access to a private Instagram, where we would be posting
pictures and videos throughout our day of stuff that just can’t make it into
videos because it’s just little moments throughout the day or random stuff that
doesn’t really fit a video theme or something like that. But basically an
inside look at our daily life and what we’re actually doing throughout the day. I know there’s a lot of you who watch our videos for Laska.
For you Laska lovers out there, Roh Roh Roh, we’re gonna give you access to her private
Instagram where she posts videos and pictures of herself. Like licking peanut butter off a spoon in slow motion. [Laughter] We think you guys are gonna love this one! Access to our exclusive, invite-only Tangerine Travels Facebook group where
you will have opportunities to choose which video we make next, hear real-time
live updates throughout our day, and get to interact with other Muy Muy Mandarinas. And we’ll be asking some important questions, letting you know
what we’re doing that day. Embarrassing moments, other shenanigans, you know, that type of thing. In just a split second, I went from fleeing the shower, to flying in slow motion. This was
one of those adrenaline moments where you could just see it all happening and you can’t do anything. It’s like okay I’m falling now. At this point you guys
might be wondering, how! How do I get access to these awesome things? And this falls in line with something else. You guys have been asking us for a while now,
when we are going to start a Patreon. And so, these are our ideas for our Patreon
to give you guys the most possible, we’re gonna squeeze every last drop out of
this Tangerine Travels. So if you want access to these exclusive perks that we
just can’t offer everyone due to time constraints. We’ve tried cloning ourselves,
it didn’t work. We also tried training Laska and she just was like “Give me
belly rubs!” Laska. Terrible. It’s a dog! Hi dog! Are you being a dog while we’re gone? So,
instead, we’ve created a Patreon and put all those details in the description
below. Down below in the description. But feel free to ask questions if you have them. We’re
happy to answer them. If you have other ideas, you’re like, “You know, I think you
should offer this perk” Feel free to tell us that as well down in the comments.
That way we know because we are trying to do more for you guys with the time
that we have and use it most effectively. So just let us know. Woah. [Laughter] And if you are not able to join us on
Patreon, but you still would like to have access to these awesome perks, we have
something for you! All rice! Okay Laska, you take this video from here. [Laska howling] Another thing you guys have asked is for us to start doing videos in Spanish. And at this point we don’t
think our Spanish is quite advanced enough to do an entertaining video in
the language, or we would just completely destroy it and embarrass ourselves so. Tú eres la. El cupable de que todo haya. No, de que haya ocurrido. De que esto haya ocurrido. [Laughter] A way that we can compromise, sort of offer some, offer
our videos in Spanish, is to have captions in Spanish. Like we said, at this
point, we don’t quite have the skills to be able to fully transcribe the videos
ourselves, but if you are able to provide translations in Spanish, we can offer you
these perks as well. We’re losing daylight, hurry! So if you’re curious about what all of
this entails, head over to our Patreon page, we put more details about providing
captions in another language, including instructions on how to do that. It’s
super, super easy. And that is, did I already say it? Yes. Patreon [Laughter] [Laughter] Wait a minute, what are you still doing here? I thought you were going over to our Patreon page? I’m just kidding, but if you’re watching this now, thank you for being a true total tuper terrific Tangeriney? Terrific Tangeriney! And if you haven’t already, I know you want to! GONG That Bell so you get notified every time we put out a new video about all these shenanigans in
Mexico. We will see you next time.


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