hi guys welcome back to my channel so
today I’m super excited because I have some news
Target goodies I have three outfits that I have been loving lately
they are like yoga pilates workout outfits that I think are super cute I
try to do like bar Pilates and hot yoga like three times a week so I love
looking for new outfits and I just saw this new line called joy lab at Target
and this is what the brand looks like it’s called joy lab and they have some
really stinking cute workout clothes so I’m gonna show you guys what I got and
try them on for you and hopefully you guys enjoy this video don’t forget to
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videos so with that being said let’s get on into it so the first thing I’m going
to start off with are these amazing peach leggings look how cute the sides
are they have these little splices down the leg and then a little bow at the
bottom I think these are so darn cute and I love the color they make you look
so tan alright so I just closed the door cuz I just realized I had my dryer going
which you could probably hear that in the background sorry for that but with
those pants I paired it this super cute gray
flowy workout tank and I love wearing these to yoga because they’re super
lightweight and they just flow with you and stretch with you as you move so
these are super nice and then if you want to wear a cute little sports bra
underneath you can do that as well so I loved that outfit I immediately pick
that up when I saw that on the rack so this next outfit is one of my favorites
these are green leggings they have a pretty brown sparkly stripe right there
the kind of brown metallicky stripe and they have the brown metallic here and a
pretty mesh material at the bottom here and then the dark olive green at the
bottom so I love this and so much they feel like a really good
material as well they don’t feel like they’re gonna show your booty crack when
you’re bending over in the gym I mean you can kind of see when I stretch
really really far but honestly they’re just like every other leggings except
they feel like a little bit better quality so I love love these pants and
then to pair with it is this really really cute workout sports bra and it’s
kind of a metallic gray silver with a black shiny material here and then it
has the criss cross back and it’s brown metallic back there as well so I think
this is a super cute outfit I probably wouldn’t wear the sports bra all by
itself I would wear something over it but I just think this is so adorable
and it looks so cute together I need to work on pairing more outfits together I
have like a t-shirt and leggings that I wear to the gym a lot and so I’m trying
to get cute outfits because it just makes me more motivated to work out are
you guys the same leave it at the comments down below if you are but I
feel very motivated would I have cute outfits and I feel cute and I look cute
so my last outfit that is so cute it’s probably one of my favorites now I
wouldn’t say this is the most comfortable thing to wear to the gym
though so this is more of one of those outfits where you’re like on the go for
the day and you’re like not doing too much sweating because I feel like this
would get a little bit sticky but these are so darn cute I love these black
leggings and again they’re from the brand joy lab from Target and they are
I’m showing you the book okay here’s the front they are this leather leather
material and they’re just black and shiny almost metallic you looking and
then the back has this mesh material near the caps which is super duper cute
and it’s not like too much mesh you know those pants where you see where you’re
like is that person wearing shorts are they wearing pants because it’s like
mesh on the bottom and then like black up top I’ve never really loved those but
maybe some of you do so anyways I like how it just has like a little bit of
mesh not too much and then this cute top that pairs
it’s so nicely it’s kind of like a crop top and it has this really cute back
right here and it’s just the same black matching metallicky material now they do
feel a little stiffer than the other ones when you put them on I will say
that so just be aware that but I do love all these outfits I hope you guys enjoy
them don’t forget to leave it in the comments down below if you guys have any
other things you want me to try out I love trying new clothes new brands new
styles let me know down below thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next
time bye


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