Target Audience: How To Define & How To Use To Make Sales

– So you wanna start taking action, creating content, getting
your offer in front of people, but you aren’t sure exactly
who your target audience is or, really, what a target audience is or even why they matter. But one way or another, it’s holding you back
from really taking action, from committing and getting results. Hey, it’s LeahRae from And in this video, I’m gonna
help you get crystal clear on who your target audience is and help you understand
how to use this information to start making sales. Now, if this is the first time
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truly, truly deserve. So if that is what you are looking for, make sure to subscribe and turn on the bell for notifications. So let’s start off pretty simple. What’s a target audience? Your target audience are the people you are looking to help and serve. These are not just people who needs your product or your service but people who are
actually likely to take out their credit cards and
make an actual purchase. This distinction is
important to understand because we hear this from a lot of folks. When they are asked who their
product or service is for, they say, “Everyone needs this.” That is a bad answer. Even if you’re selling
a nutritional product that virtually cures all diseases, it’s still not for everyone. There are couch potatoes out there who don’t care about their health and even more people that say
they care about their health but aren’t willing to put their
money where their mouth is, and any time spent trying
to market to these people will be a big waste of your time. There’s an old saying in marketing that is still very relevant today. If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one. What does this mean? Let’s look at a couple
examples for someone who’s trying to market a
healthy meal prepping service. Let’s look first at a message that’s trying to market to everyone. Everyone needs to be healthy, right? Most people are short on time, so this would be a
really inclusive message, something like Healthy,
delicious, done-for-you meals so you could eat better and lose weight. Mildly interesting, right? But not necessarily
something worth clicking on. Now, compare that message to the following where we are very specifically
talking to a target audience. Let’s get real. Life is crazy. You’re not a kid anymore and you don’t have the time or the energy to focus on yourself or
losing those extra pounds. You’re running kids to
school, soccer, homework, feeding, bathing, et cetera,
et cetera, et cetera, and you barely have time to sleep, let alone time or energy
to plan on healthy meals and actually cook them. But what if all of that
was taken care for you so you’re not fretting about it or having to dedicate a
bunch of time and energy to meal planning and prep? You can simply just eat
and lose the weight. Lose those extra 30 pounds or more that you’ve been carrying
around since having kids. That is a much stronger message. Who is it talking to? Moms, obviously, busy moms who
know they need to lose weight but don’t have the time or energy to do it the traditional way. How likely is it that a worn out mom who needs help to finally lose weight will click the button to learn more if they see that message? Pretty good, right? Because they felt like that message was directly talking to them, that this company totally got them and could actually help
them where they need it. Now, did that message talk
to college students? Nope. People without kids? Nope. Grandparents? Nope. Could all those people use
healthy, done-for-you meals? Sure, but no, it didn’t talk to them. It focused down to a
specific target audience, so it spoke to their pain
points and their goals so they would actually be moved to take the next step, to take action. This is exactly why you can’t be scared to really narrow down
your target audience. When you have too broad
of a target audience, your message is watered down and no one feels like you’re
talking specifically to them so they won’t take action. When you just focus on
your target audience, your message will resonate loud and clear and they’ll feel like you truly know them and that you are talking directly to them. So yes, this does mean that in order to attract
your target audience, you will also end up
repelling other people, people who don’t fit your target audience, and that is okay. If a college student heard the ad above that was specifically for busy moms, would that attract them? No. It could repel them, yes, as they’re in a different point in life and they could feel like this company just doesn’t really get them, and that is okay. Now, some ground rules
before I walk you through figuring out your
specific target audience. People often ask about having
more than one target audience. Yes, that is possible, but you should only
have one target audience per marketing channel. So that would be one target audience for your Facebook Group, one target audience for your
YouTube channel, et cetera. But please understand that
you should only really focus on one target audience when
you’re getting started. You have enough of a learning
curve in front of you. Just become profitable in one. So don’t spread yourself too thin and extend that learning
curve by trying to do more. And don’t be scared to
commit to a target audience. It’s not marriage. It’s not a lifelong commitment. Your target audience will change overtime as you grow and change, and it’s just fine. Our target audience has
changed a few times already in just a few short years
that we’ve had our business. You just have to start somewhere. So let’s go through
the following questions to help you flush out
your target audience. And please understand that you really have to know these people so it will be easier if
they are very much like you. So looking at yourself
is a good place to start. I hope you have a pen and paper handy as you should be writing this
down as we go through it. So what’s the general age
range that you’re looking for? And don’t say 18 to 65. Be more specific. People who are 18 have
very different thoughts than someone who’s 65 years old. Is it someone in their 30s
dealing with family and careers or someone in their 50s
dealing with empty nest and looking towards retirement? So what ages are you focused on? What is their education level? Basic high school education or maybe someone who’s been
through some higher education? What kind of jobs do they have? Are they blue-collar workers who work with their body,
work with their hands, and so they are gonna have
all the aches and pains that come with that? Or are they professionals that work in an office
all day trapped inside? What are their interests? Are they kinda geeky, love Lord
of the Rings, and Star Wars? Guilty. Or do they love outdoors activities, fishing, hiking, hunting? Also guilty. Who do they follow on social media? What kinds of groups for
Facebook are they in? What kind of channels
or pages do they follow? Are they in a cooking recipe
or fitness group on Facebook? Do they follow Juggling the
Jenkins page on Facebook because it really resonates
with the crazy mom life? What is most important to them? Spending time with family? Maybe personal development,
their health, their faith? What are their goals
or aspirations and why? Are they working on running a marathon because to them it means
that they finally reach a peak level of performance? Or are they building an online business to replace their full-time income so that they could be stay-at-home
parents with their kids? What causes them anxiety? What do they fear? Do they fear failure? Just one more failed
attempt to lose weight? Do they fear missing out
on the precious memories with their kids or grandkids
as they grow up too fast while they’re off working? What problems or challenges do they face? Are they looking at
retirement in a few years but don’t have enough saved or invested? Are they struggling with confusion on exactly what they need
to do to reach their goal? Are they struggling with
self-doubt or time management? What pains are they trying to avoid? Maybe they want to avoid
the pain of going to the gym or of spending all day
obsessing over food. Or maybe they’re trying to
avoid chronic health issues or they wanna avoid wasting time trying to figure out
what will work for them. Now that you know exactly
who you are targeting with every post that you make and with every video that you shoot and with every email that you send, you should focus on these specific people. That is how you create loyal, raving fans that buy everything you offer them. With this knowledge of how
to create loyal raving fans, next, I’m gonna show you
how you can easily leverage these fans to get to six
figures a year in your business. You should see a video on the upper right corner of your screen or at the top of description. Watch this video next. Click this video to watch it as I’ll be laying out for you how to leverage your
fans and your audience to get to six figures a
year as quickly as possible. Again, this is LeahRae
from, and I’ll see you soon.


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