hello everybody and welcome to a new video this time it’s the target beauty box for the month of November it just arrived today so let’s see what they send for this month this is the card and as usual in this end three dollars of coupon in this month box we have first it’s the nude of their Moscow which is anti-dandruff two-in-one shampoo and conditioner is this one it’s a travel size then we have the skin fix water rich hand cream it clinically proven to help treat dry cracked skin on hands which is this one and then we have I believe is La Roche Posay were something like that I don’t know exactly how to pronounce this it’s for normal to dry skin hydrating gentle cleanser is the size then we have by stones natural beauty bar creamy coconut and virgin coconut oil gentleman skin triple mild SATA bar soap from tom-toms which is not brand then we have by Maybelline the Great Lash I think this one came in that then calendar stone so this is the wand it’s a sample size and the last item we have here it’s Benicia super Aquos El Ninos named hydrogel mask so yeah this is a good brand so for this one we have so far the face mask by Misha the mascara from Maybelline bar soap which is by Tom’s the coconut cleanser face cleanser a hand cream and two-in-one shampoo and conditioner from Dowd so yeah this is all from Target for the November I don’t know what to say about these bulbs I do like the masks and also the other items are useful tool I think target had better boxes before but it’s not bad for seven dollars it’s okay this one too so yeah that’s all for the target November beauty box I will see you soon in another video which is going to be probably another fall from Bath & Body Works from the winter collection thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you soon bye bye you

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