hello everybody and welcome back to my channel as I said I’m back with the target January as you can see I have three I have three just because one of them this one the biggest one it’s a man box and this one is men’s holiday target beauty box which I’m gonna open in my next video I got this because they have it on sale and I wanted to get this for my son to try it and this one was just five dollars so I think it’s well worth they’re worth it if you want to get this one go on the target site I’m gonna leave the link down below I’m not sure if it’s still available but if it’s still available it’s well worth it to pay five dollars in no shipping so yeah I will open this in my next video and for this video I have the woman a box set for this month one of them it’s the target beauty box and I’ll let you know which one is for January and the second one is target beauty box best of woods each one of them is seven dollars so let’s go ahead and see what we have here usually it comes with the card and five dollars of coupon which by the way expires in February on the second so yeah we have died on the scene and the least and let’s see which box this one it seems like this one is the best of both so the first item in here is this mask it’s not Tory inspire botanics it’s China way Ione clay mask which looks like this I got this one in another buzz before and I like it but because I used all already this one I’m gonna put this one in the giveaway bag so I use it I like it I hope somebody will will enjoy it on so as I said this one goes in the giveaway back then the next item and one of my favorite brands its soap & Glory it’s body moisturizer and looks like this smell Gregg smells amazing I love this brand and then we have here number seven airbrush away primer hippler Janet I like number seven – I’m using the eye cream right now I use it for a long time and it did work well for me and it still works for me and is this prime primer then we have here still from number seven restore a renew face and neck multi action serum it’s a little guy but this one will last for a while and I’m gonna start to check the dates the expiration dates and my disappointment is the fact that the samples 90% of them doesn’t come with the expiration date so also I was very disappointing that I found products they have the expression they did very very close to the demand that I received them so yeah and this is the slick eyeshadow palette it’s a small guy it’s great for travel I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep this one or not that’s why I’m not going to open it or swatch it maybe this one here goes in the giveaway base I have already to polish there so I may keep one for another giveaway this one but we’ll see and then the last item in here is pillow plum and in the color pink wheel that looks like this here is the color and yeah so far in this box we have to sleep plum we have from number seven it’s the serum and primer we have this cute small eye palette we have the cream the body cream from soap and glory we have the clay mask and of course the $5 off coupon so because I have three boxes I have already 15 yeah $15 which I’m I used to get some new items or they give away bag so yeah this was the first box and this one was called the best of boots and I believe I’m trying to keep my knee and open and yet you know exactly the name and this one is the box for the month of January and I see the difference between this one comes with a $5 of open the first one the second one it’s three dollars of coupon so yeah we have $1 with an RT is going to be eleven to spend on target so this does look like this inside and in this one we have taken full biotin and collagen shampoo is by OGX it has vitamin seven biotin collagen and protein it’s a good size you can get a couple good uses from those from this one so because I don’t have the conditioner from this brain I’m not sure if I have it or not I’m gonna use it with the huge conditioner that I have in my project man and then we have a body washes from Meyers clean day it’s in the center love under and it’s a good size also something new to try what just to travel with and then we have here is by covergirl melting pot and this one is derelict in lipstick not my favorite this is in the shade won 1-0 but it’s a good size it looks like a full size to me and then we have another good brand we have from Vichy a mineral 89 skin fortifying daily booster this is an item that comes with all fallen boxes and is the size I have proper more like this and I’m gonna use all of them in the same time so I can be able to do I’ll give a good review and then here we have from Dove is the exfoliating body body polish crushed macadamia rice milk which is really cute this small packaging I lived a life dog products so I’m happy with this one then we have by nixels is the air mask with protein complex it’s another food item you can get a list or usage from this depend of the length of your hair and finally we have a face mask it’s pretty animals by look beauty and this one is the tiger one and we have the manufacture date in 2017 which is not bad so yeah this is all in the second box in the January box from Target we have face masks we have a body wash we have this lipstick we have the booster from vitiate we have the hair mask we have the shampoo and we have the body polish so yeah this is the target box for January let me know which box do you prefer from this month which one do you like the regular boss in January or the best form how was that one called gosh I just got or the other one which is best of boats so you let me know I’m going to leave the link down below to their site if you wanna get those and get the email when they have the boxes on self if you want to buy the for size and sizes you have the prices there I’m going to leave also the prices for those boxes and in my next video I’m going to open the men’s men’s fallible box just in case if you wanna watch there I got that for my son I know if you can use it or not we’ll see but I’ll let you know what’s in that box because it’s a good price for that one so thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you soon with another unboxing you have a great day bye you


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