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did you know you can take bargain bedsheets and used to practice your sewing skills i’m going to show you how welcome to the sewing report i’m your host jennifer moore helping you discover your love of sewing if that’s something you’re interested in feel free to hit that subscribe button and we are talking about a wearable muslin or as you guys call in the UK a toile and what that is it’s sort of a practice garment so before you cut into that nice expensive fabric you can use cheaper fabric to make that government and you can work out any of the fit issues so I’m actually going to show you how I shop for cheap affordable fabric in order to make my wearable muslins this is something I do all the time i’ll go to a big box store like Walmart Target and i will find some clearance bed sheets that i can use for project if I need a large amount of fabric but i don’t want to spend a lot of money on it i got this flat sheet from walmart for about five dollars this is a cotton-poly blend and recently i picked up this sheet set from target take a look at my shopping trip we’ve needed to the promised land shout color catchers is great for prewashing fabric is there a little beat-up solution don’t know why ok this is the i only watch piece and we’re looking for community in particular this shopping trip maybe a bust i’m not really seen any sheets that are deeply on clearance that may be fasting but let’s keep looking and see if we can find something bingo this is what we’re looking for clearance thirty percent off and were specifically looking for ok you don’t want the fitted sheet you want the flat sheets are looking for any quicker and flat sheet here so this whole that is 1490 that’s not a bad price the proof okay it probably comes with one silicate definitely also can just bring here she found some clean sheets but the full price ones in selection from pleased to alysha’s alright i think it hit the jackpot the sheep are way better i found another end past weekend much more fun cream and the prices are going to get you more people we can find this one is a twin set strawberries I have to get the $12.58 the author of those shabby chic she cannot say this blanket i don’t really need that that looks pretty fugly to live with a nice too this one looks pretty promising $13.98 I make these two twins that think of it work so that this section is definitely a lot more promising for those other ones of color for going to keep walking around I definitely don’t need anything that he planned a flannel this is where you can source some really fun prints nothing dealing with good actually it’s pretty soft and not super thick either with such a pretty good deal i decided to go with this one I like the spring is a hundred percent cotton and it’s only 1398 that you are the winners datacenter seven are the perfect time to go shopping at target for the little brown and warm here and i totally want to get inside this thing that was kind of awesome so they can fit make it work my little Cody we have officially reached the Valentine’s Day waste land and you know i have to look at this stuff works all the way in the back and I’m not joking for a second I thought I said sweatshops but it was sweet shop this it was like somebody totally trash courage it or like they were off I don’t know and didn’t take it is this stuff because after Valentine’s Days yes the clearing holiday sections forget looks like and for the life of me I cannot figure out why this is Valentine’s Day related or why anyone would need a pencil figuring if I do something specific hopefully that didn’t start your life but that’s actually not your only option you can actually also go to thrift stores or like the goodwill salvation army’s and try to find second hand bed sheets there or anything you can use curtain you can use any large piece of fabric that will work for your project the other option you have is to use what you have in your house maybe of old clothes and that would actually fit the pattern pieces on them or maybe of old bed sheets that you were going to throw away any help there are so many ways you can get ahold of fabric to practice on without spending any money or by just putting a little bit of money like this sheet set here this would actually make a very where the muslin which is what i plan to do i’m actually going to make the Sew House Seven Tea house dress out of it so stay tuned because this will become a dress hopefully soon one other no don’t forget to pre-wash these fabrics this she has actually already been pre-washed and this one obviously needs to go in the laundry if you don’t we watch the fabrics and you make a government out of them they will get distorted when you do water them so whenever you’re making garments and you do plan to watch them make sure to pre-wash your fabrics otherwise you’ll learn a very tough lesson but first i’m actually gonna get something to drink we’ll try out this fancy like Kroy water today is not product placement I’m just thirsty and this is in my fridge so we’re just going to pop this open alright see if I can make that trash can alright sorry my throat my throat my throat is seriously dry so working


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