Target Credit Card – Target REDcard Review

– Hi today I’m going to
review the Target REDcard. I have the REDcard myself. I am going to tell you
all about what it’s like to have the Target REDcard and I’ll tell you a Target REDcard secret, something Target doesn’t want
you to know about the REDcard. (thundering music) Okay, so in this video today I will be talking about
the Target REDcard. It’s a card that I absolutely love. I’m gonna tell you about
all the clear benefits you can have by having the Target REDcard and I will be talking about my experiences using this card and ways that
you can maximize the savings. And if you have the Target REDcard, it allows you to save more money than if you paid for your
Target purchases in cash or with another credit card. So in this video today,
I’m going to explain how I effectively use my Target
REDcard to make purchases. And if you like this video
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about the Target REDcard and why I love it so much. Also somewhere in this
video, I will tell you the Target REDcard secret. I call it the Target REDcard secret because the Target account department asked me not to put it in this video but I’m going to do it and
I will kind of explain why when I get to that point. I got a easy credit approval
with the Target REDcard. At that point, all I had was
my Capital One Platinum card which I talked about in an
earlier video that I did and then I had two other credit cards. I was rebuilding my credit
and on my report at that time I just had those three accounts, one for about 11 months and the other two were about six months each and that was enough to get
me approved for the REDcard and I was also given a
pretty generous credit line. So I think as long as you are starting to show positive credit history, you should have a fairly easy chance of getting approved
with the Target REDcard. If you think you need
a little bit more help in rebuilding your credit before applying for the Target REDcard, I have listed a link in the description
below on fair credit offers and those are also
different lines of credit that you can get to help build your credit and these are major credit cards. Okay, so just like the majority
of all store credit cards, the Target REDcard has very high interest so it is important that
when you get your bill you pay that in full. That way you’ll get the full
benefit of your 5% discount. So if you wanna know more
about the Target REDcard, more than I even covered in this video, I did a review article telling
you about the pros and cons, I even go into a little bit
more into the Target debit card which I didn’t talk too
much about in this video but if you wanted to know the benefits of the Target debit card, you
can learn about that as well. So you can find that
article, the link will be in the description below this video. And here are some popular ways you can receive that 5% discount. Pretty much everything you
purchase with the Target REDcard, you will receive that 5% discount, including purchases as Starbucks. But there are some exclusions to the 5% discount from using the REDcard and I’ve listed some of
the common exclusions. There may be a few more but these are the very typical exclusions that you would expect not
to get your 5% discount and I can say for my personal experience that pretty much everything
that I’ve put on the REDcard, I’ve received a 5% discount. I can’t think offhand of a time where I bought something
that it didn’t apply. I’m telling everybody
this so that they know that most things are
included, not excluded. As far as the 5% discount reward goes, you need to keep in mind
that you do not get 5% if you use a gift card. So if you had a $50 purchase
and you used a $25 gift card, you do not get 5% discount on the amount that was used with the gift cards. Okay, so with the Target REDcard
you can make your payments online, over the phone, or in the store. Just note that if you make online payments that you can only make those payments counting for that business day
by five o’clock Central time. This is important if you decide to make your payment on the due date. So if it’s past five o’clock Central time, you do have an option of
calling customer service and then you can make
a payment much later. So that’s just a tip for you just in case when you’re trying to
make an online payment you discover that you cannot
have that payment counted for the same business day. You can always call customer service and make that payment by 11 o’clock and it will be counted for that day. Something some customers do,
I don’t do it personally, but Target offers subscription services and with these subscription services you save an extra 5% off
on your subscription order and if you use your Target
REDcard you save an additional 5% and you get free shipping
on your purchase. So you can end up saving money and you will have convenience in having these items shipped
directly to your home. So you can see from this
screen that setting up and managing your Target
subscriptions fairly easy and if you need to make any
adjustments along the way, it’s a pretty straightforward process. One of the things I love about shopping at Target is store pickup. You can do all your shopping
in the comfort of your home and pick up your items within
a reasonable amount of time. You have a couple of days
to pick up your items from the time you make your purchase. So what I did last year is that I did a lot of my Black Friday shopping on the Target website itself. If there are some deals with
very limited quantities, they will not allow you to do
store pickup on those items, but most everything else in
the Black Friday circular, you can buy online and pick up at your own convenience. You don’t need to get up early. A convenient service that Target offers is a drive up order option. You can make your purchases online and select drive up orders and they will deliver your
purchases straight to your car. One perk that I really like
about the Target REDcard is that you get an extra
30 days for returns. So if you make your
purchase using the REDcard or the RED debit card, you
can get an extra 30 days to return your items. The Target REDcard secret is that if you have good account
history with Target, they might upgrade your card
to the Target MasterCard, which they did for me last October. They didn’t want me to share this with you in a video because they
do this all internally. They make a decision whether they’re going
to upgrade an account and they didn’t want people to call up requesting a Target MasterCard. I talked to an account manager
in the credit department and it was made very clear to me that you cannot request
a Target MasterCard. No matter what you say,
you cannot get upgraded to the Target MasterCard. And my feelings on the upgrade was that I take it as a compliment but it’s not something I’m
really going to utilize. I do not earn rewards by
using the Target MasterCard. I do not get any kind of zero APR deal using the Target MasterCard. It really has no clear benefit for me. There are only two added benefits with having the Target MasterCard over the Target store card and those are MasterCard ID protection and then an extended
warranty on your purchases. So the only clear benefit I see is that you get double warranty protection on some of your purchases. Personally, although it was really nice that they upgraded my
account to MasterCard, I have not once used it
outside of a Target store. The only time I use my Target REDcard is shopping at Target,
and that’s how I get all the benefits I talked
about in this review today. It’s shopping at Target
with the Target REDcard. That’s how you save the money and if you shop outside of Target, you will actually lose out. There are so many reward
cards that you probably have that will give you something back for just using those cards and you will not get any
kind of reward benefits by using the Target REDcard
as of filming this video. So don’t storm the phone lines and demand your Target REDcard. You can live without it. So I’m gonna recap from my video why you should really
consider the Target REDcard. First, of course, you will
receive the 5% savings on most of your purchases. You’ll receive an additional
30 days for returns. And you will get free
shipping on most items that you buy with your Target REDcard. So I have absolutely no regrets in getting the Target REDcard. It was, before it was
upgraded to the MasterCard, the only store credit card I had and the only store credit card I wanted. It’s so easy. With some credit cards,
the reward programs are difficult to manage and you have to go through the step of
redeeming your rewards. It’s nice that this is more of a discount rather than a 5% cash back. They will just give you
the 5% discount right away with all your purchases. And I really loved that very simple aspect of having the Target REDcard. I know I’ve saved a lot of money in the years that I’ve
had the Target REDcard.

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