good morning guys welcome back to my
channel this is probably not morning when you guys are seeing this it’s
probably like afternoon but it’s morning for me so good morning so today I’m
super excited hey one thing I’m not naked okay I have a jumpsuit on and
actually it’s so cute you guys should go check out my Instagram I post it where I
got it so anyways back to the video I’m gonna be doing a target PJ haul I love
targets PJ’s so much if you look in my dressing area I have pretty much all
target PJ’s just because they are such a good price and they are so comfortable
and they last a pretty long time so if you guys are interested in watching my
target PJ haul let’s get on into it alright so I went a little PJ crazy and
I picked up a lot of pajamas so just be ready for this all my pajamas are a
little old so I’m like okay girl you need some new ones the first pair I
picked up are so cute it’s this blue tank top and it says LA weekend and then
it has these cute little pj shorts which i think are so nice to wear for summer
so this comes in a set at 1699 and i got the size medium i love those colors the
next little set i picked up or adorable I feel like my grandma hurting with me
me she dressed super cute and she would totally wear these and she loves like
flowers and fun colors so I feel like she would wear these they’re so cute and
then they have these little like ruffles on the bottom with like a flare leg oh
my gosh I missed my Mimi she’s so cute she would totally wear these so these
kind of remind me of her and then to pair with that I got this really cute
long sleeve ruffle t-shirt is that what you call it I think it’s like a t-shirt
kind of almost like a sweatshirt material but not too heavy at all it’s
like a really lightweight sweatshirt I just loved the ruffles and then paired
with these and these ruffles I’m like girl okay yeah
you need these PJ’s so that’s why I picked those up and then a pair that’s
pretty similar to those are these blue striped kind of crop pants
these are super beachy and fun and then again they have these big ruffle bottoms
that I think are so cute don’t you just love new pajamas like you put them on
before you go to bed and you just feel a little bit better about like yourself
going to bed you’re like oh man like I look cute I can see really good now not
really but I mean still you feel a little bit better and then when you wake
up in the morning you’re like oh dang you’re like cute girl so I love these
PJ’s so much and then I got a bright pink top and it has little ruffles on
the sleeves which I absolutely love and then I just I love this color pink if
you couldn’t tell I got another picture like this but it’s just a super
lightweight and so soft target t-shirts in the PJ section are so soft you need
to go check them out this was $14.99 I wish it was like ten
dollars maybe five dollars I mean it’s a teacher come on guys but it’s targeted
so I think it will last a long time and paired with this I just thought it was
so cute these pants were 16.99 oh my gosh I forgot about these these are so
cute this is the first pair that I saw that I was like okay I think I want to
do a PJ haul so I love these these also kind of remind me of my Mimi I feel like
she would wear these oh my gosh look how cute this set is for the pants they are
just these long pants hopefully they’ll fit my legs cuz I’m kind of tall I
actually didn’t try them on there oh actually you know what I got they only
had an extra large so I had to get an extra large I’m normally a medium these
pants were 16.99 so hopefully they’re long enough and they will fit me I just
think this is such a cute set look at the top it’s so cute it has these little
ruffly sleeves and it’s like a super lightweight material I don’t know what
you would call this material 100% why why oh so don’t know what that means but
it has these little ties at the top it’s just super feminine and girly and
lightweight and airy and perfect for summer so you got it if you’re gonna get
a pair I would get these they’re so cute and then for the last pair I got this
really cute long button-down nightie I love the colors pea
blues kind of like an orange a pink and it has a little pocket in there if you
want to like stash some candy or some mints in there for a little midnight
snack and it’s really long so it’ll cover your butt it’s actually is it
longer in the back I think it might be a little bit longer in the back
I just love throwing these on like after the shower and then you moisturize your
body and it just lets your body breathe still and it’s so nice just to put on
this little nightie and so you feel super cute so that is the last set of
pajamas I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks so much for watching don’t
forget to go check out this cute jumper down below I’ll have my Instagram link
down there so you guys can go check it out thanks so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time


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