self checkout lines are worse than hitler and that’s what we’re going to talk about today because it’s my show egotastic time plastic pots and we’re gonna have a great time watch my show dammit hey gang i’m JP and welcome back to egotastic fun time we all need to buy groceries once in a while it’s just a part of life we work hard every day and we deserve some food on the table and some deodorant under our armpits to make our lives more bearable but eating food and not smelling like ass isn’t cheap you guys it takes money everything takes money if you want to eat money you want entertainment money do you want friends well that requires leaving the house and spending money do you want a job so you can make money what you’re going to need a roof over your head in a vehicle to get there and that also costs money do you want a government that does nothing but waste and mismanagement money well touch getting money for that money money yeah the most important thing in the world is money and every establishment is built for the sole purpose of making and taking your money welcome to target mighty pleased when I go to a store to give them my money are they not required to have the common human decency to have someone there to take the money from me that I’m trying to give them hello I would like to purchase these items please very good indeed Monsieur I’ll take your money now thank you no they you these damn self checkout lanes need to go i’m a customer I don’t work here I’m not a cashier I’m trying to purchase your wares I’m not an employee read up for me in the very least I should get an employee discount for doing the work myself when I go to Walmart to buy high-quality goods that in everyday value they have 28 registers installed at the front to check out customers ok but they only have two lanes open with 15 customers in line too late have 28 so then you’re forced to use the self checkout and it’s always the same scenario there’s always an old lady on one of them who doesn’t know how the world works anymore and if she ever manages to finish ringing up the procession of milk pastries and bars of soap bars of soap soap comes in slip bottles of sexual prowess now with a free loofah oh look the old lady got everything scanning is ready to pay for her items time to bring out the old trusty checkbook then there’s the single mom with two screaming bastard kids and she can’t bring your stuff up because she keeps having to yell at the stupid kids who absolutely deserve it by the way they’re monsters oh she wants to buy some bananas for the baby damn it Karen fruit and vegetables don’t have a UPC code scan you have to find the code in the touchscreen system that you’ve never used before and have no prior training on and punch it in manually don’t forget to weigh the bananas first so that you get charged the correct price oh and don’t even get me started on a guy who’s just trying to buy a pack of batteries or something stupid like that it keeps getting an error message but don’t worry there’s always two self checkout lanes with nobody on them because they have a yellow plastic bag over because they’re out of order and you’ll see an employee’s standing right there watching everything go on and you think to yourself oh cool he might open up another lane right now that’d be great no such luck he’s just there to watch the self-checkout so make sure the pandemonium goes on on interrupted why don’t you stop standing there looking like a peeping tom and open another damn lane why does common sense not entering the picture here I don’t get it it gets me so flustered that my camera shaking my buddy train from the Thunder underground channel on youtube they discuss hard rock and metal and whatever me with the links in the description so check it out he says he likes the self checkout lines because then he can get in and out much more quickly well with all due respect to my good friend Trent you can go to hell and die the man has gotten inside your brain dude and his make you happy to comply with your own demise you didn’t go to school and graduate and work hard all day and go through the horribleness that it is to be in the doll to have to ring up your own items at the grocery store that you’re paying for with your own money that you earn you’re better than that we’re all better than that not to disparage cashiers in any way you guys do an important job and we need you and I love you very very much but one of the hell are you guys i have a basket full of redbull crackers and kraft singles that need to be baaton baaton wanted no its pot but ok that’s it that’s all i wanted to talk about today and I talked about it i hope you learned a lot I know I did how about you what are your thoughts on these stupid self checkout lanes let us know in the comments and I’ll see you in a couple days with another video and I want to thank you for clicking on all the youtube buttons below and as always I hope all your times are egotastic fun tiles love you bye in the plastic bottle and we’re gonna have a great time in traffic box time to meet all your money him all your mind you find here in money getting all your money tonight

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