Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel i ran into target because i was really interested in their christmas decor cuz I love their prices and they have the cutest stuff i went there at the day after halloween and was late like Everything, was so picked over i couldn’t believe it so i did grab a few things and not as much As i’d like i was looking for a few pillows and i didn’t find them luckily though i was able to find several things all Super affordable and really cute if you’ve been following, me on my channel for a, while you know how. Much i love tea and Mugs like cute mugs for my, tea so i found these, and they were both on $3 and microwave and dishwasher safe whenever i read that i am sold Completely i don’t have to hand wash these but they, were just so so stinkin cute so this one’s a little bicycle And it’s got some Like holly berries on there and a little christmas tree in the back and then this one is a little bit more classic Plaid, but both of them have the speckles on the inside i thought this Would make an adorable gift if you’re giving a gift basket you could pop these in there with, some hot cocoa And some really fancy marshmallows then, again Because i love plaid i had to grab this and it’s like a blanket scarf but, i might be covering Some pillows i might be using this as a throw Over my couch or on my Bed i’m not really sure but i loved it i loved the pattern the green the yellow. And red it was so? Christmassy, and seven bucks i couldn’t i couldn’t, pass it up but, these are always like so Big you know – where’s the scarf it’s like whoa Maybe to the movies but i knew i could get some use out of it just because i love the pattern and it’s so soft i was able to find these skates are they cute so there wouldn’t skates and then they have this on Metalwork at the bottom, and these little ribbons that are Sparkly, and darling through the laces and then they hang with this cream or white color ribbon anyway i just thought for five bucks these Work so so stinkin cute I’m not really, sure, where i’m gonna put these, i will be bringing you guys, along with Me when i decorate for christmas i don’t know, when is it too soon to decorate i feel like? I, want to decorate maybe in two weeks but it’s not too, soon i don’t know, i will bring you Along, with me though and i will end up showing you
Where i put these So stay tuned for that video i’m excited to get all my decor out and for $3 i found this little it’s just a card Display and i loved it i thought it looked like a candy cane i thought it was so cute And the back of the board shows, where they’ve stapled in the ribbons so this is gonna Be pretty secure i’m hoping and i thought how fun to, put your pictures on like people that send you cards with family photos could just prop this up and display them throughout the holidays i also think this would be A super fun gift to make They, have wood like this at hobby lobby and of course, any kind of ribbon you could really snazz This up you could, do a farmhouse style one i don’t know, my wheels are turning i think this is such a Cute gift three dollars to buy or really fun to make i grabbed it this also For three dollars it is just a wooden Star and on the sides it’s painted gold on the front it’s just like a almost like a stained White wood it’s so cute three, bucks i’m gonna put this on my shelf above My, piano i love to decorate that little shelf for the holidays that’s all you really need i feel like when i got that shelf, my, life, changed i could switch up the banners i could Change out the decor so those shelves at ikea that are just like floating shelves white shelves whatever so affordable and so cute i recommend everybody has at least one in their home because they’re just so fun to decorate then i Love their gift bags i think they’re so cute i grabbed this for a dollar it includes two so a Little bicycle the same little bikes that was on the mug And then the same flag from the mug and then i also found this it just says warmest wishes and it has this Beautiful vintage wreath Which i have noticed is everywhere right now and i love it so really pretty sparkly gold tag and then Oh, my, gosh the inside just on the top rim has
Some polka dots so cute and then i also got this one better not pout aren’t the colors on this so stinkin cute i love it i would love to decorate a little, girl’s bedroom like, this it’s like the cutest burgundy Light pink, and white and gold so pretty so i love this, again a dollar and Very girly i also grabbed, some string lights that i’m probably Gonna, put right here on my bed just because i think they look So cute at night and it will be fun to film with, them, these were five dollars and who do need Batteries for this just a double-a but how Pretty there’s snowflakes silver and rose gold and then the wire is clear so it’s very Classy looking then for my kids to write letters to santa this is just a little that’s not little it’s big it’s a big felt Envelope it’s a special delivery to santa north pole and on the back it’s just got a button closure That’s about cute i see a ton of these around the holidays and they have cute ones for valentine’s day But i thought this, would be so fun for them to mail to santa claus and he can write them back anyway Adorable this was only a dollar and i grabbed two i always love the banners that they come out with Year round i love them i think they’re, so pretty this one is a red And white plaid and then on the ends is a. Christmas tree it’s kind of like a Burlap looking material it’s a little bit more rustic so i loved it i cannot wait to hang this on my little shelf Above the piano i think it’s. Gonna, be so pretty so how. Much was this three dollars and then These little gift tags we’re too cute to, pass up these are wood tags a. Christmas tree with a Little star and again a little bit of that almost like, burlap twine i’m not sure what it’s called but A little bit more rustic i just thought these were so cute to spruce up any gift and stick on anything either a Bag or a normal gift with a, bow then i grabbed, some stickers i grabbed the Special delivery from the north pole so cute to seal your envelopes and then i also grabbed these and the 3d stickers with, santa claus have, yourself a, merry little christmas You, have some mistletoe so vintage i loved the style on these alright guys that is gonna wrap it up that’s all i could find i know they had Some pillows in the dollar section if you can get your hands on them Lucky, you i couldn’t find any in my dollar spot let me know if you’ve checked out Your target dollar spot do you have, any luck, what did you find i would love to know Thank, you guys so much for watching i am so excited for the holidays i hope you Stick around on my channel i have a lot of fun stuff planned have a great day guys, and i’ll see you very soon, bye


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