Target Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids | Sensory Toys for Kids

hey guys! Shawn here. Welcome to PrayerLights.
If you are new, this channel is all about mommy lifestyle vlogs to help you raise
it Jesus loving child. Today I have stocking stuffer ideas. I just came back
from Target so these are going to be target stocking stuffer ideas mostly for
children. So if you are looking for stocking stuffers, I’ve got some stuff
for adults and some stuff for children then keep watching. Alright so I have
quite a bit of stuff here so let’s start off with adults and then go to children.
A great stocking stuffer is the pumpkin spice latte mix from.. Taco. I never say
that right. They also have a regular chai latte mix that I drink every morning but
the pumpkin spice latte mix will be a fun thing. Then they had these cute
little cups in the target dollar bin and I just stuck some pencils in there
because I have a relative who likes school supplies. So this would be good
for school supplies. I thought that was really cute. It has sparkles on it.
coffee. Coffee is always good as a stocking stuffer for adults. These
were really cute too for a girl or your mom or your sister or
someone. This is a really cute little pouch. And they even had 3 or 4 different
colors and they were in that target dollar spot. Then there was one with
a tassel. I thought that was really cute. I don’t feel like you can go wrong
with pencil pouch stuff. Alright, so the next little bit could be for kids or
anyone who likes toys and that kind of stuff. This was really cute. These would
be good for infants or toddlers but this is the O ball rattle. They come in a
bunch of different colors as well. Very good for an infant to hold on to and
grip. She’s a little baby doll. This was only three dollars at Target
and they had three different kinds of baby dolls with different hair colors
and skin colors so I thought that was really cute. Jelly Belly’s. I found
these in the holiday favorites. It says holiday favorites and it has a picture
of a candy cane and pumpkin pie, some kind of jello,
I’m not sure. Looked really cute so I got some of those. Again, school supplies. If
you have a child who’s into school supplies these are really good to get.
Just some mechanical pencils they’re very popular in elementary schools right
now. And then markers. Can’t have enough drawing stuff. I found these at the
target dollar bin. This was three dollars but it’s just a little slingshot
monster with a snowball slingshot which is super cute. pop socket. which
would be good for someone like me or for a teenage girl. pop sockets. Here’s
another little pencil pouch. I love how this one is holographic or
iridescent. What do you call this? not sure but it’s really pretty.
reminds me of a unicorn. A pair of cozy slippers. It’s always a fun stocking
stuffer gift no I have two pop sockets here. These are Stitch. My son really loves
Stitch. They have these really cute little Christmas tree candies. These were
$1 at Target. This one is chocolate caramel pretzel. It looks really cute.
These are like fidget pencils sensory pencil pushers. I thought they were
really neat. My son really likes to fidget with things so these are pencils and
they do different stuff. Another kind of fidget is this. One of those cubes that
has the different little push things that you push on it. Kids love the little
mystery bundles. This one is an emoji. You get a premium keychain and it has the
the monkey and the cool face and the poop one. They also had these
Hatchimals. These are really cute. One mystery bag. I found this little sponge
on a lollipop. I mean this is pretty funny to me. I don’t know why you would
want to bathe with a lolly… with an ice-cream pop. This one is $2. They had
different colors as well. A little beanie. This one was a Rudolph obviously. I think
they have Santa Claus too which was cute. And then here’s another by Sensory Genius. it’s
by sensory genius. I found them where they had a whole end aisle of Target fidget stuff so
I picked up some stuff for church and also for my son. These are very fuzzy
feeling. I thought these are really cute. It says
includes three fuzzy shapes to keep hands busy so the mind can focus. Can’t go
wrong with chapstick. This one was a dollar in the dollar bin.
Some more Jelly Bellies in holiday flavors. Kiosk ball. Do you remember these
Kiosk balls? Then I found these erasers, Batman Lego erasers and Rudolph the Red
Nosed Reindeer band-aids. I feel like character band-aids are a
good thing to put in there. Useful and kids really like. You know you don’t want
boring band-aids when you have a boo-boo. And then this was also, by that mind ware. this is also a sensory genius item. I am opening this. I can’t really tell through
the bag what exactly it is. watch me not be able to get it open. oh okay this is really nice. It feels like
play-doh without the mess. You know that.. just that nice sensation you get when
you squish play-doh through your fingers? That’s what this feels like. Actually got
this for church. It would make a great stocking stuffer. I may go back and get one for my
son but I actually got this for our children’s worship fidget table. This is
fabulous. What is this again? This is a sensory Sqwooz. It’s called a Sqwooz. a
Sqwooz. It does have a very strong plastic chemical smell
then I’m not crazy about. But this I would be happy to get one of these as a
stocking stuffer. If you are new and you like content like this, I post new stuff
like this, new videos every week and I would love for you to hit that subscribe
button that red button down below. I will see you guys in my next video. Merry
Christmas! thanks for watching! bye!


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