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I feel so free like I never felt like this so I just feel so like like I can just do so many activities hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new I’m you Sonia also known as yes but thank you guys so much for coming on to this video please don’t forget to subscribe before you go so for today’s video I have finally finally finally another yes for less and this one is from Target I did try it from this video like a week ago and I hadn’t tried on some of the pieces and when I tried them on for the video I realized they were kind of crap and I did not like them so I was like huh I need to go return these things but I’m actually really satisfied now with the pieces that I did pick up so yeah I’m gonna be showing you guys how I style these I did only get one pair of shoes because nothing else really floats my boat um I was gonna say floated my boat but that doesn’t make any sense and they really tickles my pickle so I will be showing you guys shoes um that are like different just so you guys can you know kind of have an idea like how to style it like I said I got one pair of shoes I will be showing them to you guys um but I will be getting very creative with the shoes and not from Target so just FYI if you are not familiar with my series yes for less it actually started as losing on a budget but it’s where I pretty much go to stores that are inexpensive and just pick up cute stuff because on this channel we don’t like breaking the bank okay so yeah I just want to show you guys different kind of outfits that you guys can put together without spending hella money okay because who can relate obviously you know what I mean um so yeah that is what we are going to be doing today I do have complete outfits for you guys so if you guys don’t want to check out what I picked up at Target and how I style it then please keep watching I’m here with my brother and we are doing some shopping at Target because you guys wanted to see a yes for less at Target and so that is what we’re doing this morning and we’re at the graphic tees and their own alright guys so I’ve worn this oh this one before and a lot of people ask me where I got it and I got it here and I already have it so I’m not gonna get it but yeah in case you were wondering your girl had to come to the clearance section yellow yes these are super cute too so they have this brand called wild fable and I’m not mad at it ok good stuff good stuff so they even have these like trendier like you know like the grandma shoe right now but they don’t have them on my sides otherwise I would get them and these are a little bit dirty but you guys these are pretty cute but they don’t have a huge selection alright guys so first let’s talk about the jeans that I picked up so first off yes whilst they will come through they kind of saved the target yes for Less if I’m completely honest because when I was looking through the regular section I guess that’s not the wild fable section I saw some jeans that were like 27 to like $35 and I was kind of like what like that that’s not yes for Less that it’s okay that’s a little bit too much especially because it’s not like a brand name it’s not like Levi’s or I don’t know whatever other Browns there are I makes like targets I was kind of like yo I don’t know if this yes for less is gonna work out the jeans just seems very overpriced very basic not very trendy so then when I went over to the wild fable sign I was like yes well people you guys really save the yes for less because these were actually only $20 which is it I mean it’s fine it’s decent especially because they are like more trendy jeans or highway said they’re not just like super basic like generic jeans I’m so come through a wild fable these are high rise of skinny jeans and they have no just stresses and them so you guys if you guys follow my channel or my Instagram you guys know that this is very new for me okay this is probably like the second or third pair of non distressed jeans that I’ve purchased in the last maybe like year or two just because yeah I love my distress but I really like the color I feel like this would be really cute with like white and like I said they are skinny bottoms and these actually in the size 4 I feel like they’re sightseeing is a little bit different if you would I picked it up in a size 4 a size true fits me at the waist but everything else is just way too tight but the only trouble that I have with these at the waist is a little bit loose so I will have to like either go get it altered or like wear a belt with it but for $20 obviously I’m not mad at it and they are very high waisted which I really really like because we only do high-waisted jeans if you guys are new to my channel only high-waisted jeans around here okay we will not be following that low-cut but I don’t even remember what it’s called trend I never thought that was cute and I remember when stores finally kind of started selling high waisted I think I was like I don’t know maybe like five years ago when it kind of started becoming a thing I was so excited because when I was younger I didn’t really know highway slow ways like I don’t really know about the trends if you would I just knew that I loved the way that I looked and high-waisted it just flattered my body so much better because like low-rise I feel like that isn’t flat or anything but anyways high waisted in this household okay alright so these next jeans are also from wild fable like I said it come through well table they really came through and these actually do have some de-stresses on them but it’s like the kind of distress that you can’t really really see the skin so it’s very like minimal very like not the most like most of the jeans that I wear these are also skinny and these are actually shorter which you guys will see in the next shot but they are also high-waisted and you guys will see that they also do not fit at my waist all the way so I’ll probably have to get them altered but I absolutely love the fit of these jeans I feel like they just are so nice and like the quality feels really nice and it also feels stretchy and stretchy is a must for me so I have really really am glad that I purchased these alright so this is the first top that I picked up and as you guys can see it has like this square neck thing that I like I feel like this is really cute especially for like my Instagram videos or just on my youtube videos I especially like finding shirts that are like cute at the neck every here because that’s kind of like all you usually see except for today today you can see a lot more but yeah so it is long-sleeve it’s like it’s an interesting cut because it’s not a crop top but it’s also not a regular top I mean I guess it is kind of cropped but I feel like they do this so that way you can tuck it into your high-waisted jeans which I do like so this piece right here with nine dollars and it is from the wild fable section and I got it in a size small alright guys so here I styled the red top and the light wash denim jeans the crop was enough for me to tuck it in which was perfect and I style this with some leopard booties from Miss Lola which I really like you guys I’ve grown to be obsessed with these jeans I’m actually wearing them right now alright guys so here we have pretty much the same exact shirt but in a black obviously and I needed to have it in a black because you kinda need to have everything in a black you know it is also a wild fable it was the same price its separate I got this one in an extra-small because that’s all they had but they’re sizing is very interesting because the small kind of fit me like a medium and I was surprised that the extra small fit me because usually the girls will not fit in an extra small they usually are just like just not cute not flattering and when I put this on I was like what this fits perfectly so when I had first body I was like I’m probably just gonna have to wear it without a bra otherwise it’s just gonna squeeze me too much but it fit perfectly so they’re sizing is definitely a little bit different I have another shirt that it’s an extra small and I’m like yo this fits like a medium umm so just be aware of that when you guys purchase world people I feel like they’re sizing is a little big but anyways it’s pretty much the same thing it’s just in black I’ve worn it before and it looks really nice and you guys will see in the next clip how I styled it but yeah I’m taking this shirt alright guys so these dark denim jeans I have absolutely been loving honestly there’s something about the material of the jeans that just hugs your body really nicely and just makes you look really good and I also like that at the ankles it’s kind of like a crop almost so that way those look really really cute with pumps these pumps are also from Miss Lola alright so next up you guys know that I had to pick up a banty I absolutely love target for bounties they have all kinds of different nutty mentees but graphic tees and then want to say they’re like from 12 to like 15 dollars which is not bad at all this right here cost me 12 99 so and you guys know that I freaking love Queens so when I found this in my side the second time that I went I was live being but I’m really liking how it had like these neutral tones and it has a red um I don’t know I just I have this thing about panties just because first of all I get to rap my favorite band I could dress it up and down but also like they usually have like different color so you can really play around with the shoes that you wear you can wear sneakers you can get really creative and wear different boots or like whatever so I think that’s my favorite part is that they’re comfortable they’re casual but you can dress it up or dress it down so I picked this shirt up in a size medium and I would say that it is a it’s not it doesn’t run small this runs normal because it is just like the Target brand I guess well it’s just clean but um yeah I wanted to get a large because I usually get my bad T’s large to make sure that I can wear them as a dress but this one right here works as a dress you will have to wear underwear I mean I hope you underwear I’m you have to wear shorts underneath and I am 5-1 so I wear a medium and it’s still like covers properly do wear shorts just in case um but yeah for me I never do small fan tees just because I’m either gonna do like long past the butt or we’re gonna do all the way high waist with panties like there’s no one between from oh my god went on my favorite outfit I decided to wear the Queen shirt as a t-shirt dress and paired it with these sickening snake print boots you guys they’re slouchy they’re thigh high they are everything I’m obsessed you can also pair this maybe with some leggings or you can dress it down or maybe wear it with some sneakers please let me know if you guys would like to see how to dress panties or how I style band tees because I’m so down also just PSA I live in oversized clothes this one right here is an extra-large just because like I said it either like covers the butt or it’s like above like there’s hardly an in-between I don’t like my butt being out like if it’s gonna be out it’s gonna be out if it’s not gonna be out it’s not gonna be out you don’t get no sneak peeks you know what I mean so this is one of the shirts that I got when I went the second time around and I’m so glad that I picked it up because it is just so cute I absolutely love it I feel like this funs is just so nice this is really nice the shirt and everything the only problem that I have with this shirt is the awkward length like it’s not again it’s not like a crop top really but it’s not like a regular top um so I don’t like the way that this fits especially when I wear it with high-waisted jeans which is what I usually like to wear my crop tops with just because I feel like that flatters my body the most it makes it look like I have more hips it doesn’t make me look you know square and so I will definitely be cutting this so when you guys see the next clip this will most likely be cut just because I’m not feeling the way that this looks so the Pontiac all this is gonna go although it’s cute I wish we could have like moved that up but I just do not like the fit of it um this isn’t a size extra small you guys see this it’s an extra small yo this looks like a medium and so I mean for anybody who is even like smaller I like it’s gonna be a little bit oversized on you so that’s just the only thing that I’m kind of like a whoa about the sizing is that I swear when I saw this I was like that’s I’m grabbing that that’s a medium but then I looked at it it’s an extra small but this shirt right here I got for $14.99 which i think is a pretty good price for a graphic tee um although they did have some other ones that were not as cute and they were the same price but this one right here I feel like was a good one to pick up alright guys so as you guys can see I cropped it a little bit more would have loved to keep more of the graphic but the cut was just not cutting it for me and then I decided to wear my light wash jeans and these actually look really cute with some sneakers like you can see here I rolled up the bottom a little bit just to kind of give it that cute summer look all right so right here we have another yellow like oversized kind of like sweater this one is again it has like the strange crop it’s not like super long but it’s not like super crop so this is like nice because you can tuck it into your high-waisted jeans and it won’t look super like that because you don’t have like a bunch of like fabric in there so this you can just kind of like tuck in it would look cute with like a belt or something and I got this which is like a change for me I don’t really get anything with a v-neck especially like t-shirts or just regular tees I never do the neck um but I was like let’s switch it up I have a bunch of these that kind of go like up here which I really like but yeah this is more like a mustard yellow obviously you can really compare it because I have more of like a bright neon yellow and then this is more like a mustard yellow so this right here is also for my label and it was seven dollars and fifty cents because you know your girl went really hard on the clearance section just because clothes can be a little pricey at Target um for what it is because how do I explain so it’s not that like the clothes is expensive but I feel like for some of the prices like I can get a lot more like at Marshall’s or Ross or Burlington United mean so it’s not like oh wow like I’m a cheap ass and I don’t want to purchase that you know if it’s really nice I’ll buy it but sometimes I’m kind of like I feel like I could find something better elsewhere like something that’s a brand name or anything like that so this was regular $15 which is honestly not bad at all but I think I have an example over here of other all right guys I’m loving this color combo the yellow and the light wash jeans is just giving me so much life I decided to dress this down a little bit and wear it with these white Nikes you can also wear any other white sneaker or you can also dress it up by wearing some kind of booties some kind of heel but like I said I am loving this combo okay yes come through color alright so the next shirt that we have is a high recent crop top high-waisted puffed-up that’s definitely not it it is a turtleneck crop top is what I meant to say it’s not like a crazy turtleneck you know what the really fat neck but it’s just kind of like I don’t is their name for this like a medium sardonic or something I don’t know but it is a little bit more cropped than most of the other pieces that I got but it’s definitely still that like awkward length crop but it’s probably just because not everybody wants to wear their shirts like really up here which is how I like to wear them when I wear my high-waisted jeans because that’s just how I feel my body looks best but yeah it’s like a kind of like a see-through fabric I did wear this already and it’s not that warm so if you’re like in the cold weather or anything and you’re planning on just wearing this you’re probably gonna need like a coat or something because it is like that see-through like you can feel everything inside material so this right here is also wild fable it’s in a size medium and this actually goes for 20 dollars but I got it on sale for 10 if it was 20 dollars honestly I don’t think I would’ve purchased it because I feel like it’s just it’s a little basic for twenty dollars I feel like I could have picked something up else or that is doing make sense I feel like I could have picked something why can’t I talk I feel like I could have picked else some what I feel I could have picked something else up for that price so this is a wild table shirt and it is any size medium and I actually got it on sale for $10 which is why I picked it up because it was regularly 20 and I don’t think I would have bought this for $20 honestly I just feel like there’s I mean it’s cute for ten dollars but for 20 I feel like there’s like nothing very special about it like that’s like 20 dollars you know so yeah alright so here is the crop top turtleneck this one would look cute honestly with either these jeans or the other darker wash jeans and I did pair these with these really cool white snake print booties from Miss Lola alright guys so this next letter right here is like a very like fluffy nice material as you guys can see it’s like that super soft like it almost looks like it’s gonna fall apart kind of but it’s like really soft but it’s not actually falling apart it’s just like that material that looks like you can like just pull it off but I actually got this in a size large and it is not while stable which is why I feel like it’s more expensive I feel like wild fable is kind of like cheaper and trendy er I mean I’m not sure but from the pattern that I’m seeing here so this is regularly $30 which is like a phat know for me like I just don’t like I just I don’t I don’t see it I don’t see that they’re new dollars here but it was on sale for 14 at 98 which is why I picked it up um and like I said before it’s not that I’m trying to be like a cheap-ass or anything like if it was like I feel like if it was worth $30 I would purchase it but I feel like for $30 I can get like this for 15 like at Ross or something you know what I mean I know a lot of you guys did comment where like Target isn’t really like yes for less because it is a little bit more like on the pricier side um because it cannot up trust me getting an outfit at Target can add up but I really feel like the wild stable section kind of came through because things seem to be more trendy and a little bit more inexpensive so this is not wild sable which is why I’m thinking it’s a little bit pricier but I did get it in a large surprise surprise because this I would wear with I mean they’re really really tight jeans or some some leggings why can’t I think um but yeah I feel like this is just kind of like very cute very simple you know very chill very like I tried but not really because I’m wearing leggings you know alright guys so I love this look right here because it’s pretty chill pretty casual but I feel like the booties just kind of give it that like hmm I really tried but this right here you can also wear with some thigh highs you could even maybe pull it off as a dress if you want to definitely have to wear some shorts underneath but for sure you can wear with some leggings and make it look really cute so then we have this baby right here which is of the last shirt that we have and it’s exactly like the black one it is that like see-through material it does have that high neck and that like crop top here so I like these because I feel like they’re just like a staple for your wardrobe in the wintertime and like I said they were only ten dollars so I feel like this is just something that you can just throw on and it’ll look cute with some high-waisted jeans some boots or something and just kind of fix up your hair accessorize and I feel like you can really like pull it together and it’s only ten bucks so alright guys so I love the combination of this dark wash color and this red here we have a more chill outfit it’s not too chill but it’s also not too dressy I feel like we have a good combo because we have the sneakers but we also have a crop top turtleneck you know what I mean so it’s like not too casual not too sporty it’s like the perfect combo alright guys so the last thing that I picked up from Target are actually these shoes right here which I really really like I feel like they’re super cute when I first saw them I was kind of like if he but then I feel like the colors kind of grew on me I feel like it’s kind of like that trendy like sock inspired shoe if you would they did have these other shoes I’m sure you guys saw them in the beginning clip that are like that grandpa like style shoe but they didn’t have any of my size I wouldn’t think them up just to show you guys like how I would style em and everything but they didn’t have my size but they did have these right here and these were actually only 15 dollars which I was pleasantly surprised about I was kind of bummed cuz I was like I don’t say these shoes that I like and then I saw these and they were 30 and I was kind of like hmm I guess I’ll get them just you know to give them options and show them but they they were actually on clearance for 15 so you know your girl was really happy but I really like the colors that they chose I like that it has like the pink on here has a red the yellow the blue I just feel like it’s like a really really fun like shoe and it’s kind of like trendy and everything and I feel like you wouldn’t really know that you picked this up at Target so I think this right here and then this top do you guys see which one it is and the queen top are definitely like my favorite purchases and I picked up um so yeah alright so here they are on I absolutely love them you guys not only are they really cute but they’re really comfortable and I don’t know I just grew to really really like them I feel like over the time that I had them sitting there I just fell in love alright guys so that is it for today’s video I really hope that you guys enjoyed it you guys know that I absolutely love putting outfits together that are very inexpensive and affordable for everybody so please let me know in the comments down below if there is any store that you want me to do my next yes for less video on I do have my mind on a few online stores that I really want to do and also let me know if you guys want me to do like I don’t know like there’s like fashion challenges that are like the clearance challenge or like $100 outfits challenge or whatever I don’t know you guys probably know but let me know down below in the comments what you guys don’t want to see from me next I love you guys so much thank you guys again so much for watching it please don’t forget to like this video and subscribe love you guys so much and I’ll see you guys next time

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