Target Wild Fable Haul: Affordable Plus Size Clothing

hey everybody it is time for another
haul this haul actually has been requested a lot target launched a new
brand I think it’s called wild fable I should really like know off of the top
of my head what the name of the brand is but I don’t it’s been a busy busy busy week
and my mind it’s just not here right now so we can read the tags when I open it
up but I bought many things from that line because it looked real cool and I
thought I would try all of them on and talk about my first impressions here
with you I am literally taking them out of the box with you guys I have not
opened then I have not tried them on now recently I did this is another hauls with shein and I was really excited when I openned the box and then when I put them on it was real depressing so hopefully that is not the case here I have opened the box let’s
dig in before we dig in I’m a youtuber so now I’m supposed to do that thing
where I’m like subscribe still feel awkward doing it but I’m doing it because it’s a nice reminder to show me that you care because we’re dating we’re YouTube dating do you want to be in a long-term internet relationship
with this then you should subscribe hell yeah
she a foxy lady I’m so hot I turned the sirens on you hear them cuz I’m burning
it up in here so much of this stuff it’s just clothes how is it gonna get damaged
in the mail there’s hair everywhere if you can’t see my hair fights me I thought we were
friends apparently not okay first item looked on the tag a sneaky
sneak while I was singing it is wild fable crushing it my memory solid the
first item is this pink tee that has a little crossover in the front and know
if you can see it but it does like a little bloop bloop like a little X
it’s a normal t-shirt sleeve it is a ribbed while people feels very 90s
inspired a lot of the items really remind me of like Delia’s so it’s
basically an entire I’m getting hot I’m taking this off really such a mess really remind me
of Delia’s because of the ribbing that cuts the crops the everything this top I saw
in other variations it’s like basically a crop t-shirt
reminds me a lot of Delia’s has a nice crisscross front the crisscross spot is
actually done with like a ribbing that’s put on it not quite a ribbing but like
another piece of fabric that’s like a finishing and it doesn’t seem to have
finishing at the sleeves it’s just a fold over seam and then here we are
having some actual physical ribbing real ribbing up the top definitely a crop top
definitely not for the faint of heart super soft pretty impressed with the
softness of this material Like literally this is a sleepy sleep fabric so far so
good it’s cute as far as what it’s made of and ps it looks cuter than it did on
site because I saw this one outside and I was like and here it looks cute it is
rayon and spandex machine wash with light colors ooh this is really cute
with my new hair color I’m gonna throw this out there too I feel like a lot of
the shirts in this collection are cropped which I appreciate and they think they
look great but sometimes they do want a full shirt too I’m just throwing out
there but that said there are a lot of places to buy full shirts there are not
a lot of places to buy I will designed crop tops so I’m okay with it and this
one’s really cute the next item I got because I have been
pestered like crazy from those of you that are on musically [tiktok] to do a
schoolgirl look which in a lot of ways makes me feel a little uncomfortable for
if you don’t know what reasons I’m not gonna explain them to you but then I saw
this skirt on wild fable and I’m really hoping it works because it is perfect
for like a schoolgirl vibe it is a plaid pleated miniskirt very britney spears
circa 1999 2000 it is in a plaid I’m just gonna hold this up so you can see
it it’s cream and grey and like a steel blue it’s got a really large thick
waist elastic waistband and it’s short it’s
gonna sit about 3 to 4 inches above the knee I am nervous about ze booty
being covered up it is short it is a short short skirt as far as what it’s
made out of it is made out of polyester rayon and spandex the fabric does
actually have a little stretch to it though
it doesn’t feel like it initially you actually have to tug at it to realize it
as far as the construction it looks ok it’s like nothing fantastic there’s no
like notable details where I’m like man that’s so thoughtful but it’s also
doesn’t look like a trash heap inside it just looks fairly normal the pleating is
pressed in and sewn in so just if you don’t know this about pleats it’s really
hard to wash them because once you wash them those pleats come out so I’m not
sure how well this would hold up those pleats in the wash we shall see shan’t
we so I didn’t think I was gonna like this and then I put it on and I loved it
yes it’s short but it actually covers me quite well I also think it’d look really
great over a pair of leggings and was the t-shirt like this I think it’s
adorable this item I picked out because I had been secretly looking for this
item for forever and there was shorts but I didn’t see them on the site yet
they were on the model but who does not need a
good cropped windbreaker I literally feel like this is my new wardrobe for
when I go gambling at the casino with my stepmom because I feel I could get this
in a pink just a straight-up pink windbreaker suit then I could just live
at the casino and just like submit to old age
cuz that’s how I want to go I want to be in bright windbreaker outfits chillin at
a slot machine you heard it here first future goals now this looks like black
from far away but if you get up close it’s actually a tartan so it’s a green
blue on a black or dark navy or black tartan and I can’t quite tell what the
actual base color is it’s got some nice venting in it it’s a full zip and just
looking at the inside we’ve got a lining that like this mesh lining on the
sleeves but then it’s actually the full windbreaker fabric so like no wind can
get in hence the name windbreaker around the body looking at the outside of it
one fatal flaw of this jacket which I’m realizing that I am disappointed about
is it does not have any pockets nay there are no pockets it also would be
way cooler if this had a hood but I can’t ask for the moon and stars here I
will say this wild fable is very affordable it’s not an expensive line so
am I that shocked to not see these flourishes no do I still want them yes I
do I think that’s the problem with plus-size fashion you can find a lot of
things in your size but it doesn’t mean you’ll get like the the level of quality
you want always or even that I could buy this in a more expensive price range you
know all you know kitted it out probably doesn’t exist the arms look fairly large
on the baggier side this is a Dolman sleeve which means for us bigger arm girls
this is a solid piece for that as well hopefully that will stay consistent when
I actually try it on ooh I love this it’s so comfortable and you know I don’t
mind so much that doesn’t have pockets because it’s cropped and I feel like
it’d be really weird if there were pockets here like here let me store
these important things on my chest but yeah I like it yes queen yes if it’s like not obvious from like all the halls those of you who are loyal have
watched for those of you just tuning in for your first haul I apologize this is your first experience just kidding this haul is awesome you should love it I love the color yellow mustard
yellow specifically so I saw this bodycon ribbed velvet dress and I was
like I won’t give that a go it looks real short maybe longer on but looking
at it I’m like short the fabric is interesting the ribbing is really large
I don’t know if you guys can see that that’s really a really really large
ribbing it’s just a lot of ribbing also the cut of it looks um weird so like I’m
just gonna show you the back this is where you can tell there’s some sewing
issues just right here this is this is sewn weird now this could look great on it
is a stretch fabric and a body con and that tends to hide a lot of these like
little sewing details but I just wanted to point it out because I point those
things out a few things that concern me there’s no adjustable straps so you
basically are stuck with whatever length these straps are and whatever length you
can pull them to you the fact that it’s short and a couple of the sewing issues
in fact what it’s made out of is a cotton polyester and spandex so it’s a
little bit more breathable than I thought it would be give me that does
have that cotton in it but it is gonna be hot because it is velour I’m obsessed
with the color I’m obsessed with the fabric but I just wish it was like an
inch and a half two inches longer tall girl problems for real yo but otherwise
I think this dress is fantastic I think they look banging in it like
who’s that girl she me this is just like this is your quintessential nineties
tank top it’s the white tank top we all cut off but now it’s actually just sewn
that way with some snappy snaps cuz who doesn’t love a good snap in
there and it’s just a standard cropped you know tank-top got some nice
ribbing it’s pretty soft it’s actually made of cotton mostly with a little bit
of spandex thrown in there for stretch but yeah this is a layering piece this is
not I mean you could wear it a little but I purposely got it for layering
because if it does work I have some bananas ideas for it but doesn’t work
and NBD so this is like the perfect length for sweatpants because it hits
just right there and if I lift my arms you can see like a little peak of skin
but it’s not a ton I also think it looks super cute over these soft bras that I
often wear so I could wear it with them and have it be like an aesthetic versus
something like I didn’t wear the right bra because I’m not always about wearing
those like underwire BS like give me some comfort yo I talked about in
another haul that I loved big big Blazers it’s like that’s my thing for
fall is like oversized Blazers are just Blazers in general give me all of the
Blazer it is a large plaid blazer it’s soft and it’s in this kind of red and
black plaid immediately feeling it I didn’t know if it was gonna be
structured or fabric and it’s definitely like a stretch of spandex fabric it’s
got a one way stretch which means it stretches this way but not up-and-down
so as you can see here stretch this way this way it’s tight I’m looking at it
it’s not lined and it feels more like a cardigan than it would a blazer it might
look aesthetically like a blazer on but that’s a little bit disappointing to me
because I mean I wanted that structure and I know it’s not going to give me
structure when on that said it probably will be really really comfortable so I
can’t complain that much about it it is completely unlined that’s another sign of
just the price point again being less expensive you don’t get things like
great lining looking at the sewing here it looks fairly well constructed targets
usually pretty good about that nothing that’s like standing out is crazy and
yeah there you go I fortunately on this one there are pockets and they do work
they are sewn shut I’m not going to rip them open yet
because if it doesn’t work I want to get someone else to have the great ripping
pocket experience but if it does work pockets are there so that actually makes
me like it more because love pockets especially in Blazers because I just
don’t even carry a wallet I just put all my stuff in my pocket which is probably not
safe but how I live so this I love way more now than it’s on
I am noticing that there’s no button closures it’s an open blazer just in
case that matters anyone but even though it’s not as structured as I wanted I do
really love it on me so I am going to keep this I’m digging it real hard I’m
obsessed with this dress so if it doesn’t work I will be crying inside crying over you it is a pink like
strappy dress thing that comes down you can wear it with shorts it’s mauve
which is a color I love it’s got a little zipper here it is hard to show
you what this thing looks like not on a body just because the way it’s cut it’s
basically a short dress that has you know this high rise in the back but it’s
like an overall when you actually get back and see the strap so it’s an
unusual cut dress I saw this and I was like man that’s different and I like to
chase the different things it does have pockets it is corduroy but unlike the
big yellow dress this girl does not stretch it’s got teeny bit but like girl
does not stretch this is a solid fabric solid corduroy we’re also hotter it is 100%
polyester it is definitely heavier I’m not gonna be wearing this until it cools
down in New York a little bit hoping it fits the right way so that I can wear it
but it is really cute again super miniskirt that is the theme of wild
fable get your legs out by some wild fable I appreciate that but I also am a
little concerned if all of your skirts are mini and the mini is too short for
me will I be able to wear any of your
skirts in the future and hopefully maybe they take that feedback and create a
couple things that are sitting in that little like middle length or even like
long length skirts it’s just I noticed on their site that everything was MIDI
mini there really wasn’t any like a lot of regular length skirts so I wear like
beige shorties under dresses and I’m real glad I did because it is a tunic this is
not a dress it is way too short to be a dress whoa so short, I also feel like it would look better if it was
longer like I feel like this is the non-committal piece of clothing like
what are you trying to be these pockets are in a weird location I’m disappointed
because I really wanted this one to work but nope I mean I guess I could make it
work but not I don’t love it enough to do it it’s a bummer though because
idea wise it is pretty fantastic just an execution thing it gets you know I love
a miniskirt but come on I mean I do need to at times get a little extra
length in there what are you I don’t know you are I guess this is the top huh
yeah it’s just a standard crop top with a square neck I think yes square neck
front and back that is also very 90s sleeve standard crop nothing special
about this guys just other than the square neck is kind of cool yeah I don’t
even remember buying that so go me I know I said this was just like a basic
black shirt but I’m telling you this is really cool I will say I probably should
have put a regular bra on for this but it’s not happening today it’s just not
happening well I got a lot of corduroy apparently whenever I ordered this I was
like you know in my closet needs just a lot of corduroy the world needs more
corduroy so here I am with all of the corduroy
I also got another corduroy dress this one is just an over-the-top dress with a
zipper down the front so it’s very similar to the yellow dress except
instead of the spaghetti straps you have a thicker strap and you get this fun
zipper down the front lengthwise it looks a little bit longer but still on
the short side it is stretchy like the yellow dress as well so the pink dress
was solid this one is stretchy so definitely on the body con train and
this is cotton polyester and spandex as well so the same mix is yellow so
virtually the same fabric just a slightly different construction and
style personally I like the actual pattern for this dress more I think the
zippers lovely I like a little bit of a thicker strap it’s just preference and
as far as how things look I also feel like thin straps tend to break easier in
the wash because they get wrapped around your bra or something else and then they
swirl and snap I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but it seems to
happen to me every time I have something with a thin strap it gets caught up in
something thick straps no they’re not here to play they’re not here to get
caught up in your drama they just stay by themselves in the wash all okay so I
figured I would try both and figure out which one worked best for the body that
is moi so of the three corduroy dresses I definitely like the fit of
this one best but man I love that yellow corduroy and think the yellow was like
bam this is like hey I’m here and I’m definitely a BAM type of girl so these
two pieces technically are separate but I’m going to show you them together
because I bought them to be worn together they are a little like halter
croppy top with a skort now they have this in a yellow print and the yellow print
was bangin and it also sold out in like two minutes so I did not get the yellow
print but I did get this navy and red plaid so it’s just a skort with a little
bit of front pleating as you can see here and the top that goes with it is
this cute little bralette top now here’s what I’m gonna note about this
I was thinking oh this will be great to wear you know fall into the i I mean summer into fall where
it’s still hot negative this is flannel this is a cotton flannel
it feels like it might be something else cotton my ohio came out there real strong
is the cotton flannel it’s actually yeah it’s a cotton flannel oh good it’s so
good at recognizing fabrics it’s heavy it feels heavy
you would sweat bananas in this even though it’s a little skirt and a top I
love it though so I guess I could wear this with like a big blazer over it or
even maybe putting some red tights under these skorts if they were okay that would be so cute…
giving you guys ideas but one thing to note is it is a lot heavier than what I
thought I was gonna get the construction is great and actually like that they are
cotton that’s a higher quality fabric the fabric itself is super soft though
absolutely no stretch now the top they have put smocking in the back to give
you a little room for that but just note this outfit no stretch other than in the
the chest region it’s the only way we’re gonna stretch everything else no
say a prayer because if it don’t fit you don’t fit so well I think it’s cute
I’m gonna be real and say I probably would never wear it I feel like my butt
cheeks are like almost exposed which I know it’s like the cute thing that girls
do now with her butt hanging out of their shorts but I’m just not that girl
and there’s no problem in being that girl I’m just not that girl also this is hat
I’m wearing not a lot of clothing but I feel hot like not sexy hot like the
unsexy hot where you’re sweaty and everything else so my predictions were
kind of right this is like weirdly designed for fall but really too little
clothing for fall it’s it’s bizarre I don’t get it and plus I have some
weird extra fabric here in the waist so it’s creating this like v-shape that I
keep trying to correct I guess it kind of looks okay but it’s a it’s a bit weird on
me this is this is a jumpsuit I basically want to live only in jumpsuits
my ideal wardrobe is if everything came in jumpsuit form I used to have like a
thing against jumpsuits but now I found if I can get them on without any help
and close them up without any help then I want to own them and literally I could
live in a jumpsuit I have no problem stripping down to my butt in a bathroom
in jumpsuit I have decided it’s just a lifestyle I live the jumpsuit
lifestyle so when I saw this I was like okay I’m gonna try that girl it’s black
the top is kind of fun because it does like cuts on the side so you do you need
to wear a shirt or a sports bra or something underneath to give you
coverage here because it’s the some major side boob if not which girl if you
want to do that you do it it’s just not something I would do this does not work
for me but if it works for you you go girl and then the back is it really
comes down to like a thin almost like racerback ish style I just thought it
was cute looked super comfortable and that’s how
it made it into my cart it’s also very soft I like soft things I don’t know how
I feel about this I feel confused I want the legs tp be a little longer the pockets
are so far too young so they do like a mini crunch to get to them it’s kind of
cool I don’t know I think I’m just trying to make this work it’s
comfortable I just I don’t know how I feel about it this is a pair of pants
ooh which is way softer than I thought it was gonna be it feels like leggings
which suddenly just sold me and loved it but it’s a cropped flare and my inner
emo just did a wheeee because I wanted pants like this as a
kid so bad and I never got them I mean check out the zipper details bananas into it 100% yes yes
sign me up I am here for whatever this is the fabric has a good stretch but not
too much stretch as far as what it is made out of these lovely pantalones are
made of polyester rayon and spandex I also love that the waistband has a very
thick elastic thick elastic smooth better support better stay up ability if
you like I need to go buy sum 41 ah dang well that just crushed all my dreams
these pockets are fake they’re a lie they’re not real pockets I can’t even do
the cool like stand I wanted to do in them so while these pants are still amazing
I feel like wild fable miss the train that fat girls like pockets like it’s
like the number-one thing bloggers talk about fat thin whatever but like I can
only really speak for the plus-sized people because that’s the that’s the
throne I sit upon but really yo everybody likes a good pocket so you why
you why you fighting that why are you putting something in it looks like a
pocket like it looks so much like a pocket and then it’s not a pocket it
doesn’t make any sense to me it’s two extra steps to make that a pocket
probably even less it’s just changing the pattern put in pockets PSA pockets
for president this is as far as you’re gonna get because they are super low
rise and they do not cover my full bottom it’s not even that they’re tight
it’s that the height of the pants is not tall enough it’s a war back there and I’m losing this is a denim jacket it’s very heavy
it’s got some nice weight to it so it’s like a legit like jacket it is from
cotton and spandex and Oh the label was made from recycled plastic fun fact now
on the front it’s fairly unassuming oh look it’s a denim jacket who cares on
the back it’s got this amazing distressing very in this season you’re
seeing the same distressing down the arms and it’s just about having a big
comfy jacket it’s not about being sexy and like fitted this season it’s about
being big and grungy and rock and roll and I am here for it because I feel like
I wanted this to come back for a while and yes wild fable you’re killing me so
this is a really solid denim jacket the pockets are sewn shut but my only like
beef with it is as I wanted it to be more oversized and since it’s just a
standard like fit of a denim jacket like I want it to be I wanted to be like four
sizes too big so I knew you have unrealistic expectations for it but it’s
a nice denim jacket should you need a distressed denim jacket it’s just not as
oversized as I want so like that’s all the things from wild fable I have I did
get one more thing it does not arrive in time I am NOT waiting
it is the checkerboard skirt it is probably floating somewhere in Minnesota
right now who knows where it is don’t cha knowl I wish my skirt was here
there’s one other thing I want to show you because I have such a passion for
this thing that I bought three of three of them and it’s the number one question
I get and it’s not just me but like multiple people who believe that these
are the greatest shoes that exist they are cheap and they are at target and I
just bought every color because I was like I wear them to death and they took
them away for like a year and I got really stressed out and now that I saw
that we’re back I was like uh need to get them all so that this like
doesn’t happen to me again where I like don’t have my dream shoes so let me just
show you so for those of you that didn’t believe me here are the three different
pairs it is this black flat there somehow the most comfortable flat in the
world now I’ve had these in black and tan for years and I kept buying them
they took them away and then just brought them back
I liked this version because there’s little grommets on it super cute now we
have the exact same shoe they’re all tangled up it’s just a leopard print and
I was like kind of getting into leopard print and as shoes is an easy way to
introduce some animal print to your life oh got those and then of course I like
to be a little devilish at times so I got me the red but I speak to these shoes
with such a passion because they are the most amazing affordable shoes you will
find you will not find better affordable shoes than these and there are multiple
other bloggers that agree with me if you haven’t tried these do and you will be
happy I never say that about a product but I’m like 99.9% sure you’re gonna
like these because I haven’t heard anyone say they don’t literally haven’t
heard it yet told my friends multiple people have bought these because of me
every single one of them has come back and said thank you for letting me
know because they’re great so final thoughts on the wild fable line now that
I’ve tried everything on the waists are a little bit big so it’s definitely cut
for an apple so not for me I will say I really liked the tops and there’s a
couple tops that I got out of there that I really loved I really loved the
pleated skirt but a lot of the things just while they might have fit were not
inspiring enough for me to keep or I just couldn’t figure out how I wear them
because they were too short or like it just wasn’t right for my body so kind of
a letdown because I’m not keeping a lot of this stuff but hopefully it’ll help
some of you guys make better decisions if you are shorter this line is
for you check it out I think if you’re petite many of these things would fit so
much better I am NOT petite neither in waist size or height so this line is
like strike out for me there you go whoa so that ladies and gentlemen is my
wild fable haul it was long to be expected there was a lot of things and I
got really excited because I was like ohhhh stuff I couldn’t wear middle school now
on one site for me to buy right now as an adult and self-control just like out
the door but I’m happy that I did it and I tried it and let me know what you guys
think links all the things are down below as per usual if you have any
questions comments concerns drop them down below and yeah I hope you guys have
an amazing rest of your week I’ll check you later and peace


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