Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila

Hail Lord Buddha!
Let peace prevailed in the world. His name is Gajapathi. He owns many such factories
and organizations. Not only that he’s a good man,
a kind-hearted man. This is the township layout we are
marketing under Mahalakshmi Constructions. These rows are duplex houses. These are 3 bedroom deluxe flats.
a park in the middle. A temple according to Vastu will
be constructed near the gate. Temple will come up for Vastu
but who owns that hut? l’ve a strong feeling that somebody
is trying to grab our land. This will be definite,
handiwork of Ratnam. Leave alone fixing a pole, Ratnam can’t
even take a stone from here. Remove it men.
– Okay, come-on boys. How dare to buy a land
l’ve grabbed? To build a rest house for fun. When l was working for you, Using me as a pawn
you minted millions You dared to step on the
land l’ve an eye on. lf l don’t take an eye for an eye
and a leg for a leg… Fix an auspicious time
to change your name. You’re provoking me.
– l’m also telling you the same. What are you blabbering man? Stop…brother…
stop…listen to me. Leave me. Why are you behaving like a kid? Why are you talking to the mad dog? You don’t get tensed, boss. You may appear like
Tamil film villain. You’ve a very weak body. lf you shout, you go breathless.
lf tensed your BP will rise. lf insulted, get a cardiac arrest. lf a contract fails,
your kidney fails. Should l always face
defeat against him? Ghazini lost 1 7 wars before finally
winning the 18th war. Who is he? Don’t you know who Ghazini is, boss? Where is my heart? lt’s wavering around you. Stop it. Why are you telling about a man
who forgets everything in 15 minutes? Mine is a revenge simmering
in me every moment. Yes, like the mythical magician’s
life is in a parrot. His life is his daughter. lf we kill her, he’s dead. Now, you’ve proved to be a
real right hand man. Don’t delay any further,
kill her immediately. l faint on seeing chicken blood, boss. But there is expert in Mumbai
to do the job. Mumbai lt seems you’re submitted
port tender against Mujib. That’s my will & wish.
Who are you both to object? Try to understand
why l’m talking to you? Mujib has paid me 2.5 millions
to kill you. Threatening me? l can get you & Mujib lynched
right now this moment. You didn’t heed my warning.
See the result. ls property more precious?
Life is more precious. l hate people like you. l’ve deposited 2 millions
in your bank account. l’ll pay the balance 3 millions
after the deal is over. Details about the party l’ve sent photos in the e-mail. l’ll instruct about job,
details in 2 days. Lord Venkateshwara!
Lord of Tirumala Hills. l’ve all my hopes on you, my Lord. Show mercy and protect us
with your divine grace. We will spend all our life
in your service. A little place in your
heart is enough. Come quickly… Oh mother! Mother! Have you become so lazy?
Walking or cat walking? Can’t you carry a coconut also? You’ll not get sense
unless l thrash you. Please don’t beat me, madam. Come home, l’ll burn you. You’ll not get sense until l don’t
feed you for a day. Why are you beating the poor girl? She broke a Rs.10 worth coconut,
you want me to kiss her for that? She was carrying luggage.
Does she have to carry coconut also? Can’t your daughter carry it? She’s the maid servant.
l pay her to work. Do you know 3 years imprisonment
for employing child labour? You’re talking like a social activist? l’ve money so l’ve employed her. lt’s useless to talk to you. Where are your parents, dear?
– l’m an orphan. l’ll send you to school.
l’ll buy you clothes & books. Will you come with me and
go to school? l’ll go to school.
– Come dear. Who are you to take
away my maid servant? A human! People come to temple for peace
and tranquility of mind. First know that. Come dear, let’s go Sit in. Go to Mother Theresa orphanage.
– Okay madam. People appreciated.
Want a change in life. They told cowards to resign
and go away. Downward trend in stock market.
ln local body elections… lt’s an hour since we called
the marriage broker. l told you to inquire about it,
are you reading paper from behind? Newspaper is full of matrimonial ads,
why do you want a marriage broker? He’s no ordinary broker.
He’s city’s number one broker. Look, the broker is here. Come in broker, we were
waiting for you only. Don’t call me as broker,
call me as match maker. Though l’m short
l’ve big name in society. Yes, he’s the broker to
every VlP of this city. He praised and then kicked.
– Sit down, broker. Get up.
– Would you like to have anything? l’ll accept whatever you give.
– l asked about tea or coffee. Nobody will have it after a drink.
– Drink? l feel like l’ve seen you somewhere.
– Come, l’ll show you. My mother is from Bellamkonda.
My father is from Dharanikonda. They got married in Tadikonda.
l was born in Vinukonda. l got my ears pierced
in Hanumakonda. l had my first food as
child in Palakonda. l learnt my alphabets
in Mudikonda. l ran away to Penukonda. For livelihood l went to Pathikonda, Uravakonda,
Singarayakonda, Manikonda, Devarakonda. But at last l settled in Golkonda. Now scratch your memory and
tell where did you see me? l didn’t see you anywhere, my dear Never again cross my path, boy. Though l’m short,
l’ve big name in society. ls he the broker?
– Yes, he’s the broker. You said the bride will be thin,
but she’s very fat. Oh God! She’s not the bride,
she’s bride’s mother. My daughter has gone to temple. Show me some prospective
groom’s photos. Local or foreign?
Doctor or Actor? Engineer or lnspector
Software or Hardware Tell me what do you prefer? The boy must be handsome
and a gentleman He must match my status. He didn’t call me a broker.
That means he’s respecting me. Look broker! My daughter is the only heir to all
my Mahalakshmi group of lndustries. Keep that in mind while searching
for a prospective groom. Though l’m short,
l’ve big name in society. You needn’t tell me this.
See these photos Mr. Padmanabham. Broker, find a match for me too. l’ve a ready proposal
marry one and get one free. Think over it Look, l feel he’s handsome. See this.
– Come dear…sit here. Father! Has grandpa called the
marriage broker again? My clients are also
not respecting me. Bloody profession! We all like this boy. lf you also like him
we can proceed further. See the photo. No grandpa, if you all like him,
that’s enough. lsn’t it father? She has also given green signal,
let’s proceed further. No Our approval isn’t important,
my daughter must like him. Only then, l’ll get her married to him. Let him be Tata or Birla. Your race? We belong to the same race
God belongs to. Priest, bless us with success
in our endeavor. Certainly, everything will go on well. Victory be yours.
– Your blessings. How long should we search
for a home, buddy. Till our legs wear out.
– No need, look there. We’ll get a house.
– Oh god! Rs.10 a kg ln my native place Anakapalli,
lt’s Rs.3 per kg only. Then buy it from Anakapalli.
– Taunting me? What can l do madam?
Shouldn’t we also live? Should we buy for your livelihood?
– Okay, lift the basket. Can’t you lift the basket
when you can carry it? People of Anakapalli
will never help others. Bloody customer Who is it?
Who dared to call me Aunty? She’s lovely like a fairness
cream ad model. How could you dare
to call her aunty? My friend has eye problem,
younger sister. Elder brother! Younger sister, to-let board l’ve hung it to let.
– We don’t want the board. lf you show the house,
we’ll pay the advance. You both look very soft.
– Yes, we are software engineers. ls it? Then you’ll get good salaries. Come in elder brother. See the house,
pay advance later.- Okay sister. Come in brother. This is my house,
we’ve built a new house. We are shifting there,
so l’m letting this on rent. This is hall. lt’s large like your big heart sister. What is it elder brother?
– You. Hall is beautiful. My friend says
your husband has a good taste. My husband and good taste?
My foot! lt’s all my idea. l knew his taste on our
first night after marriage. Where is the bathroom? Why are you interested in bathroom
before seeing bedroom? That’s bed room.
This is kitchen…prayer room. Master bedroom is on
the first floor, brother. Where is the bedroom with
attached bath? lt’s in my bedroom. Come & see.
– Okay…come. This is master bedroom.
ls it nice? Very good.
– Where’s the bathroom? l think he loves bathroom,
come l’ll show you. He thinks there only. Brother, this is the bathroom. ls there a geyser?- Here it is. Switch?- lt’s here only. We kept this for air flow. Yes? Why did they lock the door?
Brothers. Brothers! Are you thieves? Yes sister.- Tata, Birla. Brother, open the door.
l’m scared alone here. Answer only the question.
Any word extra l’ll cut your throat. Sister. Come. For me too.- For you too? lt’s empty.
– Keep it in pocket. Sister, l’m taking your bangles.
– Okay, brother. Brothers, open the door.
– l will. Stop.- You can’t hurt a sister.
– You can’t hurt a sister. l think sister loves dolls. Toy pistol.
lt may be useful. l’ll keep it. Oh Butter Thief!
How are you doing Lord? Have you shown mercy
on me at last? My Lord. Tata…Birla…
Steal everything you can lay hands on. Steal everything you see. Buddy, l feel we are in a
super market not to rob. l got an idea after seeing this. Trouble…come in…Of course. We’ve come seeing to-let board.
Are you letting house on rent? We will. They are letting…come. Greetings.- Greetings.
– We’ve come to see the house. We too came in for that
a little earlier. What’s there to see? Big hall, master bedroom, kitchen
in the back, prayer room here A big bedroom for my uncle is
on upstairs.- With attached bath. We built a new house
in Banjara Hills. l & my uncle are shifting
to new house. Bathroom has a geyser
and a switch too. ls it? What’s the rent
you are expecting? Where are you going?
– l’ll inquire with sister. Bloody! We’ll be in a fix
if you talk to her. House is very nice.
Let’s ask it for Rs.5000. lf they refuse, let’s take it
for Rs.6000 also.- Okay. Don’t quote high rent, let’s say Rs.4000
and settle it for Rs.3000. What do you say?
– They’ll say not me. Uncle, you’re a kind hearted man.
l’ll not take anything less than Rs.4000. Absolutely.- Tell them. Rs.4000 rent and
5 months rent is advance. 5×4=10,000.
That’s all.- That’s all. l brought only Rs.5000
balance l’ll pay tomorrow. We’ll let it on rent for
any other tenant. Why are you in a haste?
She’s wearing bangles right? Give it to us; take it back after
paying money tomorrow. Well said, give them the bangles.- Okay. How did you come here?
Riding a bike. ls it? lf you give your bike,
we’ll go to the bank & come back. lt’s not a big deal.
Take it & go. You’re giving whatever we ask. Hey buddy, you come man…
– Coming. We’ve got a good house.
Let’s take a tour, come. House is very good. Start it quickly.
They may come out. ls it ignition key or house key?
– Shut up. May be the bike is not his. Oh my bike! l’ll go…you keep kicking it. Catch them’. Catch them. Had we participated in Olympics
we would’ve won a gold medal? You go that side.
l’ll go this side. Let’s meet there.- Okay. Father, l’ve come to confess my sin.
– Go ahead son. My wife is very beautiful.
– Good. My maid servant is more beautiful.
– Very good son. What good, father. Can we keep quiet if maid servant
is more beautiful than wife? l got tempted. Hospital expenses have become
more than household expenses. Why my son? Won’t it be expensive
if l slip & fall, Father? Fractured your leg son?
– No, created holes to my purse. lt means the cat went
to milk bowl, right? No Father.
The milk bowl come to the cat. l shouldn’t say this, though you
look like a fool, you’re very fast. lt’s your affection father.
– My foot. That girl is faster
than me, young age. lt’s like getting 10000,
if my wife doesn’t know this. lt’s not enough,
l want 20,000. What if l tell this to your wife?
– She’ll not believe you. l’ll make her believe.
– How? Like this. What if l pay 10000 and take it?
– What if l ask 20000? l’ll pay.
– l’ll also give. l’ve confessed my sin and
my wife doesn’t knew anything. Gone…gone…it’s gone. Where is he? Let there may be any tension outside. lt gets relieved in your presence. l forget everything
you know that? lt’s my responsibility. Stop it. You were very busy so, l didn’t
want to disturb you. Now, you shouldn’t disturb me
till l finish my job. Why are you pushing me ahead?
– Who are you? Thief.- Thief? Have you
come to rob us?- Yes. Stop. Shoot me if you want to,
but don’t harm him. First move your leg,
you’re crushing my feet. Stop the drama & move aside. Do you think it’s a toy pistol?
lt’ll blow if l fire a shot. Not the pistol, your head Hold please. My hand. What are you searching
– Naphthalene balls. lf you want money
take Rs.10000 under the brief. Please for God’s sake release him.
– So easily. Searching for jewel?
– Yes. lt’s under the sari.
– How could you hide it there? No…it’s under the blue sari. Please release him. l’ll release him. They say even mother will not
give unless you ask for it. But you gave me everything
without asking. Really you’re a Goddess mother. Grand mother Not only him, l’ll release you both. Sir!- What? l beg you.
Please release him. You’ve been requesting
to release him always. You never requested
even once to release you. May be real chaste women are like you. l bow at your feet with all respect. lf l release him will he call
Police to catch me? No way No sir, my husband will accept it
l say a thief entered your home. He’ll not believe if
l say he had come. You mean…?
– My husband…is that man. Who is he then?
– He’s my paramour. Devil! God showered mercy
for visiting a church. Where’s my uncle?
Uncle…uncle… Where did you get money from nephew? lt was given by a husband
who cheats his wife. Where did you get this money from? lt was given by a wife,
who cheats her husband. What shall we do with this sinful money? Let’s enjoy it with girls. What are you looking at boy? You’re ravishing my dear… You’re chewing me all out… Your rosy lips are
challenging me… My hormones are responding
to your advances… My nerves are getting tightened… It’s unable to hold on the
hot passionate desires… You’ve ample things in you
which other woman lack… Your beauty is lighting fire
of passion in my heart. There’s crowd of lovers
who have fallen for your beauty… The more I smooch you,
my intentions get worsen… My pulse races if you
shake it up like that… Young men desire you… Old men go sleepless over you… Oh girl! Your smile will create
traffic jams on roads… A wink will double up the tension… I’m finished if you’re here
for some more time… What’s there to comb? Don’t say it aloud,
somebody may hear it. l’m say it loud for
others to hear it. You’re a pain in my neck. Any wife will fight her husband
if he doesn’t earn is enough. if he doesn’t keep her happy Why are you fighting for my bald head? You’re bald, that’s why/ Aren’t you ashamed to cheat like thief
though you’re a policeman? Madam, did sir cheat you?
How did he do that? He came to see me as bride
in police uniform. When my people asked him
to remove the cap. He refused saying he’s on duty. l thought he was a sincere
officer like Saikumar. Am l not? When did you know he was bald? Should you know this details now? On our first night,
he entered bed room with a turban. l told him to remove the turban… He told he’ll remove if after
switching off the lights. l thought he was feeling shy
and l switched off the lights. What happened next? l found a shining moon next to me
instead of far away sky. l touched and it turned out
to be his baldhead. ls it necessary to tell our
love tale to her? Am l telling her lies?
– Okay, you’re telling her truth. Sir…l’m coming sir Cl sir. No sir, l’m listening with interest
my wife’s narration of love story. Coming sir…
where are my shoes? The phone never rang yet he’s talking
and leaving urgently, why madam? My fate! My fate! He escapes
whenever l talk about baldhead. Want to steal this too? Look at the gift boxes. The boxes will be large but gift
inside will be very small. Look there. lsn’t she like a walking jewellary shop? Yes, l feel like Goddess of wealth
has donned a little girl’s role. Little girl!- Me? Not you…carry on dear. You go & get the ball. On my sweet little girl,
what’s your name dear? No need of this little ball to her,
get that football. Bring it fast.- Okay. What’s your father doing? Big ball!- Take it dear. Shall we go that side to play? Don’t delay, pick her up.
– Come my dear. They are taking my child.
catch them…catch them… Shall we ask lift? Ask…they’ll take you to
police station. What happened? Two thieves are running away with a girl. l remember a thing on seeing them, boss.
– What’s it? You too ran just like this
with ballot box in election. ls it necessary to recall now? Thief…thief… Stop boss! You’re not a thief now.
You’re a politician. Did you see, l told you
there’s a plan to kill you. Unknown well wishers saved your life We mistook you for thieves seeing
running with the girl. You saved all our lives
along with the girl. l don’t know how god will be
but you’re god to us. Though you tripped & fell flat,
you threw the ball away. No cricket player would’ve
thrown like that. lt’s our coach’s greatness. Move…move…
Come boss…come. You risked your lives to save my life. l’m short of words to praise you. We too are in similar condition.
– l think cash award will be better. lt isn’t enough for them. Come my dear…my golden girl.
Thank you sir. You saved my only daughter. lf the jewels were really gold, l would’ve
gifted it you for your help. lsn’t it gold jewellary?
– No imitation. Bloody! Tell me.
What happened? Bad luck boss. That is… Come out l say. How am l to tell you boss? You’ve pride like Duryodhana. That’s why, l can’t take insults easily. ln the chamber elections…
– Have l lost again? No boss, Gajapathi has won. Why are you giving me
tension for this? Gajapathi winning & boss losing
isn’t any new thing. He may win in everything but he’ll
fail miserably in one thing. He’ll lose everything. lt’s going to happen
in near future. Nephew! ls it no moon day?
l can’t see anything. You’re wearing dark glasses. ls it really a bank with good cash? Can’t you guess it from the big board? He’s whistling.
– Hey come man. Stop whistling. Remove glasses.- Why? There’ll be cameras inside.
– Let’s steal cameras also. Bloody, not that wear these masks Hello brother!
Are you doing fine? We’ll be fine if we
pull off this heist. Don’t worry. l’m with you.
– Watch carefully & walk. Will he catch the bank
robbers by any chance? He can’t catch a gun properly,
how can he catch thieves? l’ve caught them.
l’ll become C.l. One is ANR and another is NTR. How easily you found the
thieves in this case? l found another thing also.
– What’s it sir? NTR has grown thin and
ANR has became darker. You’re very clever sir.
– You can’t became S.l easily. Forget that and write
the FlR report. l’ll arrest ANR & NTR like
Rajashekar in film Ankusham. You can’t arrest NTR.
– Why? Why not? lt’s over a decade
since NTR is dead. l misjudged you.
You’re also intelligent. You can’t became a constable easily. l’m talking to him,
why are you interfering? Till l catch NTR alias Tata and
ANR alias Birla with cash, l’ll not rest. Hail currency notes of RBI! Hail Goddess of wealth! Look…front…
– Look…back… Look right side.
Look left side… Isn’t it great?
– Isn’t it sensational? Look up…look down and
look zooming in & out… Money…money…
It’s money everywhere… If you’ve money,
you’re the King… You need money for milk….
You need money for water… Even to watch movies for fun,
you need money… That’s why people say
money is God, uncle… Washing soap,
playing card game club… Money is the manna to
all your needs… Money solves all your problems… Money will be bring heaven
to you door step… Money is the secret
weapon of this world… Use it to win over it… That’s why… World revolves around money… It’ll salute you
putting garlands of money… Cash in hand will
make you swoon… Let’s have a ball,
come my dear… There’s nothing that can’t
be achieved with money… Money is the energy that
keeps the world moving… There’s a money bearing tree
in my backyard… Even Madonna loves money… Oh my God! Money…money…
unlimited money… Uncle… l’ll fire a shot if you move. Calling lG or Home Minister? l didn’t mean calling on phone,
fire a bullet. Where were you last night?
– ln this house only. We had cheap liquor, biryani
and slept like a log. Don’t try to cheat me. l’ll not allow thieves to escape
from my dragnet. l’ll search you and your home… Come. Come here. Come. What’s in this bag?
Keep it down. ls it so heavy”?
– lt’s a rice bag. Roma Clinic.
Don’t worry about bald pates. lt’s our responsibility to
make hair grow again. Catch an auto & reach us.
Just in month of February. Before…and after.
100% guarantee. Dr. Rama Rao! ls it correct? Can hair grow on my bald pate,
if l go to him? lt will not grow if you go to him,
you must get treated. Are you cracking jokes on me? l’ll fire at you…- No… My hand is shivering. Move…you move aside. l’ll take you to task later. Thank God!
First lock the door. He expects thick hair growth,
but he’ll go totally bald. Useless fellow! Nephew, let’s count the money. No need, Switch on the TV9 channel,
they’ll inform. What’re you searching?
– Remote. lt’s not a bought TV,
we stole it. lt is a different TV. Last night lucky co-operative
bank was robbed. Bank manager says it’s counterfeit
notes and no need to worry. More news, Jet Airways plane had
a miraculous escape. Open the bag. What’s this uncle? Ripped apart they say won’t they?
lt’s the meaning. What shall we do now? lt’s danger to stay here.
Let’s dispose off this. Yes.- Hold this. Thank God, we are saved. We didn’t toil so much to
rob the bank also. We had to toil hard to
dispose torn notes. l think your horoscope isn’t good.
– As if yours is very good. Let’s watch religion
discourse channel That’s better. l’m fed up
with this life. Who is he? Staying in city is problem to me So l’m hiding in city outskirts
and calling you l’ll stay here till you come. l’ll finish the job without
a third man knowing it. You must pay balance 3 millions
immediately on completion of job. May be he’s dead.
– Dead? Let’s check it. Will we be in Chanchalaguda
jail or elsewhere? Nephew! He’s alive. Thank God! l was scared to
death that he’s dead. What’s this?- Pick it up, it’s worth.
Keep it in pocket. Why?- l didn’t press it. Line went down.
– Signal problem. We’ll settle balance 3 millions
immediately on completion of job. lf you inform the place,
we’ll come to pick you up. Call me after 5 minutes,
l’ll inform the place. Uncle!- What’s the matter? We are in for a fortune. Already we are in a bad time,
it may turn worse, nephew. Listen to me. lf we do as he
says they’ll pay no 3 millions. 3 millions? Answer the call. lt’s them.
– Don’t bargain, accept their offer. lt’s me sir. You told you’ll
inform the meeting place. Come to Greenmat building
in Golkonda that’s the place. How to recognize you? You say sky is yellow,
l’ll say it’s black. What’s the job?
– We must shift him first. 3 millions for it?
– Listen first…hold him. Don’t know what he eats?
He’s very heavy. What’re you saying? Open it. Bombay boys are handsome.
Good physique. Nephew! He’s coming out like a calf getting
delivered on discovery channel. Who are you guys? How dare to tie me up? l didn’t kick the stone on you. Free me.
– He pushed the stone. Shut up! Why are you telling him? You come here. What are you watching?
– Free me. Kill him. Dare to come now. Free me. l’m here…catch him.
– l’ll catch him. Free me.
– His hands are tied. Catch him. One…- One Two…two After that?
– l don’t know. 3…3… Bloody, release me free. Don’t come near me.
– l’ll kill you. We tied him up, but what should
we do after reaching there? ls it him?
– l’ll inquire & come. No?- Okay. l’m sure it’s him. Does he walk like that
or walking in slow motion? Sky is yellow.
– May be suffering from jaundice. Why?- Sky is black. So, you’re the Bombay party. Who is this beggar? l’m not a beggar. l’m Birla. No need of effects.
Come to the point. You said one man,
but two have come. One or two doesn’t matter,
our deal is 3 millions. You’ll not ask extra, will you?
– Pay the agreed sum that’s enough. What’s the job? First remove your hand from the car.
He’s overdoing things. Have you heard the name Gajapathi of
Mahalakshmi group of lndustries? Who’s he? l got you.. We are going to his house now.
– l know. l’ll get you some job and
make you stay there. lt may be any job you shouldn’t
feel for it…- No sir. l’ll inform what should be
done at the opportune time. 3 millions? You’ll get it immediately
on finishing the job. Tank you. lt’s thank you.
Your Hindi will create problem. We don’t know to speak Hindi. Now, l like you. Who are you? lt is me sir. l was working
for you earlier, l’m Benarjee. Oh Benarjee! How are you doing?
– l’m fine sir. Who are these guys? He’s your former Accountant
Sundarayya’s son. ls Sundarayya doing well?
– He passed away recently sir. He’s jobless and loitering. l brought him here thinking you
may offer him some job. Do we need any men to work? Sir! You saved my only daughter. Father! They appear like good men. Think again. Good people will always see
only good in people. Anyway we need a driver.
– Yes. Do you know to drive a car?
– He knows. Not only that he’s a great cook and
expert in household chores My daughter has recommended
so l’m offering you a job. Benarjee, let’s meet later. Hey, show them their room.
– Okay sir. Greetings sir.
– Let’s have lunch. Okay You take care,
can you take care of house? l’ll take care of you both..
– Thank you very much. No need.
– Not for you, it’s for her. Pent house is your living quarters.
– Okay madam. Lingam, take them & show.
– Come. What’re you thinking deeply? l’m dying unable to bear tension. Man with brain must feel tension,
not people like you, uncle. l’m on sitting on hot plate,
are you making fun of me? We don’t know what is the
job we should do here? We tied that man for 3 millions. This French beard man will tie
us in this house for it. Paltry 3 millions?
l can see 300 millions here. Where is it? First, clean the car. l feel like washing cattle,
cleaning this car. You’ll not feel tired if you
work with song & dance. lt’s not cold, it’s fired Uncle!- What? l feel very hurt to see
you toiling so hard. Nephew! – Yes uncle. Vemana told do your work yourself. What was he doing? He was doing his work.
l’ll do my job. Nephew! He’s working there.
Why are you watching him? Me? Doctor told my uncle will get high BP
and diabetes if he works in sun. lt’s a car you use.
So, l’m cleaning it for an hour. l was also watching you. Start the car. You’ve many tricks
under your sleeve. She didn’t ask to push,
she asked you to drive. Did she say like that? l’m getting late. Go quickly. What’re you searching? l’m driving for the first time
after joining the duty, right? lf you start it with your hand.
– Sentiment? You started it rightly. Go quickly. My hands are on the steering. lf you put the gear…
– Me? Maid told you’re a lucky hand.
Please try to understand me. ls it the way to release the clutch? Do you know to drive, madam?
– l know. Can you drive perfectly?
– l’ve been driving since young age. So, you know very well about cars.
– So what? l’ll take your test, madam. What is it? Where is the break? Do you’ve any sense? You don’t know to drive, are you
testing my driving knowledge? What’s that look?
Like a lost child. The punishment for your act is
walk your way back to home. Driving isn’t as easy as
robbing a home? lt’s difficult. Why is she coming back? l felt pity & came back. Don’t laugh like that.
lt’s scary. Get in. Driver! Grind this pulse
in the grinder. Ordering as if l’m your husband.
Am l looking so foolish? lf you want,
tell that labour man. What? Why are you removing the headgear? ls it good on your part to do
like this nephew?- No. l’m a lazy man to feel lazy to
take bath also.- Yes. But now l’m buying vegetables,
watering the garden. Wash the cars, clean house and
massage the old man’s legs too. But you enjoy comforts
of AC car as a driver. Though you don’t know to drive.
– So what? You’ve to share 50% of my work. Don’t you want a share in
the 3 millions? l want.
– Then, you’ve to work. Take it. What does your husband do? He kills someone and goes
to jail regularly. Okay sister! Convey my inquires
to brother-in-law. Uncle, l’m very hurt seeing you. How hard you work? Who else do you’ve other than me? Give it to me. Don’t cry nephew! lt’ll be as bad as
wetting bed at this age. Yes.- Move. Good What’s it Tata?
– Pulses to grind it. Servants are there to do it. lt isn’t wrong to do our work. Bloody cheating nephew lt’s time, but l’ve a doubt
when you say it. Car will have gears & breaks. But grinder will not have it.
Just switch it on & grind pulses. l’ve been doing this from
childhood…in Stuartpuram. l think in 92 or 94.
– Enough stop it. Mind your work. Why will l not when you order me? Madam…madam…
– What madam? Driver put the pulses into the
washing machine instead of grinder. lt was rotating and
l mistook it for grinder. l’ve come to the hospital from Airport.
l’ll talk to you later. Bye. Greetings sir.- You’d have got many
donors had you advertised on TV? l could’ve spent any some. Why should my daughter
donate the blood? l can’t bear even
an ant biting her. The injured man’s
name is Gajapathi. She was anxious as if it was
you who met the accident. So, she didn’t heed our advices. Not only to me, she’ll not bear anyone
with my name getting hurt. Where is she?
– She’s inside Greetings sir. Greetings sir. Dear! You saved my husband’s life
and saved my entire family. You’ve given birth to
an angel, sir. What’s this dear? Your upbringing father. What a sentiment! We had seen such sentiments long back
in black & white films. Recently it’s seen in TV soaps also
but not to this level. The white haired man got anxious
for a bottle of blood donation. She donated blood for a man who had
the same name of her father. Blood is thicker than water. Like film ‘Young sister’.
– Well said. l’ve a clever idea.
– Uncle, you get good ideas always. We must encash this sentiment.
– How. Let’s kidnap Mahalakshmi. Uncle, she’s an angel.
– Am l denying it? Are we killing her or raping her? Just threaten, take the ransom
and leave her. Don’t say no. l can’t work in
the house anymore. She may raise hell if we
kidnap her here. Let’s take her out & kidnap.
– How’ll you do it? She’s friendly with us. Let’s ask her to come for a
walk with us, she’ll oblige. That’s all?- Yes. My duty ends with asking her
to come for a walk. You’ve to do the rest. Okay, come.
– My nephew is a good man. Why don’t you also join
for a walk with me? That’s my dialogue you delivered. Do you know the kidnap plan?
– Kidnap? My uncle has kidney pain… Walking is good for kidney pain?
– ls it? Come…- l too need that only. Nehru said real freedom is a
woman walking alone at midnight. lt was Gandhi. Gandhi & Nehru both
were together there… As if you were also there.
– Why did you ask us to come with you? lt means you’re afraid.
– Afraid? Me? l’m a black belt in Karate. We don’t have a belt for our pants.
Why did you ask us to come then? l always took my dog
along with me to walk. Today it’s not well lt couldn’t come,
so l called you both. Do we need this nose cut?
– You started the topic. Come, l’ll tell you. Nobody is here.
Catch her suddenly like a hen. l’m scared uncle.- Why? She’s a black belt in karate.
l don’t know how she’ll react. You do one thing. You stuff her mouth and
carry her on your shoulders. Can l carry her? She isn’t heavy.
She’s weightless like a flower. Do it.- ls it. Do it….do it. What’s it uncle? Now…- Posing more over, get up. Why have you fallen down? lf you go fast, won’t l fall down? Help him to get up fast. Waited for you to cross Uncle, someone else is
executing our plan No way, we must kidnap her
and take the ransom. First we must beat them.
– You take care of it. Who is that? Why are you running away?
– He’s brandishing a knife. But still we must be courageous. Let’s take them to task,
come on boys. lt’s cowardliness to kidnap
a girl stealthily. lf you’re a man kidnap openly.
Black belt in Karate. Not he…she Bloody! ls the black belt powerful
than this Lord Ayyappa’s belt? Don’t unbuckle it,
your pant may drop down. Leave the girl respectfully. You’re talking too much. l can bear thrashing or stabbing. lf you use bad words,
heads will roll down. That’s his weakness
You take on him.- Okay. l’ll bad mouth you.
You’re a rag picking wastrel. You’re a fool to steal
sample soaps from hotels. You’re an idiot to catch
fishes in the aquarium. You’re provoking me.
lf l get provoked. You’ll be dead.
Give me Goddess’ dagger. Where’s the knife?
Come on boys. Your heads will roll down.
Take out the swords. Empty vessels make more noise. Come on boys…come on…. Heads will roll down. l’m coming. Where can you go now? Come…come… Tickling… What happened to you? Snake fight? This is snake bite. This isn’t a real snake,
it’s a dummy snake. Hold him tightly. Leave me… Pull him tightly. Leave me, my boots will come off What happened? He’s farting. How dare to fart on my face? You stay there.
You’re finished. lt’s your blood, B positive. Close the tap & go. Close the tap. l asked him to close the tap
and he fell unconscious. You didn’t save my daughter,
you saved my life. l can’t repay your gratitude
with just a thanks. l bow only to God,
but today l bow to you. No need to blow a small
matter into a big deed. lt isn’t a small thing. Mahalakshmi is the lifeline
of this entire household. You’re no more servants here
you’re members of this family. Be careful.
– okay sir. Why did you suddenly held the
knife & hurt yourself? l don’t know myself.
– Did you feel it wasn’t a knife? l felt an urge to do like
that and l did it. Take it…you don’t have diabetes, right? Every thing is for you. All these children are their happiness
to Mahalakshmi’s generosity. Continue your support.
– Al right, thank her too. We’ll definitely do it. distribute everything. lsn’t Mahalakshmi really a Goddess?
– Yes, nephew. We can never forget your help. Greetings madam.- Greetings. We are not the first to bless you.
Wait. Come…come dear. First seek blessings from
your father & mother. Father & mother? Though they were my real parents, but it
was you who brought me up with love. Surprised? Mahalakshmi’s parent died
in a car accident l was depressed by that but my son-in-law
Gajapathi brought her up as his daughter. May God bless you with long life. Be happy always dear. My Lawyer… Tell her. From today you’re a major. According to your father’s will, you must
get the property after crossing minority So, l’m handing over to you
all the property documents. My father will take
care of everything. l don’t want to take any responsibility. You’ve grown up, you can’t
avoid taking responsibility. Like butterflies… Like moonlit nights of summer… Like jasmine… Like the smiles of a child… Be happy with a pure heat… It’s a bliss all the way… Be good to society and
a role model of good behavior… If you’re selfish,
you’ll be a loser… Happiness surrounds
if you’re a helping nature… If you became a flowing river,
you can quench the thirst of society… Plant grows into a shade
giving tree in time… with a heart of gold… How long can day hide
in the darkness? There’s no one to stop
the rising sun… We are social living and
happiness is in sharing everything. Three square meals.
All other time good sleep. l think we’ll forget
our profession. l always thought wealthy were filthy. But now l knew there are good
people in the wealthy also. The white hair man looks after the foster
daughter like his own daughter. Mahalakshmi loves him
more than her own father. Family must be like this.
– They’re really great people l wish we must be born like them in
our next birth not thieves like us. l wish to be at least a dog here. l pray sincerely to God
that your wish be fulfilled. With love your nephew Tata. He’ll not remove the
suit even in summer. You came from Mumbai. You did a good job and earned
the trust of everyone in the family. And kept my hopes on
you alive & kicking. l told l’ll tell your job
at opportune time, right? Yes…the time has come.
– What is it? l’ll tell you. Greetings sir You would’ve come to an idea
about Mahalakshmi and l. Though she lost parents and is an
orphan but is an heir to billions. So, l took good care to look
after Mahalakshmi & her property. l’ve done my job well.
Now you’ve to do your job. My lovely and affectionate
daughter Mahalakshmi You’ve to kill her. What’s this? A foster father asking
to kill his daughter. ls it modern era?
– No bad contaminated era. Food, water, air
everything is contaminated. Men and their hearts are
also contaminated l’m totally confused over
the sequence of events. There’s nothing to get confused, Gajapathi engaged this Bombay assassin
to kill Mahalakshmi. We went there leaved by 3 millions, We didn’t knew till now,
what was the job? Now Gajapathi’s job is over and
wants him to kill his daughter. What should we do now? We must do as we are told and
take the money. You mean…? Will you kill her? How did you plan it? Mahalakshmi will go on her
regular jogging route, Birla and l will also join her. We’ll electrocute any lamp post
in garden with 2000 watts current. Why don’t you make it 4000 watts? lt’s in my hand.
We’ll make Mahalakshmi to touch it. Your foster daughter Mahalakshmi will die. Your plan will succeed
and we’ll get our money. l like your plan. Everyone will consider
it as accidental death. Are you such a heartless crook?
Will you kill an innocent girl? We are not killing her,
we are going to save her. You mean? lf we refuse, he’ll engage
a new assassin. lt’s injustice to kill a
good hearted girl like her. Let’s do at least this one
good deed in all our lives. How to save her after
planning her death? Simple, we’ll remove the fuse when
Mahalakshmi touches the pole. Greetings sir Why did you come here Lingam?
– Boss sent me. For what?
– To reduce tummy girth. Whose tummy?- Mine. Come. l’m asking ignorantly.
Why do people jog? To escape running away from
Police after a heist l’m bored with jogging everyday. What shall we do then? What shall we do?
Shall we play a game? Jumping over backs? You bend every man in park
will jump over you. What shall we do? Let’s run to the lamp post there. One who touches it first is winner, And all the other 3 losers must give
a dinner in Hotel to the winner. Then…l’m ready. Be alert. One…two…three… Where’re you running?
We must remove the fuse. Or else she’ll die a gory death. Good plan! Boss told me. l checked the pole & fuse here.
Everything is perfect. Let’s watch Mahalakshmi die.
How happy l’m now. You’ll get your 3 millions and
l’ll get my commission. Watch there. Why is he running after her? He wants to see her death closer. l’m the winner. Your eyes are mesmerizing. Who is this world beauty? l’m the winner. Not just a job, l can help you
in every possible way. Laila is a single woman. Let her stay with us
instead of elsewhere. You said it right she came like a
goddess and saved madam. Why elsewhere?
Let’s keep her with us. Stay here. l think evil has cast it’s eyes
on my daughter. She escaped from danger to her life. You’re her friend and P.A.
take good care of her. When l’m near her no fool
can do any harm to her. Sir.- Show the room to Laila. My room is hers. l mean l’ll give my room to her
and sleep under the stairs. Come Laila.- Go. l’ll show you first my room.
– Okay. First have breakfast
then show her room. Eat without any hesitation.
– Okay. Plan was perfect.
Laila marred the chances. You don’t get disturbed.
Set backs are common. Plan it fool-proof this time.
– Okay sir. He’s asking to plan again,
shall we say no to him? lf Laila becomes a hurdle again,
kill her also. How dare to order killing my Laila?
– Your Laila? You’ve eyes? What a nasty taste? Tastes are never similar.
– So? She’s a combination of actresses Meena,
Raasi, Rambha, Arthi, Ravali. What Laila has and
all those actress lack is… What is it?
– Dimple on cheeks. You’re finished. Did you go to kill her or save her? To save her. lf she dies in an accident You’ll not pay me
as per our contract. l saved Mahalakshmi to
kill her with my hands. lt has really helped me.
Now l’m her personal guard. Why a woman’s disguise? That’s Mastan’s style,
sorry Laila’s style. Old proverb says remove a thorn with a thorn
and cut a diamond with a diamond. l’m following it.- That means. As a man, l can plan her
death from outside only. lt can succeed or fail. But as a woman, l can be with her always and plan
anywhere from bathroom to bedroom. l can kill her at anytime
so, a lady’s disguise. Sign one more… Flights are crashing like a pack of cards. You are a frequent air traveler. Please don’t travel by air. Even walkers get killed
in road accident, What do you say?
You want me to stay at home? Our daughter has come. Why did you come unannounced? You stop me if l inform
so l came without informing you. Hi grandpa! Though you’ve money, why did you bring
a porter from America? He’s not a porter. He loves lndia and l brought
him to show around. Fox? What do you mean by it? How do you know my name? Swapna told me everything
about you all. How he has fallen over her? l heard about lndian beauties,
but l’m really seeing one. Good, you’ve leant to drive very fast. l’m very fast from my childhood
l can pick up anything easily. Who is it? How did you recognize me sister? Don’t l know about my only sister? When did you come? He is… How do you know my name? l know everything from car brake to
saving my sister from death. Have you told her?..
You’ve told her everything. Look, how smart lndian drivers are also? What’s this?
He’s a stranger to you. Don’t get angry, it’s quite common
in America and she has come there. l like to move with men
than talk to women. Leave me. Feeling jealousy?- Why? For trying to touch him. l mean…it’s not good behavior. You needn’t get angry
to tell your opinion. l’m a psychology student.
You’ve unknown affection on him. You’re in a dilemma
whether it is love or not. l’m Salim if you’re Anarkali.
l’m Devadoss if you’re Parvathi. l’m Majnu if you’re Laila. l can do anything for you, Laila.
– Really? Then, massage my legs.
– My good fortune. Are these legs?
No it’s cot’s legs. Thank God! You didn’t say
it’s country chicken. You mistook me darling.
lt’s my heart’s reaction. Now, massage this leg.
– l’m ready, madam. Really, l’m a lucky man. What’s he doing here?
– He’s massaging my legs. The white hair man is
waiting for you there What are you doing here? Shut up No hooks, it’s dimples. Me? To America with you? Bloody blacky! Will you present a
ring to my darling Laila? Thank God! He saved me from
the shorty & blacky? Yes. This God saved you. ls it you uncle? Who? No, you shouldn’t call like that. /Call me fondly as Birla beau. Billa! Not Billa, it’s Birla beau. That’s it. Laila, you’re beautiful
from behind also. l love your dimple. lf a beauty marries a handsome man,
you’ll beget beautiful children. lf you marry a short man,
children will be lilliputs. lf you marry the blacky,
children will be dark. lf you marry tall handsome man,
l mean a man like me… You’ll have children
like Amitabh Bachchan. Who do you like the most?
– Love tall man. You too have my taste.
lt means you’ve accepted me. What happened uncle?
You’re like a cat on a hot tin roof. Not one but, two vultures are
hovering over Laila lf l delay further,
they’ll take her away. What’s there to think?
Tell her directly. l’m scared. Lovers shouldn’t be scared.
You must be brave. How should l muster it?
l’m little weak in that. Uncle! l found a link
for your love. With whom
– With your Laila. What’s this?- Rose.
Man will keep… Don’t sport it anywhere. This isn’t rose but your heart. You must take your heart and gift it
to the girl you love with a smile. lf she too loves,
she’ll accept it with a smile. lf she doesn’t like it,
she’ll slap you hard. The second option,
shouldn’t happen. Please act & show me how
to present it. Uncle! l’ve to teach you everything,
like a school boy. Move Will you give it? Stylishly like Rajini Uncle…she took the flower
and went away. Worried about Rose?
There are many here. She didn’t say any thing, just accepted
the rose & went away. Mahalakshmi fell for you
without trying. But l’m trying for Laila, not only she
her maid will also fall for me. Why?- Laila is rich.
Her maid is poor. You’re jealous that
both will fall for me. What’s all this God? What? This is my heart.
– What? My heart. l’ve been seeing it
since my childhood. This is Rose,.
is it your heart? Nephew! Why is he shouting?
– Uncle… What happened? Your lousy idea derailed
my love.- Me? No need of it What did l say?
l said it’s rose. You said no, it’s heart. Laila said it’s a rose.
l lost my love. Why are you worried for a setback?
Write a love letter. Shouldn’t l know to write first? You are much more
illiterate than me. l did study, uncle.
– Forgot? You studied class 3, three years. l’ll write uncle. l’ll spread your message of love
all over the world. lt’s enough if you send it
to one heart. Let’s go there, come.
– Come. l think you’ll give me piles. Coming…coming…
– ls it this? Coming…coming… Come…come… lt has come. – What? Sleeping in my heart, my love. You tempt me with
your eyes, my love. You danced in my heart
like a beautiful peacock. Will you steal me, O beautiful? Come…come…
– l’m love thirsty. You are an oasis. My thirst is unquenchable. Your heart is moving… Don’t peep, O moon. l know your intentions, O moon. Nephew!- Uncle. Your words are like songs.
– lt’s all your affection. But that beauty Laila… Write it yourself. – No. l need little freedom to think.
– This is enough. A woman not falling for this letter
isn’t a woman at all From…- Shravani Subrahmanyam No need of any names lt’ll be risky if she reveals
the name to everyone.- That’s it. So told like this and
take it.- Okay. Get dressed to kill.
– l’ll take flowers too. Where is my Laila? What are you searching?
– To give this letter. …to Laila! l know…you can go…go… She’s a pain in the neck. To deliver this letter to me,
from Tata to Birla to Laila to me. Can’t he give it directly to me? So, you fell in love with Tata. Now, l’ll hatch a new plan. What are you hiding?
– Nothing…nothing. You can hide the letter,
but can you hide your love? Why are you hiding it from me?
Tata told me everything last night. What did he say? About loving you. There’s another important thing.
l’ve to tell you. Tata told me to tell you. What’s it?
– l’ll not tell. l’ll not tell. Did you tell me about the love letter? Why should l tell you? Tomorrow is very auspicious day. Tata wants to express
his love for you. He has asked you to come to
Botanical Garden tomorrow at 1 1 AM. There’s a neem tree and
a snake pit below. He said he’ll be waiting there for you. lt’s a lucky snake pit. Any lovers meeting there will succeed
in their love, it’s a sentiment You’ll go won’t you? Couldn’t he write
about it in the letter? He told me to tell you after knowing
your reaction to the letter. He stressed many times that
it’s a very auspicious time. Don’t miss the time. l’ll not miss when you stress it. l’ll definitely go.
– Go. l’ll also get ready. Mahalakshmi will die today. l’ll take money from Ratnam and
settle down in Saudi Arabia. You? Wherever you are l’ll be there. What’ll people think if
you chase me always? Your future husband. l sent a letter with Mahalakshmi.
Did she give it to you? She gave and l tore it. Tore it?- Yes. l once loved a man. A woman can love
any one man is life. l expected these lines from you. l suspected the moment that Blacky
promised to take you to America. So l took a decision. What is it? A woman will consider a man
who rapes her as her husband. …a Telugu woman So, l’ll rape you.
– Rape? lt may be new to me,
but isn’t very difficult. Stop Laila…leave me. You keep it. Are you still here only?
– Am l still here only. l’m asking you. Ever since l joined duty,
l’m always here only. No jokes, get into the car,
auspicious time will elapse. Let’s talk there. l’ll drive, you sit You know to drive?
Okay, drive. What’s going on?
– Get in mouth shut. Excuse me. You told me to shut my
mouth in home, l can’t hold on anymore.
Can l open now? Not only open,
you’re free to talk too. Tell me.- What? What you wanted to tell me? What did l thought of telling her?
– Come out. Last night l had a go at food,
indigestion problem. No jokes please Tell me. Can you hear my heart’s feelings? No Then, close your eyes and
listen it with peaceful mind. Can you hear it? lt’s not your heart,
but a tickling sound. Like in a watch..
Listen carefully. This side. Bomb! Throw it. May I became the flower,
adorning your tresses? May I became the
gleam of your eyes? May I became the
light of your life? May I become a child
in your presence? Let’s unite in this
blissful day… Your sight is giving life
to new wishes & desires… I’m bored without you…
My smile vanishes… 1 forget myself and
think about you only… I dream about you and
wake up suddenly… How nice is this
friendship with you… May I became the
gleam of your eyes? Full moon day is also nothing…
when you speak it’s moon lights… No need of honey… Is there anything
sweeter than kiss? My dear! Do you know
what is its name? My youth is volatile…
I’ve became yours… I’m all yours.
heart soul & body… Swami has opened his eyes. Damp squib! Swami! We are blessed ones. Man is desirous. All sins are committed in
achieving those desires. But still he lives and dies
with those desires. The desires are like this. We can finish the breakfast
with curd rice & pickles. But we desire to eat
hot dosa in a hotel. Desire…do we stop with it? They’ll be making not
delicious vadas frying in oil. We feel like eating that also. Desire… Where will life end if
you go after desires? Some day it’ll get
shattered like papad. So, God said desire, dosa
papad and vada. l can’t live a minute without Laila. You’ve gone mad.
– My situation is like that. Adho Ava Swami is visiting your city. Nephew, l’ve a doubt. lf you’ve a doubt you’ll be sleepless.
Come, let’s go & clear the doubt. Come. Swami, nothing is favorable
to me of late Please read my horoscope
and tell me remedy. Definitely son.
l’m here to help you. Your father’s name is Pentaiah
and he’s 60 years old. Your mother is Subbamma,
aged 50 years. You’ve 3 children.
– You’re correct Swami. You bought 10 kgs rice, 5 kgs sugar
and 2 litres of kerosene on 5th of this month. How could you tell everything Swami? You gave ration card & want to
rectify your horoscope, bloody fool. How do l look to you?
Bloody sinner. Forgive me Swami.
– l’ve forgiven you, get lost. Son Tadi Tataraju alias Tata Uncle! Boddoori Ramalingam alias Birla Come here sons. Swami Come…come. How do you know our names? Not only your names,
l know your biography. No need of biography Will my love for Laila succeed? Devadoss’ loves is justified.
Manju’s love is meaningful. What is in your love?
Damp squib! You’re a thief. Love thief! Your wife can break into homes
by opening doors & windows. She can never understand love. Why is the holy water
smelling like liquor?- ls it? ldiot! l bought this quarter
from Himalayas. You go now. You come. Laila…my Laila You’re my life.
You’re my world. My Love! l want to write more
and l’ve lot to tell you. But my heart & my vocabulary
have run short of words So, l’m stopping here and expecting
a positive love signal from you. Yours Bodilingam Just Lingam only My love is successful. Nature is the thrilled and
showering a gentle rain on me. He saw me, l’m saved Otherwise he would’ve made me
pregnant…Oh God! Sir, we’ve been cheated. Laila isn’t a woman as we
all think and got cheated. She’s a male.
l’ve seen with it my own eyes. l went dumb after seeing it.
So, l’m writing this letter. He’s up to some treachery. Break his limbs and
get the truth from him. Break my limbs? Mine? Hold this. Give it to me. Like this. What’s his problem, doctor? He would’ve seen something
very dangerous & frightful. He lost his voice in that shock. Won’t he be able to talk all his life? He can regain if sees anything more
frightful than the earlier one… Find it out quickly doctor.
Let’s show it to him. Our boss is ready to
spend anything on him. Don’t worry.
Let’s show him it leisurely & later. ls it SPB’s voice to feel on losing it?
Let it go man. Look after him also well, dear.
– Okay. Doctor, come. What?
Want to see again? Come, l’ll show you again. Come…come… Where’s he? Escaped this time..?
Next time l find him. l’ll break his hand. Oh god! lf l get caught by this crowd l’ll be…damp squib. Love is…- No nephew. This is known as chikungunya. You look you’ve been affected by… You’re talking more about Laila.
– Okay. Oh god! What happened?
– Swami! ls it you? You’ve purified our car. Purified? My foot l’ve come
escaping from a crowd. Why are you escaping, Swami? l’m not a Swami.
l’m Dorababu. When did you come out of jail? Some of our batch mates joined
politics & real estate business. l failed in both and
took to this spiritual business. You’ve been doing good here,
why are you escaping then? One of my lady devotee
is pregnant Why should you escape
if she’s pregnant? l’m responsible for it. Bloody! What’s your position now? l was telling future of my devotees. Now, you both must decide my future Dorababu, man is desirous,
he desires for a dosa. Bloody! Starting it all
over again.- Stop…stop. My house owner lady is
your great devotee You run a TV program. Looks like you’ve forgotten it.
– Yes, in shock. She must save you.
Where?- Bloody creep. Damp squib! l’ve a doubt for many years
– Ask me son. Tree or seed?
Which is first? lf you ask hen or egg, which is first?
How can l answer? lt’s all God’s creation. He’ll settle down here. l’ve a doubt with whom amongst
these he’ll settle down. Swami, we are ignorant.
We are unable to find. What’s the secret of nature? What’s there Padmanabham?
lt’s supreme chant. What a great thought? He has mastered the art. lf his beard gives in,
he’s finished. Stop it. Who is this cheat? lt’s sin. He’s Swami Adho Ava.
He comes on TV everyday. Why did he enter homes from TV screens? When murderers live in homes,
what’s wrong if we enter home? You’re going to spend
rest of your life in jail. Not only the one who
comments the crime Even a man next to him will
get punished for it Get up Lingam. There’s still time for
you to get back voice For the present be at my service. Massage gently son Son Gajapathi Your life is in danger. Swami! lsn’t there any remedy
to save him? Why not? There’s a solution
to everyone problem. l’ll tell you when the
time for it comes.- Okay Swami. Gajapathi, l’ll take care of
dangers to your life. Arrange for Swami’s food l’ve liquids with me. l’ll take anything solid food you offer. Okay Swami Tell me dear. What will she ask?
– He’ll fool her also. Swami, l love a man.
Who l marry him? ls it? What’s his name? Tata? Cool it boy. Picked up a good catch. Tata is your car driver, right?
– Yes Swami. He’s handsome to look but has some
monkey tricks under his sleeve. lt’s you only. l got you, my dear.
You’ll definitely marry Tata. Holy water will smell like that only,
you carry on dear. Okay, Swami What?
– You’ve to do me a favor. l’m a Swami now. Not a favor,
l’ll grant you a boon, make a wish. l love a girl.
l’ll bring her here. You’ve to convince her that
l’m her future husband and get her married to me. lt’s not a big deal.
l’m an expert in it. Get her. That’s why l told you. Tata & Birla have got
themselves a girl each. l’ll also find a girl here. Greetings Swami.
– Why are you doing these chores, girl? l get paid for it.
How can l elude work? l’ll change your fate.
Show me your hand. How soft your hand is?
– She’s a maid servant here. For Swami’s all are equal.
– ls it? A match for my capacity and means Meeting in public will cast evil eyes. Meet me alone personally. l’ll grant you boon. Go with fruits and come back with juice.
– Okay Swami. You bloody… Show your magic. Come out just once… Swami, she’s Laila. He looks like our Dorababu. ls marriage on cards?
– lmpossible. Not only now, never be any life. Bloody! Have you also got
an eye on my Laila? Why?- Tradition will not accept. No need of it,
it’s enough if she accepts. lt’s wrong man.- Though it’s wrong
get her married to me man. How can l man?
With your bloody tastes. Didn’t you find any other
girl to fall in love? Will you love a man? Man? She’s not Laila, he’s Mastan.
1990 batch Stuartpuram. Our senior. Has he also lost his voice.
– No, lost his brain. Brother-in-law, if you call me like that,
l’ll slap your dimpled cheek, bloody. You made me restless, sleepless
wearing saris below your navel. You blacky & shorty,
all chased me like dogs. l didn’t get even time
to pass urine. He lost his voice after seeing it.
– Stop your nuisance. Have you also come
to kill Mahalakshmi? Yes, Ratnam planned to kill her
to avenge Gajapathi. But Ratnam doesn’t know that Gajapathi
is planning to kill Mahalakshmi. Our immediate task is to save
Mahalakshmi from both of them. lf we tell her about
Gajapathi’s plans. She’ll not believe. She’ll take happily even poison
offered by him as holy water. She trusts him,
she may lose faith on us. Then, let’s try like this.
– How? Mahalakshmi loves you and
she will believe your words. You tell her.
What do you say? l’ll try. What? l’ve been watching you.
What’re you thinking so deeply? That is…l want to
tell you a truth. Do you’ve to think
so much to tell me? Some truths are very bitter. l’m hesitating to tell you.
– What is the truth? That is….
– Come out. That is…
– He can never tell the truth. l’ll tell you. He’s a thief.
Even Birla is a thief. They both are expert petty thieves. lf they are in your house,
there must be a plan behind it. They would’ve planned
to steal millions. What man? You move. l know how to make him sing. Stop. Leave him. We’ve to decide whether he’s
good man or a thief. lt’s a crime to manhandle him
without any complaint against him. So, you both are lovers. So, you love him, right? You can’t understand
anything l say now. Never forget that you’re
trusting a thief. l’ll not spare you. You escaped from me now, in future… Look into my eyes and tell me,
are you a thief? The last thing l stole was your heart… I’m ready, leave me… Taste my beauty… Drop down your dress… Give yourself to me… All night it’s fun for us… My outfits are dropping on it’s own… I’m unable to bear this cold… You’ve created a sensation in me… Come out of the shell..
Exhibit your wares… Don’t spin tales… Steal my wealth of youth… Start a new wave of love fun… Give your tender cheeks to me… Enjoy unlimited delightful kisses… Your waist & hips are tempting… My hands are itching
to explore them… It’s killing me… All my beauty is yours… There’s sweetness in me… The doors are open
and insisting you… I’ll touch to make you feel shy… I’ll show my prowess
to astonish you… Share my bed… work on me… You needn’t see any matches,
sister is already in love with a man. Why hesitate after
traveling the way of love? Who is he? Will you marry your car driver? Will your father accept it?
– l’ll accept. lf my daughter wishes not only
driver, l’ll accept anyone. l’ll get her married
to him immediately. All l’m worried about is
my child’s happiness. l didn’t love her.
She loves me. lnfants drink milk.
Snakes too drink milk. Are you planning to usurp
her wealth using love? No, l’m planning to kill her
using love as the weapon. You mean? That’s the difference between
a billionaire and a criminal You’re a criminal yourself,
yet failed to get me. That means my plan is success. A body guard can protect
as well as kill. A girl will trust her lover
more than anyone else. So…what l can’t do as a killer,
l’ll do it as lover. You’ve a well made plan. Do l need the mirror? A pot in the fridge lt means, you’re the real killer. Not only Tata & Birla
who came in my place, Mastan who came as Laila Dorababu who came as Swami They’ll are thieves from Stuartpuram. l got cheated for the
first time in my life. You planned to steal her property only. Tata has made an easy plan to
take property & the girl as well. Tomorrow is their engagement. You kill Mahalakshmi. l’ll send those guys on
the charge of killing her. What’s your plan? One who tells his plan before
execution is not a killer. Lift your plait. Do it fast. l’m very happy to see you as bride. You’ll fall down.
Listen to me, son. l’ll not listen to anyone. You may fall hitting some one. How can he fall? lf he hits
the other man will fall down. Good habit.
– What good habit? Very stubborn Ever since we named him
as Seethaiah, He never cares anyone. Somebody told him banana peel
is better than fruit. He has been eating peels
ever since then. Variety! Why are you wearing this?
Why don’t you wear suit? Why are you going here? To welfare guests. lt’s welcome. Priest, l think it’s time. No, there’s still time for
the auspicious hour. There’s bad time for 30 minutes. lf you need my man
are here, use them. Uncle, please give me the gun. l’ll not give this gun to anyone. l’ll give if you do l say.
– l’ll do as you say. That aunty in cream sari… lt’s all madness… You must fire at her only. lf you fire at anyone else,
l’ll take back the gun.- Okay. l gave her original gun.
Mahalakshmi is dead. Hey tie it. Doctor, l got back my voice! Sir, l got back my voice. What should l do for it?
Arrange for a music program? No sir, Laila is a man.
– l know that. lf you open your mouth
till engagement is over… Welcome Mumbai man! lt’s him. l punched him. Come. Hey, you! Tell me your plan. l gave a little girl gun to
fire at the bride. Get up.
Show me the girl. Give the gun. Gun is mine.
l’ll not give you. Will you give me or not? Uncle gave it to me.
l’ll not give. When l ask once, you must give.
lf you refuse, l’ll pluck it. Leave…it’s mine. Why are you troubling a girl? He’s brainless. Give it to him,
l’ll give you another gun. Take it…take it. Fool. l never got cheated in my life. Hey fatso! Uncle told me to fire at
cream sari wearing aunty only. l’ll never listed to anyone.
That old man said l’m brainless. l’ll fire at the old man. Old man! Watch out. l’m coming. Fat boy is very proud. Bloody! You’ll fall into the ditch,
you dig for others. He gave gun to a girl to kill
cream sari wearing girl. Your daughter is also wearing
cream color sari. What if the little girl kills her? Come, show the girl Where’s the old man? Did you see any girl with a gun?
– No grandpa. See…this girl…No.
Where is she? Look sunny. Are you here old man? Fat boy, fire at me.
– Swami, move aside. What’ll you get firing at him?
Fire at me, you’ll attain salvation. Swami, l say move aside. Fire at me, my sweet boy. Yuck! The old man escaped. lf l don’t get him,
then, l’ll fire at you. How will you recognize me? Saffron!
Can’t l recognize you? You must find and fire at me.
– Definitely. Okay, go.- Stop. Remember my saffron dress
and beard. l’ll come back.- Okay. l don’t why l like to play
with fat boys. Did you see any boy with a gun?
– No grandpa. See it…show us..
– What’re you searching? Did you see any girl with a gun?
– What’s her age? serious…this size… Uncle, white dress grandpa took the
gun and gave it to the fat boy. Which fat boy? The fat boy you were
pestering to fire at you. ls it a real gun? l thought it was a dummy & posed,
asked him to shoot me. lf he had really shot me,
l would have been dead. Great! You both handover him to police.
Come…come… You search that side,
l’ll search this side.- Okay. Move…move… lt’s not a dummy.
lt’s a real gun. l’m not a fool to believe you.
l’m Seethaiah. My sweet boy, my fat boy…
give me the gun please. l’ll really die if you fire
a shot at me. Listen to me boy.
– l never listen to anyone. How dare to rap on my head. l’ll count to 3.
Pray to God. What happened? Nothing it’s a toy gun shot
that went off suddenly. That’s all.
– Come, let’s go in. That may be a toy gun but this isn’t. lt’ll not wins the target. l lost to you Gajapathi
every time l completed with you. But this time l’ll not lose. To kill you mentally worrying daughter’s
death who you love very much l sent Mastan disguised
as a woman. He too betrayed me. So l’ve entered the arena myself. Victory is mine this time.
You’re going to die. Father. Sister…sister… My dear. The plans l hatched to kill…
– No need to tell. You know what you’re
we too know what you’re. But Mahalakshmi doesn’t know it. Your place in her heart is above God. Don’t bring it down
to deep under ground. She could take a bullet happily for you. But if she knows your true plan,
her heart will stop. Let this lie remain a secret. Though we are petty thieves,
we are humans. Mr. Gajapathi, you can go and
meet your daughter. My dear. Father, you’re fine, aren’t you? You saved my life with your life. How am l to repay my gratitude? lf l’ve another birth
bless me to be your daughter. All l can do for you is…

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