Teenage Boy’s Room Tour

– I’ve been expecting you. Well hello, welcome to my room. This is it, get ready, room tour time. Let’s do this. So we can start right here. As you guys saw when we came in, this is an awesome piece. Someone sent us this, well sent me this, and it’s from my photography
business, which is pretty cool. If you guys haven’t checked that out, I have an Instagram whats_the_pointnshoot. Go check it out, linked
in the bio, all that. We have a clock. It’s Florida, so the humidity
is always gonna be high, right there, but that’s not important. What’s even more important is Squirt. This is my son Squirt. If you guys know, he’s my little turtle, and we found him out in
front of our old house, and now he lives with me. Alarm clock, half the time, I snooze that right before school, and my parents don’t like that at all, but we just have to deal with that. This is an awesome painting
my grandfather did. I remember a few years ago, I asked him, I was like, “Hey, I would love
like the old gangster cars, “and that kind of thing,
like godfather-esque era,” and he made me one. Has all the things from
like my birthday and Izzy’s. I used to surf when I
was younger a little bit, so that’s pretty cool. Here’s my desk. I like this desk a lot. So we kind of got this rustic wooden style for the whole room and it’s really cool. So I really like that kind of look. We wanted to make it kind
of my room, of course, so we got lots of old antique cameras. This is a Brownie, I’ve
never shot an antique camera, but they look really cool,
so we got ’em for the room. Just like we had at the old house, but now it’s even cooler looking
’cause it’s in the new one. We have some of my photos that I’ve taken, except for that one. That one’s Dad, he’s a
really good photographer, and sometimes it bothers me
that I wish I was step above. It’s okay, it’s okay. That’s just a cool light. There’s nothing else to say about it. Here’s my bed. That’s all. So even though, in the future, it’s gonna be a guest room
or whatever else room, they may end up just turning
it into a studio, I don’t know. It has great lighting, but
it’ll always kind of be my room, and it’s gonna have my
flair and everything to it, so I don’t know, I love it. Pretty soon, we’re gonna
get some shelves in here, some floating shelves, and I’m gonna put up some of my bottles. If you guys don’t know, I collect bottles. It’s a weird thing, but let me explain. I collect trash because I
write on the bottom of them where I got it and what year. So it’ll be like a craft
soda bottle, like this one. I got this in California,
so I have memories that way, and it’s kind of a weird way of doing it. I could just do a photo
album, it’d be cheaper, but these are kind of fun
and I like soda anyway. Guys, this is the biggest part of my room. It’s just, I love it so much. This is my sock drawer. I have all the socks that
I’ve ever had in here, my sharks, my cats with tacos, but even better than one sock
drawer, two sock drawers. I have too many socks. Maybe I’m feeling artsy. I’ve got The Scream right there, okay? Maybe, maybe you’re feeling sporty, dogs with tennis balls, cute. So I mean, some people have a lot of cars, some people have a lot of money, I have a lot of socks. Thank you guys so much. This has been MTV Cribs and
I’ll see you guys later. (electronic beep) I’ve been expecting you (laughing). Let’s do this (laughing). Gonna destroy my floors
for that dumb joke.


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