Teeter Totter FAIL😂

– [Machine] Congratulations. – Now you got it right! – Yay! (upbeat music) (laughing) – I may be losing my
mind just a little bit. Just little bit. (upbeat music) Today we are coming to
the Museum Of Curiosity, with my cousin and her kids. (light tempo music) Oh do you still fit Lise? – I can! – [Mom] Barely. – [Elise] I don’t even touch! – Ginae’s loving this. This is so fun. Why are little things so fun? They just are. Get a ball. Ginae found a pet clinic. (gasping) Did you find an animal? Did you find Hannah? Aw, you got a nice doggie. You gonna take care of the dog? Oh, she’s taking it. – [Ginae] I’m a pig, oink, oink. – [Mom] So, Ginae is
trying to help with this. All while holding one to her stuffed dog, that she has adopted. Oh, she’s off. (children playing) – Aye, aye, aye, aye! – [Mom] That’s so cool you can see the show you’re putting on. That is awesome. So they have a little laundromat. Which is adorable. There you got keep turning it. Oh, so strong! You’re washing the clothes. She’s getting her laundry done. (upbeat music) – [Dad] This is a bridge,
a suspension bridge. – These blocks are cool. They are soft but firm. (Ginae screaming) Oh, you knocked it over. – So the kids are going through a maze. Trying to get all the right answers, so they can plug in the right
code and see what happens. (classical mystery music) You can actually smell and
figure out which one it is. Give it a smell. Do you know that it smells like? Hey at least try it and
see if you got it right. For smell, what was smell? And then push enter. You missed one. – [Machine] Congratulations! – Now you got it right!
– Yes! – [Dad] You got it. (upbeat tropical music) Have fun! – We have to get over there. Let’s go! – [Dad] This place is like a big maze. The slide. – [Elise] See you at the bottom! – So it’s completely pitch black in there. It’s a maze tunnel. You go in here, and
then make it out there. (adventurous music) – [Child] You’re going the wrong way guys. – [Dad] They’re trying to
find their way in there. What was that like? – [Isaac] Terrifying! – [Dad] I could see, I was
watching you guys right there. Place your hand in if you dare. Try it. (screaming) (upbeat techno music) Whoa! Do it again. (robotic techno music) You guys gonna put on a play? – [Isaac] Yeah! – [Dad] You gotta come up with the story. Oh. – I need to vacuum it to you. Dad go to the other
side to get your money. – [Mom] Where you guys working at? – [Isaac] The bank. – The bank! (vacuum whirling) I hope it works. Yay!
– Yay! (western music) – This is the tool room. Are you making a stop motion movie? This is the dance studio. (upbeat tempo music) Whoa! (organ playing) This is the coolest room ever.
(drum banging) So, you’re telling the drums what to do. – [Mom] You guys are
programming the drums? – Yeah – [Mom] That is awesome. (drum banging) – Can I try something real quick with it. – [Mom] When the Dad wants to play. – [Dad] Start simple. You sped up the tempo! I didn’t realize you could do that! (clapping)
(drums banging) – What do you think? – [Dad] And reset on three, two, one. And it’s over. The waters going crazy for Ginae. – Bubbles and music the best combo ever. She wants to make the music, and touch the bubbles at the same time. She’s in quite a quandary. This bubble piano thing is mesmerizing. – [Dad] You working out? You’re at the gym. That’s your heartbeat. It’s measuring your heart. – My heart is beating. – So there is so much
to do at this museum, that I feel like we
could come here everyday, for a month, and still
be learning, and playing, and exploring in different ways. So, it’s almost a little bit overwhelming. Like I see the kids
playing with something, and then dropping it and
running to something else because they want to soak it all in and it’s just not possible. (mysterious music) – [Dad] That’s fun. (intense music) (children screaming) 85 mile an hour wind. – So I just squirted Ginae
straight in the face, with a blast of water. She was leaning over this water thing, and there was a button, and I was like, what does this button do? And I pressed it and it went
sploosh right in her face. So I think she and I are going to stay away from
the water for a little while. – [Dad] She’s all wet. – I know poor girl! I did it to her. (upbeat tempo music)
(water splashing) – [Dad] This is the spot where
your losing all the water. Okay now open it up and
see what happens Cub. Get ready! There you go Minaynay. (piano music) Dude, that made a huge difference. Look at all the water coming. (upbeat pop music) You got it! – They have seats inside the water table. This is genius! We’ve seen lots of water tables, but I’ve never seen a baby water table. This is cool. – We’re going into the final section. Discovery Garden (upbeat piano music) This is awesome! (children screaming) I got a little over excited. You got to hold on a
little tighter Isaac, okay? Isaac’s nervous. I am so glad you didn’t get hurt. Laura are you going to do the zip line? – Yeah, I did it. I am doing it again. – I already did it. (laughing) – [Dad] It’s Laura! You’re so brave. (screaming) Laura, you want to try the maze? – [Isaac] Should we go on this way? Help me! – [Caleb] Everybody’s going that way. – [Dad] Dead end? – [Isaac] It’s a dead end over there. Okay, no, this way. Where are we going? Right this way! – What’s a maze? – [Dad] A maze is where you go inside and have to find your way out. – Ginae and I are wandering the maze. Uh oh, now you want to go this way? Okay, turn around. We keep hearing the kids
calling to each other, and she’s like trying to find them. She’s so confused. Okay, this is a pretty decent kid maze. I think I could get lost. I haven’t found my way out yet. Now you keep trying. – [Dad] Look at these fish. Laura’s throwing in the fish food. Here they come to get it. Look at that! Look you guys. So, it’s neat that this children’s museum also has an incredible outdoor area with a lot of nature and fun. – Is this a real bear’s cave? – [Dad] It’s not a real bear’s cave. – I was looking for you in the mazes. – I was looking for you in the maze. (relaxing music)
(children playing) – A tiny teeter totter. – [Dad] Exploring is the best. (upbeat piano music) Ginae, are you talking to the fish? (baby wailing)
Fish! Alright, now were heading home. (ping pong ball bouncing) – [Mom] We have been putting
this room to good use, in this house. You had a ping pong table
growing up didn’t ya? – Only at the very end. Like my sophomore year on. (ping pong ball bouncing) – [Mom] Dad won? – He’s playing so good though. I’m really proud of him. – So this game room has
foosball and ping pong. Pole question, which one would you play? (ping pong ball bouncing) (cheering) – Oh, you scored! – Can you believe that
you have a kid old enough, to like legit play with? – It’s exciting.
– It is cool. – So Kendra just got really
scared and I have no idea why. – [Mom] It’s because there
was a man in our house. (spooky music) – Me? – [Mom] Yes, do you see? Look down there Jeremy, look. See?
– Ah there’s a mirror. – [Mom] There’s a man in our house. – Over there! – [Mom] I had no idea
that the rental house had a mirror in the laundry room, like a full length mirror.
– [Dad] A big mirror. – [Mom] And so, Jeremy opened the door to take some towels in
there and I was like (gasping) Jeremy, there’s someone in our house. It was him. I may be losing my mind just a little bit. Just little bit. Jeremy and I have learned
that a key to packing light, on our trips, is to just
plan on doing some laundry while were traveling. It’s just never fun to actually do laundry while your traveling. We put it off longer than we should, and then the kids are
like we have no clothes, and we’re like oh yeah laundry. They have a top loader, at home we have a front
loading washing machine. – This is an event children. Do you want to help me
load up the laundry? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Grab the laundry, go get ’em. – [Mom] Put it in! – [Dad] Here Laura. Here Cub. – It’s full. – [Mom] I might have to help. – [Dad] Mom to the rescue. – Yeah Since we went swimming we
have a bunch of wet towels, and we want to go swimming
again, so we got to wash ’em Read aloud time. – [Dad] We’re getting pretty far. – We are, we’re really liking it. – [Dad] I would also
like to just point out, that we haven’t broken
that decoration yet. It was a big fear when I showed up here. – You better go knock on some wood. (knocking) – [Dad] It all falls, psh, no. – After a great deal of hard
work, for the lion was heavy, they managed to get him up on the truck, but the woodman and the scarecrow
both pushed from behind, and they go along better. So I was looking for toys
that everyone can play with, they were small and easy
to pack in my suitcase, and they were creative and open ended. I also love that I didn’t have to worry about Ginae choking on these toys, she can just play with them. That’s awesome Lise. – Thanks. – [Mom] Ooo, Laura what are you doing? – Trail. – [Mom] Making a trail? What are you doing? Can you say, I’m making a mess? (laughing) (acoustic music) – We found the Rocky Mountains. They’re right on the sides of us. – [Mom] They sure are. – There’s different colors
of the Rocky Mountains, of the trees and grass. – [Mom] Are they changing colors? – Yeah! – [Mom] That’s ’cause it’s Fall. – Oh! – It’s so pretty. (water running)
(country music) – There it is! What a catch. So we barely missed Caleb, Sam was a little strong on the throw, but we’re so lucky it didn’t
quite make it into the creek. Good save. (acoustic guitar music) So the sound of the creek is so soothing. It’s just like really relaxing. Kendra and I, one time, were
inner tubing down this river, and it was the first time
I ever met her parents. That was early on when
we were just dating. Yeah, Marla was there when I
first met Kendra’s parents. – I was. – I was here at this river. – Met Jeremy. – First time. – We’re driving home,
the kids are going nuts, but we picked up pizza
so that’s a good thing. It’s nice and warm and we
are listening to good tunes. We are listening to Bon
Jovi, Living On A Prayer, and dancing it up. – Which is also nostalgic to this era. This was one of the few
cassette tapes I had when Kendra and I were dating. – He literally had two, we could listen to Bon Jovi or Sound of Music. That’s it. – I think I had Fiddler On The Roof too. – Did you? – [Family] Whoa we’re living on a prayer, take my hand and you’ll make it I swear! Whoa living on a prayer! (“Living On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi) – [Mom] Well we ate pizza, a lot of it. So fun getting to hang out with my sister. I think that like the
best part of stay in the. (screaming) – Yay, sister time. – Good night, J house out. – The Rocky Mountains are very rocky. (jazz music) – [Dad] Almost got it. – [Mom] No to pumpkin
chocolate chip bread? Are you crazy?

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