TELEMEDIA VIEWPOINT AWE 19 William Hill explains the attraction of affiliate marketing

TV is definitely becoming harder and harder,
we are seeing it again and again in the UK where companies like Bet 365, William Hill
and so on are volunteering to take just one advert in football breaks and so on because
they are getting there is a lot of hassle its grown from this, and you can understand
why, in Sweden is a perfect example where the average Swedish person finds that the
adverts coming from the gambling is just way too much and this is where you’ve got to find
the right balance you’ve got to be again as a company you’ve got to be responsible and
this is what we really struggle to try to do we always work really hard to be responsible
to our customers and to the industry again we as i said before have to look to the longevity
of this industry you can’t just think oh we’re going to make lots of money now we’ve got
to see down the line so TV is great but it’s got to be responsible its got to be done in
the right way and i think this where we are now seeing digital is event better as it is
more controlled we can also track it a lot better so it is an advantage in many ways
but yeah i think TV is always going to be there it’s important but its got be done correctly.
Billboards its all part of it but i think we are starting to see a trend now in the
UK in Sweden where the average person thinks it’s too much and we have to be careful. There’s
a lot more companies now as well where there used to be maybe 5/6 there’s a lot more companies
can afford to do TV adverts that’s whats overdoing it as well so i think yeah digital is going
to only grow, it’s the same for most industries, digital is incredibly important especially
the mobile side of things and that’s just what we’ve got to be really find a good balance
on it. There is a lot of networks a lot of groups to work with a lot of affiliates so
you have to make sure you are working with the right people the ones you can trust because
this they’ve got a massive say in what happens and you’ve got to build this relationship
make sure that it works well fraud prevention is something that we’re always working on
always looking to improve on both side of the affiliate but also the customers that
are brought in so this is something we’ve got to keep building so we have a lot of things
in p;ace on our side a lot of checks to make sure it’s right really for me it comes down
to the trust the relationship that your building again not going crazy with the traffic being
responsible so you can make a lot of money from this and actually it s very it makes
you really want to jump on it but that’s not always the smart move if you want to look
at longevity in the industry you have to be smart you have to be compliant and that’s
what we work hard to do we’ve got our license in Sweden and Denmark, The UK for these reasons
and we you know look after that so that at the end of the day losing it would be horrendous
we’ve seen that with Global Gaming losing their licence in Sweden and that’s hit them
hard we make sure that we’re never in that situation we do a lot of things such as our
green gaming as well which help protect our players this helps them set limits helps them
control their play and that’s something that plays into this side. so we’re doing what
we can on our side and also the affiliate we work with them to make sure they can do
the same and at the end of the day affiliates want to just make money they don’t want to
loose their partners especially one like ourselves, a bigger, company, they want to work they
are looking for longevity as well its not good business sense to say we’ll be together
for 2 months and we’re going to screw you over with some bad traffic so again this is
what it comes down to be to be reasonable working on on it affiliate might come and
say well i can give you a thousand more players you want to say well how is that going to
happen what are we going to do and the affiliate should know if that’s the kind of traffic
you want or not. Its been a long process working with a lot of the networks em weeding this
out working with them but then again that’s what i think it comes down to i think they
are willing to learn we are willing to learn and that’s where the relationship comes in.
So we will divide our own content for them to publish to put out there to kind of advertise
us and this is what it is it opens up a lot of doors in for like compliance issues this
is what we find as well people are really working on that side the markets becoming
more regulated UK is great example for this, Sweden, now as well and we have to stay on
top of this and so does the affiliates and if the affiliate is not going to be professional
in that we can;t work with them and we do find when you are dealing with these networks
they are a big company usually and this is something they really take in i think this
is what it is the industry is moving so fast its changing both sides are learning from
each other and that’s what we like an organic relationship and that’s how we see it with
the business partner of ours and that we want to work with to build that out so i think
that’s the best kind of way and i think that is what it comes down to just learning from
each other not we just give you something we just give you something we want to be able
to grow it out that’s the goal here for both of us to do well. I think that really what
bring s us here is we are looking to venture out try new different affiliates try and meet
new companies that are moving into iGaming this is something that we’ve seen now, there
is a trend of affiliates coming in from other industries coming in who are even very professional
who have big networks or have their own kind of technology that they can show us and help
us with and it makes a good partnership we’ve worked with news networks and they are the
ones that have been telling us this is where the place to be is and even just being here
you know you are meeting people who might not even deal with gaming at all but they
start talking to you and this is something that maybe they are looking to move to and
we’re looking for a partner so yeah i think it makes a lot of sense. You go to other affiliate
shows it’s a lot more competitive and saturated really everyone is working with these affiliates
you go to like IGB Amsterdam in a couple of weeks and everyone there will be working with
all the major operators in the industry but we come here not so much and i think that’s
what kind of made the difference you can see as well when it comes to a pricing point its
a lot more competitive working with the networks and the affiliates that you meet here because
they all just see things in a bigger scale and they are working on i’d say a bigger scale
rather than just owing one SEO site where they are looking for just say a top position
for a lot of money where everyone is fighting to get that spot they are all offering out
hundred of publishers o they can give it that good rate that good rate and it works well
for everyone and i think there is a lot of optimisation on this side of things they are
willing to work with you to improve the traffic which you don’t get everywhere else and i
think for us that’e perfect we are very open to work with other affiliates we are very
open to trying to grow with them and learn from each other and I think we get that a
lot more at these kind of shows to be honest.

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