TELEMEDIA VIEWPOINT AWE19 Mobipium outlines emerging markets for affiliate marketing and DCB

the merchant market I would say that is
Southeast Asia is doing really well if you go to Thailand Malaysia Myanmar are
countries that five years ago there weren’t almost carrier billing offers
over there and right now they are growing like a lot and the volumes are
really good also if you go to Middle East is growing a lot a lot of new
countries coming in just a country that just came like three months ago was
Libya who thought about Libya it was a make a great boom over there then got
stopped obviously but now they are going to reactivate so there are many
countries that if you’ were in the industry ten years ago you wouldn’t
think about these countries but right now are the countries that are making
the difference because the old ones the the ones that always perform well like
fifteen years ago like Italy France Australia they are not as good as there
used to be well Australia’s completely closed right now so I think that’s all
the aggregators and the content provider have to focus on these emerging markets
that will make the whole difference in the in the next year’s also South
America it’s not an emerging market because South America have been a great
market for the last ten years you know Argentina Chile Paraguay Brazil Colombia
Mexico those countries were working incredibly in carrier billing I don’t
know since ten years or more but right now
two or three years ago there there been some problems you know a lot of
connections got cancelled and right now they are picking up again so we can say
there is a re-emergin market because it’s coming back again and I think that
is going to explode again so those three markets like South South
Asia MENA region South South America are going to make
the difference in the next year’s

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