TES 2019. Joao Aguiar from Mobidea on education in affiliate marketing!

Hello, my name is Joao Aguiar, I’m the head of marketing at mobidea, and I live here in pretty Lisbon. What is the main purpose of mobidea academy? So mobidea academy is mainly trying to educate not only our affiliates but also the community, we try to put the best effort in providing the best content, not only to scrape content from other places, we try to come up with new ideas, new trends of content, we try to integrate other people into industry, also other bloggers, affiliates, even companies, they are putting their effort, to provide a few more contents. So we can, we can grow and we can provide the best quality out there. Do you think that anyone can learn affiliate marketing nowadays? So, sure, of course, everyone can learn affiliate marketing, there is tons of information out there. Not all information is trustworthy, but there are a lot of places that people can learn, people can follow other people that know a lot and they are already in the industry for many years. I don’t advise just to go after those kinds of training that are out there, because this is also affiliates that are trying to monetize their training, of course, there are training out there that are good, but mainly just trying to be inside the community, trying to go out on the forums, try to go out and check for the content that we provide on the mobidea academy, but everyone pretty much can learn from scratch. In your opinion what are the best traffic sources for new starters? So, It depends on the ad formats and what people are trying to do, also the offers that they want to promote, but there are a few good ad networks and not only ad networks but also traffic sources out there. I see a lot of people on white hat companies going after google ads, in this, you probably need a little bit more knowledge, and if you go to ad networks directly, there are good ones that can provide with the information they have good support so you are not just alone in the industry. What are the main obstacles to success in affiliate marketing in your opinion? So we were mentioning how to get started out and to learn, so it’s not easy, because it’s everchanging industry, so for instance, for example, this year push is popping, we hоpe that it will stay for a long time, but as in the past we had some limitations, on other ad formats, so as much as affiliates can change and adapt to the changes in the market, they will probably succeed easily. to the changes in the market, they will probably succeed easily. Cool thank you very much

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