Tesla Motors UK Model S and Model X prices

Yes it’s Tesla Motors I’m going to have a look. OK if I just poke
around and press buttons and this is a super boot look at that boot that’s
the biggest boot in a car this size I’ve ever seen. And you’ve got more, Wow look at that. So what’s the what’s the list price on these right now. Starts at £69,500. Right
this car is standard bar the leather seats and the red paint, typically the screen is standard currently available okay. Does that stop if I put my arm in the middle yeah got it okay. Let me just show you these doors Just push that, they normally are in? yeah they go in when you drive away or walkway when you lock the vehicle. Right lets’ jump in the back then. Okay look at that, a nice open, nice
wide-opening door Oh God That’s tight yes that’s quite tight getting in there it’s a bit tight to get in. It’s a big open door but for some reason my head hit this bulkhead here. Why you saying it’s
tight why do you think it’s tight to get in? Because the seats are far back? This? No I think it’s just these bulkheads a bit
low I’ll go out this way okay it’s a bit of headroom inside here
it’s nice and spacious you’ve got a plenty of room in the back here but
getting out I’ll just show you this it’s a nice big door opening. But that pillar
is too low. Well you just have to duck and then you can get out like that but
that’s a bit low so now trying in a front passenger side again that’s very
low okay very low it feels like it’s a bit far forward. But there’s lots of room, again you’ve got more head height in the front but these bulkheads?
This chairs’ too far forward let me try let me try the driver seat okay okay so that’s the front of it Model S £61,000 it’s a bit of a squeeze and I’m not a very
tall guy. I’m five foot eight, five nine but this is a very tight squeeze and the
chairs way way back so bit a problem really but then if you don’t if you
raise the roof you’re going to lose the look of the thing hmm? And the interior
the dash got a clock on there you’ve got a picture of the thing. Beeps of everyone
you got this big obviously computer display here cup holders Veneer look to it like suede leather suede and leather interior There’s a lot of space once your in.
but getting in and out that’s a bit of a skill. I’ll get out and watch. I’m on
the driver side chairs way back I’m just going to get out You have to duck It’s not bad – Not bad at all okay so that’s the Model S
That’s the model S quite nice I’m gonna try this now Model X. Look at this Gull wing doors. I’ll just step straight in.
Now this is more like my kind of style This’ll do for me this is sweet This is the one. £75,000 look at that.
That one’s nice but it’s too tight. Watch these door handles So cool. Right getting into this one. Still a bit tight? strange it’s such a big car it seems so weird but look at this screen all glass all the way across This is going to be amazing in the summer time or at any time really. Hi.. You’re on YouTube say hi
“Perfect hello, hello” it’s so cool okay so yeah this is nice this you’ve
got the same kind of setup as before and yeah looks great. I like it. So there you are 75 grand. It’s a snip. That’s the X Model Brilliant. Well that was Tesla Motors incredible Great equipment, great materials, great everything. Bit tight on the head room though. I liked it. Liked the cars, they were lovely.

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