Tessies PAY DAY! I Went Thrift Store Shopping DID I Over Spend???

buddy it’s time for another day Thursday
and I can’t wait to share with you what I got the first thing I got was they were 35
cents each I thought they were very very cute football really have a lot of fall
items in fact they don’t really do a whole lot of decorating other than
Christmas and that’s really really simple as well but I thought these are
really cute 35 cents each and I got three of them they only had three for 15
cents each I got these jars and you know I love jars and take a look
I like the lids pretty neat they’re actually sealable lids huh wonder where
they got them I have a use for them already I know what I’m gonna do with
them I’m really using up a lot of jars I
can’t believe it like everybody says I’m the jar Queen but you know what I find
out that a lot of you guys like jars as well and then I got for $3 now this was
a little high-priced I would meant to be but I looked at it and had some really
unique things and you know me I am a hoarder of books I got books
I love reading books do you know that and you know what all of you guys that
watch my videos you really are understanding of my books household
wisdom traditional filmmaking tips for modern living and it’s really neat
because it says modern but a lot of it is really old-fashioned so we’ll be
having some videos as well and then we’ve got another book and I thought
this was really neat for 75 cents wonderful good cooking from Amish
country kitchens you take a look at it you can tell that the person really
liked it so I assume an older older woman had this and she would’ve liked it
she also marked some of the recipes that are actually good I love when people do
that and then I love receiving these kind of books because it’s so neat I
love when they write in the cookbooks I just think it brings more memories and then I got this and it’s somewhat
vintage looking for $1 and I can use these their little screw own hooks that
was neat I really like them I know I know a lot of you say hey Tessie you
could sell it on eBay and make $20 on it ooh but I love keeping it for myself I
know and then for 20 cents I got this little
gem isn’t that cute goes with my basket beans 20 cents I’ve
never seen anything like this but how cute is this in a basket with potpourri
in it and then for $1 I got this basket now this basket reminds me of an antique
basket I actually have from grandma Fanny but I know it’s not antique but it
just resembles that so I got it for $1 I did spend a whopping $7 and $7 the 74
cents I was a big spender this week but you know what I’m not spending money on
food like I did so I do have a little extra that I can splurge once in a while
anyhow it’s so really cute I did receive in my PA box which I’m gonna share with
you and a video probably today or I’m not sure what day but I did receive in
my p.o box it was so dear I received a card with a
$5 in it and it was for my 50 Thursday so guess what I’m gonna be using that
money for next week how cheap was that a few of you have done that in the past
years and I think it’s just so adorable five ones for my thrifty Thursday and
then you can see first hand what I do with that money you know I don’t know
about you but to get all to get all of this for $7.47
I think I did really good and you know what all of you guys say that hey I’m
buying the things that you would buy it’s a good thing you guys don’t all
live near me or I would never get anything you know I am very very
thankful for my thrift store because I don’t know where I’d go if I didn’t have
that store there’s Goodwill’s and there’s Salvation
Army’s and there’s all kinds of other places like that but none of them have
the prices like this place does and because it’s Mennonite original
Mennonites you know store a lot of the Mennonite on the older ladies donate to
it so a lot of these things are from the older generation you know my hobby said
one day he said you know stuff like this from the older generation you may not
see anymore and that is so true because we’re doing away with so much old
fashioned living and the older people are you know slowly passing away we’re
not gonna have this stuff years ago they would have all kinds of home sales
antique sales they would have all kinds of flea markets and sales like that and
the older items would bring a top dollar and estate sales but nowadays canning
jars and antiques really don’t bring that much money because the Millennials
aren’t really looking for that and you know what I really really think that
someday that people gonna wish they had some of these older items because it’s
in the antiques and the older items that really teach us and you know someday we
don’t know what happens if we have to go back in time a little bit you know just
any kind of thing that would happen to our country could really take us back 20
years just like that in books like this that teach us just regular everyday
recipes it’s what we’re gonna need well we don’t
have the fancy bread machine and we don’t have the fancy instant pot and we
don’t have that fancy airfryer we don’t have the microwave what are we gonna
have left books that teach us just everyday cooking in the everyday way of
life I don’t know about you but I think that’s a smart investment for $7.47 take
care everyone speak guys tomorrow fine everybody I just want to share with you
that tomorrow’s video is one that’s very important and very special to me
I hope that all of you will share that video I hope all of you will view that
video I’m sharing it it’s for all of you it’s a very difficult video for me to
make not because of sadness but there’s a lot of emotions there and I think
you’re totally going to understand it and I really want to thank everybody and
I want to give a special thank you to my son so I can’t wait for you guys to see
Friday’s video and let me know what you think about it there’s some things that
just needed to be said take care everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye hey I want to thank all of you guys you
know and the videos in the past I said 50% of the people who watched my
videos aren’t subscribed and boy that has changed now it’s only 30% remember
if you’re watching my videos please like and subscribe it really does make a
difference in my life you


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