The 3 Biggest Trends in Affiliate Marketing for 2017 (Charles Ngo + Mobidea)

(Hip Hop Beat) – The next six months I would say there are three trends that I see. So number one is just I
notice a lot more affiliates are just slowly becoming
more and more into Facebook. So Facebook has always been
big but now everyone’s trying to break into Facebook,
everyone’s always asking me tips and Facebook’s just absolutely big. The second one is I do
notice a lot of affiliates are doing different things
with eCommerce these days. So there’s a lot of things with eCommerce, so there’s a lot of different
things with eCommerce. There’s like owning a product, there’s Shopify (inaudible)
but that is becoming a huge trend that is
kind of hard to ignore. And then the third trend I
see is probably you know, affiliates don’t really
have the best reputation for compliance to be quite honest
but I’m starting to notice that there’s a lot more
opportunity to make money without doing anything shady, no cloaking, just promoting pure white hat. So I actually think there’s
a lot of opportunity in working with a network,
with the advertiser, open, honest communication, being clean. There’s actually, can
be more money involved. It might take a little bit
more work in the beginning but then you don’t have
to worry about like all this other stuff, like
accounts getting banned. I do see that as the future and the trend. (Hip Hop Beat) – I have two tips, the first tip is when you’re a beginner you
have a smaller budget, let’s say 500 dollar budget. It makes more sense to go
after offers that pay a little bit less, let’s say an app
instal compared to Pin Submit. So Pin Submits, yes they can make money, however, if you have a 500
dollar budget and a Pin-Submit pays 20 dollars, you’re not
gonna get as much conversions compared to like and app
instal that gets a lot more conversions, you can do a
lot more of Split tests. The second piece of advice I have is you know, it sucks to
lose money, you know. When you launch a campaign you lose money and you can feel a little bit demotivated. My tip is to just look,
you’re buying data, when you launch a campaign,
you test the hypothesis, you do some Split testing,
so just kind of realise that your buying data is a part of your process, don’t get emotional. When you’re a scientist
and experiment doesn’t go according to plans, you get pissed off? No, you just try again. So if you keep trying
over and over and over, each time you learn a little bit more. So just understand affiliate marketing, it’s a skill just like anything else. So if you play basketball
and you shoot and you miss, well you just keep practising again. It’s really that simple, it’s a skill-set. (Hip Hop Beat) – So what makes a great
affiliate marketer? I think number one a biassed for action. So a lot of people they
just think, think, think, always make a lot of plans,
and affiliate marketing, you can dream, you can read
all the articles you want but you just have to
launch and take action. The second one is persistence. Things are not always
gonna go according to plan. I understand how it
feels like to lose money and it sucks but you just
have to be persistent and keep pursuing your goal. The third trait I would say is just taking a very analytical,
numbers, data driven approach. So affiliate marketing is not
just you see a competitor, you steal their page or your launch it and you make a lot of money. No, you launch, you have the data. What are you gonna do with the data? Are you gonna increase the bid? Are you going to do which Split test? Are you gonna do Day Parting? Are you gonna do Week Parting? Which landing page does better? Are you gonna do multi-variate testing? So you have to do a very numbers driven, data driven approach and also, I also want you guys to think more in terms of being a business owner. So this means you gotta pay your taxes, this means you have to know your margins, you have to keep your salary. Yo gotta do all this stuff but
you have to run a business. (Hip Hop Beat) – You know, I just, I
haven’t spent too much time in affiliate world Asia
but just walking around it’s quite obvious you guys
have the nicest looking booth. So I think the booth was very nice. I went to they party at the Lotus Garden. – [Interviewer] Did you have a great time? – I had a good time. The core, the venue, everything
was very nice and premium and I actually appreciate this
because for me and my brand I place a lot of emphasis on
design and high-premium value. So, you know, just having a
company, a branding that cares a lot about the branding
and stuff it says a lot because it shows that they
care about the small details. You know, that’s what
it communicates to me. Like having a booth like this, where everything’s nice,
everything’s clean, organised, it shows that they had the details. Whereas maybe another
booth, trash everywhere, there’s like someone
playing on their cellphone. It’s like, this tells
me that this network, or this traffic source doesn’t
care about the details. So that’s what is says to me. I think it’s very great, it’s fantastic. (Hip Hop Beat)


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