The 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2019

hey hello everyone this Diana Castillo
from money maker area dot com and in this video I’m gonna share with you my top
five best affiliate programs in 2019 this is a very first time during my
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mentioned before I’m gonna share with you my top 5 best affiliate program in
2019 number 5 its Amazon everybody knows it everybody love it it’s really easy
and really simple to chop around Amazon and that’s why it’s my fifth
recommendation and well it’s in the number five but because they do have
tons of products is and it’s really easy to join the affiliate program but one of
the things that you need to have into consideration is that the margins that
you’re gonna make aren’t that good okay let’s say that you’re gonna be selling
you know in total $100 you might be making between five to ten dollars so
it’s not that excited taking into consideration all the effort that you
need to put in if you want to do a cell with Amazon okay so this is something
that you need to take into consideration but again it is really easy really
simple to jump in to Amazon and store you know making cells number four
actually there are two pages in the fourth spot which is click ban and jvzoo
what do you put it both of them together it’s because you can find digital
products on jvzoo and click bang I know for a lot of people this is huge but
actually for me isn’t not that great although the margins are better than
Amazon considering the fact that you’re gonna get a lot of you know digital
products is the companies don’t need to chip and
deliver and handle that kind of things because everything is digital the
margins are greater okay but you need to be really really careful of where you’re
gonna be promoting with jvzoo and clickbank because there is a lot of
products that are in dad get the quality can sometimes they can be that great so
you need to actually do a quick research about what you’re gonna be offering okay
number three one of the tools that I love and I talk about here on my youtube
channel which is actually build drill okay if you’re serious about making
money online this is a tool that you actually need it’s an only one marketing
solution you’re gonna have a funnel builder you’re gonna have email
marketing software you’re gonna do designs you can do videos you are even
gonna be able to do webinars on will dural why do I love build roll because
the platform it’s great and the compensation plan right now it is
amazing to put into perspective if you invite someone to join build roll they
are gonna be able you know well actually you’re gonna be making hundred percent
of the Commission’s which is actually great okay so they’re commissions are
gonna be thirty dollars or more depending on the price that the person
is gonna choose by the way if you want to check it out I’m gonna leave a link
below so you can check out about builder all about Amazon and about quick funnels
and Ebisu so you don’t need to be searching around and if you want to test
out builder all I’m gonna leave a link below as well so you can test it out for
seven days for free and also you can check out the bonuses that I’m offering
again as I mentioned before if you’re really serious about making money online
this is a software that you actually need because you’re gonna be able to
create your website you’re gonna be able to create your sales funnels through
email marketing designs videos where we’re not is it serious so a lot of
people are gonna use it then next one it’s gonna be 8 Weber why
do I suggest a Weber a Weber it’s my favorite email marketing platform maybe
you’re gonna be wondering like wow oh wow Danna you told me before that bill
girl has everything included yes it do have everything included but is story
you know my only in journey before bill girl was you know into the map so that’s
why I still use and still recommending Aweber it is actually great you can
start it to test it out for free but if you designed to partner and be an
affiliate marketer you are gonna be making 30 percent commission on every
single month ok it doesn’t matter if the customer is going to stay for our
monitors on a stay for 10 years you’re gonna be getting recurring commissions
every single month the same is gonna happen with build your old you’re gonna
be getting recurring commissions every single month so that’s why I suggest a
Weber the other thing is that it’s a software that I use as builder oh it’s a
software as I used so I know how to handle it I know they do both have great
supports and again the affiliate marketing program it’s amazing and
number one my top recommendation the best affiliate program for me right now
it’s called legendary marketer if you want to check it out remember that I’m
gonna leave a link below so you can be part of legend or a marketer why do I
suggest legend or a marketer okay tools are amazing don’t get me wrong
we all need them but we also need education and most of the time whenever
we want to make money online we forget that we need education and I’m no mean I
don’t mean like you be you know jumping from one YouTube channel to the other
from one block to the other that’s great but okay sometimes we need a guideline
sometimes we need to have an advisor sometimes we need to have everything in
order so we can you know Reis accessor it I don’t know
what’s really success means to you you know you make your first solo online to
make your first thousand dollars $10,000 to be earning five thousand dollars
every single month to reach six figures you know everybody have a different
definition of success but if you want to reach that point faster do you need to
have education you need to have support you need to have help and this is
something that legendary marketers robaix
the very first thing that you’re gonna find out it’s this challenge it’s a 15
day challenge that is gonna change your mindset it’s gonna show you the tools
that you need it’s gonna show you what follows so you need to build if you
really want to crush it with you know I feel it marketing so that’s why I’m
suggesting leg Andorian marketer also if you have a great compensation plan in
which you’re gonna be making you know $30 for more per month or even more
because they do have high end tickets commissions and I’m not gonna lie to you
if you really want to make money online I mean an income that is gonna change
your life you’re gonna reach it way easier if you are selling high ticket
products and the coolest thing about legendary marketer is that you are
actually not doing sales okay you are not gonna be doing sales you’re gonna be
driving traffic to the system and the system is gonna do the sells for you
okay so this is why this is my top recommendation because the income that
you can make here it can be a game-changer and if you are like well
Dina to be honest I really don’t need this because I can go for YouTube and I
can browse around that’s okay yes I’m not gonna lie to you you can definitely
do so but again if the information is gonna be the organized if you need an
advisor a coach no one is gonna be really there for you so my suggestion is
to jump into legendary marketer this is my top recommendation you are gonna
learn everything everything that you need
okay you can promote legendary market itself or you can use this knowledge as
I am doing not only to promote legendary marketer but to promote other products
is okay because knowledge its power okay so again these were my top five
recommendations if you want to browse around I’m gonna leave a link below you
can check it out if you have some comments if you have some questions
leave it in the comment area and I’d be more than happy to help you okay if you
decide to partner with me in one of my business opportunity welcome I’m gonna
really really appreciate that and you’re gonna give you’re gonna get my full
support okay this is it for this video if you
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