The 7 BEST Affiliate Programs For Beginners (2019)

what’s up mr. daVinci here in this
video I’m going to show you the 7 best affiliate programs for beginners in 2019
so here we are to start with the first affiliate program that I have on my list
which is Amazon the link to this is affiliate – programmed Amazon
is the largest e-commerce store is well trusted customer service is amazing so
why not leverage their brand and authority you’re going to build these
niche websites in the areas of clothing electronics or you can do sub niches
like computers TVs you can make a youtube channel that does product
reviews you will use a custom affiliate link Amazon gives you you share that
with people when they purchase from your website within 30 to 60 days will friend
the cookie you can they can go out research your product for the next two
weeks and then if they come back to purchase that product you originally
sent them to or any other product you can get a commission Amazon typically
pays anywhere from 2% up to 10% and have its higher fees and it’s also free to
sign up just click on this button right here that says join now for free fill
out some information and you’ll be good to go the next affiliate network that I
have for you is eBay let’s load up here momentarily alright here we are on eBay
as you know eBay is the second to next biggest e-commerce brand after Amazon
it’s been around for a while less you’d be living under a rock but eBay has a
partner network they’re over 1.1 billion lessons on the eBay to choose from and
so you have multiple listens that you can share with your followers get paid
when they said we’ll keep track how many person may from your community and
you’ll get paid every month so that’s what I got for you for eBay the next
website that I have for you once it blows up is ShareASale calm there are multiple
categories you can choose front remote to promote products from along with
big-name companies and brands to partner with so the categories that we have
right here you have humming garden yeah fashion we have green merchants we
have business and we have more merchants which as you see has art and music
family and kids food and drinks and education and health sports and
recreational and wedding so this is share sell and share share as a network
that houses many different businesses depending on the company that you choose
remote determines to pay so definitely um check out share cell the next website
that I have for you is commission junction formerly on this website is CJ
com+ as low as up I’ll tell you a bit more about Commission Junction
I recommend this out of the first floor shown you this should be at least a
second to third one that you should test out and Commission Junction is like
Amazon and eBay or share a cell with more opportunity to promote other
businesses you won’t fall show it on the many different offices in industries
that you can actually promote and to sign up to become a CJ publisher I’ll
scroll all the way down all the way down to the bottom of the page and you want
to click on become a CJ publishing so click on here and I just passed it scroll back up yep
so you wanna scroll down here where it says publisher you gonna click sign up
and that says right here you can add Commission’s by partnering with the
world’s most widely recognized brands and successful promoting successfully
promoting their products and services so definitely shout out check out
commission junction the next website that I have for you is partners stack
and I just came across this because I was looking for some new affiliate
networks to promote and I’m really really excited about this because
partners stack you will be promoting a SAS for those of you who don’t know SAS
SaaS stands for software as a service for software products you can promote
any of these on behalf of partner stack and when someone purchases the software
you will get a commission this is different from Commission Junction or
Amazon in the sense it focuses on software as a service companies so as we
scroll down on page let’s take a look at some of the brands I’m in the partner
section so when you come here you click on partner stack comm then you want to
go to for partners let me show you a few of the software services that you’re
probably familiar with will come across and you could be interested in promoting
so scroll on down here you have QuickBooks we have
Evernote we have Isana say it we got a bunch of different
software services doesn’t they have many more software services as I mentioned
before all you have to do is go to them well to sign up you gotta go for
partners once you’re done sign up you can come to the marketplace and you can
see the many many software’s that they have available that you can promote the
next website that I have for you died just found out how the affiliate network
is fiber yes apparently they have an affiliate program once it loads
up I’ll tell you more about it during this video so far I’ll definitely make
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if you haven’t already I appreciate your time and patience as we go through this
video hold on here for a second computer just
got get yourself together as you see I got a lot of tabs open up below no
worries though just give it a few seconds here all right so I’m gonna f
five that all right so as I was saying you can
refer people with a fiver when someone purchases a gig from Fiverr you get a
commission for that as we scroll down you can get paid up to a hundred and
fifty dollars as you see right here per CPA which stands for cost per
acquisition all you have to do now is click on oh I just passed it so all you
have to do is click on this join Now button right here to make your affiliate
account five it focuses on done-for-you services and and it’s good for your
business that you can use services for let’s say SEO voiceovers marketing
Facebook has any kind of services that you might need blogging for yourself and
as well you can for other businesses and earn a good Commission as well which
leaves the last the best one save the best for last I have for you today which
is my personal favorite that I constantly talk about on the channel
here which is out of all these networks Clickbank is my personal
favorite but it’s also the biggest network on this list that has the most
affiliate marketing offers for you to promote on the Internet
so we’re going to go to the affiliate marketplace here we are in the affiliate
marketplace and we have various categories in which you can promote as I
talked about quite frequently on the channel if you’re not subscribed
definitely make sure to subscribe so you can get updates about my Clickbank
videos and affiliate marketing videos but my personal favorite which I like to
tell people to promote on clinic but I on Clickbank is health and wellness make
money weightloss those are the big three that
I primarily like to tell people about but you can also go for different types
of categories as you see over here on the left they also have software’s that
you can promote they have self-help they have a lot of different categories you
can teach people with different languages but that’s going to be all for
this video just wanted to show you some of the affiliate programs and networks
that I’ve come across that I feel that could help you out if you are a beginner
or intermediate starting out in 2019 to support this video if you cannot support
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here this is your friend and mentor mr. da Vinci I’m signing off I will see you
in the next video

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