The Awin Story (UK)

zanox and Affiliate Window have been driving sales for our partners since 2000. zanox has grown from a Berlin tech startup while Affiliate Window has grown from a small operation in London Throughout their histories, zanox and Affiliate Window were awarded for innovative affiliate marketing solutions and exceptional service Now we’re bringing the companies together to become one global network Together we are Awin Our logo, the Awin sail, represents the core of our business: advertisers, publishers, and consumers with our network at the
centre of these connections. we have a combined network of more than
100,000 active publishers partnered with 6,000
advertisers globally Our network continues
to grow everyday and with each connection
it gets bigger and bigger. We have 900 staff based in 15 locations worldwide and generated sales in 180
countries in the last 12 months. Every 24 hours 230 affiliates join our network In 2016 we generated 5.4 billion
pounds in revenue for our advertisers We have evolved our brand
from the ground up Making changes that reflect our core values Our colour palette Our fonts and our iconography have been refined to simplify our image and proposition to customers. and this is our new look. To find out more visit us at

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