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Hi Aaron Chen here how you doing if
you’re watching this video right now then you’re doing some research on the
best affiliate marketing programs out there and you want have affiliate marketing success. alright so you obviously know
about affiliate marketing but you want to find out what’s the best one to pick
and what I’m going to do over the next few minutes is explain to you a little
bit more about the different types of affiliate programs what you should use
and what you can get into that will best leverage you or give you the best
results ok so again my name is Erin Chen I’ve been online for the last nine years
eight of those nine years previously I feels really really badly in my business
didn’t know what I was doing spent lots of money trying to figure it
out but over the last year had a lot of success generated over a thousand sales
in my business all to affiliate marketing so I think that this video
will really really benefit you because I’ll tell you exactly what I did or what
I what I decided not to do and how you can you know use that information and
improve your own business okay so first of all Phillip Marketing just in case
you don’t know is when you take somebody else’s product that’s already created
you resell it for yourself and when you generate a sale you make a small
commission from that sale okay now there are physical products and the digital
products but some of the affiliate programs out there that are very very
popular and famous are from you know retailers right so places like Amazon
places like Harvey Norman basically any big shopping mall that has some sort of
big retailer they will have their own affiliate program okay so you could
actually go into Neiman Marcus for example and they’ve got their own
affiliate program and once you get the link online and you promote that link
and someone buys a product from you know Neiman Marcus or Harvey Norman or Amazon
you’ll make a small little cut of the purchase price right which is great the
problem is though is that it’s actually very very small the Commission from
places like Amazon and you know Neiman Marcus and and Harvey Norman right so
even though you could potentially drive a lot of traffic to your link and people
will buy it the Commission’s are so small that you have to drive a lot of
volume okay a lot of leads so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that strategy
although if you’re very very good marketer and you can drive lots of
traffic maybe that strategy might work for you
okay another strategy that I I use personally is I like to sell digital
products online so it could be some sort of membership site or training program
that helps you to improve some sort of problem that you have so it could be
anything it could be you know trying to lose weight it could be you know getting
six-pack ABS it could be maybe I want to improve my golf swing it could be you
know learning how to play tennis maybe learn how to jump higher maybe it could
be internet marketing so maybe I want to learn how to generate leads on Facebook
write 50 leads 100 leads a day maybe you want to learn how to build a business on
YouTube right so there are affiliate programs that
teach you how to do all this stuff ok now where would you go for programs like
that there are huge marketplaces online what it’s called Clickbank another one
is called jvzoo there’s lots of different ones literally all you need to
do is go on on YouTube sorry on Google and type out what are the biggest
affiliate marketing networks and you’ll get a whole list and you can just
literally pick from any of those lists right now the way it works is you could
go to these lists and they’ve got different niche areas right it could be
let you know just what I spoke about there could be weight-loss it could be
you know love that could be well that could be you know internet marketing
could be gardening that could be food there’s so many different niche markets
that you can choose from and once you choose the right market pick your little
link and when you sell that link someone buys from your link you generate a
commission now the reason why I like marketing these types of products is
because number one they instant okay you just take it and you just use your link
the second thing is the Commission’s that you can earn as an affiliate
marketer are much much higher than say an Amazon or Hobby Norman for example
okay usually the Commission’s are 50% 60% 70%
80% some of them are even a hundred percent right so it’s a lot easier for
you to generate a profit upfront and therefore your business will last a lot
longer it’s very it’s much easier to get into profit so I would definitely go for
digital affiliate marketing programs versus physical goods okay and the best
programs you can on Clickbank right now very important
that when you’re choosing an affiliate program that the the program has I would
say recurring income on the backend that means it’s a monthly program right
because if you’re going to be spending so much time acquiring a new customer
you want to make sure that that customer stays in the program and pays every
single month so that UN Commission on that person every single month okay
that’s one thing another thing that you want to make sure that you’re doing as
well is you want to make sure that that program has a very strong back end okay
so the the product that you’re selling up front is usually the you know let’s
just say it’s six-pack abs all right you’re teaching someone how to get
six-pack abs the initial program the upfront payment is what you call the
front end but the back end is also very very important because if your program
doesn’t have a strong back-end that maximizes the lifetime value of that
customer coming in then what you what’s happening is you’re not generating as
much profit or revenue as you can for each customer that you bring into that
sales funnel what they call the sales process okay so it’s very important that
when you’re picking a program on Clickbank or jvzoo that you use party
that you look for the ones that have that have a strong back end right
unfortunately the problem is is that it’s sometimes it’s not so obvious
sometimes you can’t really tell how strong the back end is going to be
unless you buy the program yourself and you go through the sales process sales
funnel and you see how strong it is or not okay so there’s some you know a lots
of different programs that you can that you can start to market on jvzoo or
clickbank but I have actually you know obviously over the last nine years done
a lot of research and gone through lots of different programs and there’s only
one or two that I would actually market just because it’s you know very
important to pick the right ones for you to build your business around okay so I
hope you liked the information today and you learned about the best affiliate marketing programs out there, I hope you got a lot of value from this
video and you have affiliate marketing success. if you want to see the actual programs that I’m marketing the you know
some of the best affiliate programs that I think will really work for you and you
know these are the ones that I personally use in my biz
because they try to test it you know they’ve got great commission structure
they’ve got a very very strong back-end and they are actually backed by some
very very big marketed I recommend that you click on the video right below this
link you can see there’s a little link in the description box go ahead and
click on that ok enter your email on the next page and I’m going to take you
through the process I’m going to show you exactly what I’m doing in my
business what I think the best affiliate programs are and you can use that for
yourself as well so I hope you enjoyed this video today and I hope to speak to
you very very soon take care and be well

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