The Best Books for Affiliate Marketers in 2015 (High-Level Strategies)

– Hey guys, it’s Charles Ngo,
hope you’re all doing well. Yesterday I asked a question
to my social media followers, I want to know what are top three books you’ve read so far this year. As you may be aware, I love reading, I probably read two or three books a week. And I’ve probably read over 800 business books in my lifetime. So I’m always in front of my Kindle or I have my headphone apps, and I’m constantly
listening to my audible. So I want to know what are
top three books you guys read, and there was a lot of great
suggestions, a lot of classics. So I promised that I would share what are my top three books
I read so far this year. So let’s get to it. Number one, one of my favourite
books I read this year is Smartcuts by Shane Snow. So this is all about hacking success. I’m pretty sure everyone
has heard of the whole you’ve got to spend 10,000
hours before you’re an expert. Well, this one kind of shows how you can, instead of climbing a ladder to a top, you take an escalator. So, it also has a lot
of interesting stories, such as Michelle Phan
who’s a YouTube sensation, Skrillex, I don’t know
how to say his name, Skrillex, who’s an EDM guy. So it talks about how these people kind of use all these
shortcuts to get to the top. What’s great is, something I’ve realised about success is, you know, very little of it is due to luck. There’s a lot of hidden
things that are happening that you guys can’t see. So I’ll highly recommend that book. The second book I recommend is, The 4 Disciplines of Execution. The 4 Disciplines of Execution. Now this book is all
about how do you actually get stuff done in a large organisation, so there’s four steps. Step number one is you focus
on the essential goals, the wow-ee important goals. Number two is, you need
keep track of KPI’s, leading and lagging measures. Step number three, you need a scoreboard. So, it’s kind of like a video game. You guys know how video games, is like, you gotta beat the score? So it’s kind of like in business
you can do the same thing where you have all these scoreboards. And something we used
to do in my company is, we have the scoreboards
on the big screen TV so constantly seeing how
much money our end goal is. So I need to implement that
again with a dashboard. Step number four is accountability. So whatever you guys have done, or whatever you guys want to accomplish one person has to be held accountable. Because, if you have two
or three people accountable then no one’s really accountable. So you have one person accountable. So I highly recommend that book. There’s a lot of great books like it, Rhythms, Scaling Up, but I found Four Discipline’s execution to
be the simplest one to read, the simplest system. And number three, so this
is a old school book. This book is older than I am. This book was written in the 1970’s. It’s called The Mind of a Strategist by Kenichi Ohmae I believe. So, this guy was the chairman of McKinsey and Consultants in Japan. So one thing I’m trying to do, I’m trying to become a
more analytical thinker. I’m trying to learn how to
do problem solving better. So, you guys should read this book if you want to stop being
a low ass level thinker. If you guys want to
think on a higher level, thinking in terms of
higher level strategy, I highly recommend this book. The first half of this book was amazing, it kind of shows how
McKinsey and Consultants back in the day did a lot
of their problem solving. And, I read this last week and my minds just
constantly been churning. The second half of the
book is not so great, because, you know, this
book was written in 1970s so there’s a lot of
older examples and stuff. But, it’s still a classic. So those are top three books
I’ve read so far this year. Once again, Smartcuts, and number two The Four Disciplines of
Execution, at number three is The Mind of a Strategist. Oh yeah, The Mind of a Strategist, since it’s older there’s not
going to be an audiobook. There’s not going to
be available on Kindle. You’ve got to order the old
school way, read on paperback. So this is the first paperback book I’ve read in quite a while. So yeah, if you guys like these books then just, you know, read
it, then send me a message. If you guys want to buy it there’s a link, so go ahead buy it,
they’re affiliate links. I get like five cents for each one, so you could kind of
help pay for this condo, and all of my travels and stuff. So thanks for tuning in.

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