The Best Cheap Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2019

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into my computer right now so I can show you guys the best and the cheapest
traffic sources all right guys we’re now in my computer as you can see on my
whiteboard the best cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing so guys
in this video I’m gonna be giving you guys my top 2 best cheapest traffic
sources that I use personally and I’ve using multiple my foot marketing
campaigns I think are gonna be the cheapest but at the same time you guys
give you guys the most most value the most bang for your buck with that being
Solarize I’m not gonna waste any time let’s just start this video off I’m
gonna pull the first box away right now and show you guys the number one best
cheapest traffic source and pull it all the way out of the way so has the first
one is gonna be Facebook Ads so a lot of you might have seen this one
coming Facebook ads are probably the biggest talked about advertising
platform in affiliate marketing in online business as a whole you know
whether you’re in Shopify drop shipping amazon whatever it is Facebook ads are
pretty much like the number one they like the top of the top of the ladder
when it comes to affiliate marketing advertising of course guys the reason
that Facebook ads are so great is because the platform itself is I mean
it’s done really well it’s super easy to use and one of the best parts guys it’s
pretty it can be pretty cheap if you’re actually one of your campaigns correctly
and of course in the beginning of actually making Facebook ads when you’re
just a beginner in it it might be a little bit hard but that’s only because
there’s a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to Facebook Ads you guys I
struggled a lot in the beginning up East I’m using my Facebook Ads
I eventually watched a bunch of videos on it took a few courses on it and
that’s how I eventually got better with Facebook guys because they can
definitely be a little bit difficult to understand in the big
because once you understand face but guys they can be really great because at
my first point is you can get leads for under a dollar you can get people on
your email list for under a dollar and that’s fantastic because guys with your
email list for every one subscriber you have you should be making about $1 and
monthly income from that one subscriber so again guys if you have like a 500
subscribers on your email list you shouldn’t be making about $500 in
monthly revenue so guys the reason it thanks guys are so great is because you
can easily get leads for under $1 Oh guys of course this is gonna depend on
Whitney Shirin and how good your Facebook ID actually is how well it
converts but guys when you’re actually running your Facebook Ads you should be
aiming to get email leads for under a dollar no matter what obviously has the
cheaper the better if you can get under fifty cents that’s fantastic under 20
cents even better guys you have to obviously try get it as low as you can
lower you can get it and the cheaper it’s gonna be and the more Val you’re
gonna get out of it with that being said lies another reason Facebook edge is so
great is because you can start with just $5 a day as your daily budget or less no
guys I personally recommend you start with at least $5 but I’ve seen people
run Facebook ad campaigns I like $2 a day $3 a day of course guys
you’re not gonna get results as fast because you’re spending less of course
guys the more money you spend the faster the results going to come in in the fast
you’re gonna end up getting results with your facebook ad campaigns but if you’re
little tight on cash is kind of starting out which contests off facebook ads a
great way to start and just start your your face bi campaigns which is $5 a day
you can get a ton of value from it and it can definitely give you some really
good results and eventually after that guys when you’re actually making a
little bit more money you’re actually getting some leads coming in asking you
can definitely scale up to $10 day twenty whatever it is that you guys want
now guys on to my last point when it comes to Facebook guides you guys can
win multiple campaigns to get lots of results fast
no guys there’s pretty much no limit on the amount of campaigns you can run of
course guys do not go blowing all your money on Facebook Ads immediately of
course guys if you’re a little bit of a beginner when it comes to Facebook ad
yours kind of starting out I definitely recommend you guys do your research
first educate yourself a little bit and really figure out how to create the best
face by campaign don’t just go throwing money at it because you guys that’s not
gonna work unfortunately you’re gonna have to do your research educational
just a little bit on how to run a good Facebook ad campaign because of course
guys you want to be getting the most for your money spent so the best way to do
that is to educate yourself figure out how to get your ad campaigns to to
convert at the lowest price possible so again guys try to get leads for way
under $1 if you can get leads like 50 cents
fantastic 20 cents like I said before guys the lower the better the cheaper
it’s gonna be for the more leads let’s get any of you guys way more value and
that’s exactly what anyone here for guys we want the best and the cheaper traffic
sources because obviously guys you want to spend the least money we possibly can
while at the same time getting the most value and getting the most results that
we can Facebook ads are definitely gonna be a great way to do that so if you guys
wanna get started with Facebook Ads all you have to do is a course go over to
Facebook you’re gonna need a some sort of fan page or a business page once you
have that all set up guys you guys can go into the Facebook ad manager and
create your first ad campaign definitely do your research guys and try to learn a
little bit about Facebook Ads before you go ahead and start throwing money at it
definitely need your research that way you can spend your money wisely and not
waste your entire budget on Facebook Ads it didn’t work necessarily of course
guys with advertising it’s always gonna be hit or miss there’s no guarantee
you’re gonna get the results that you want so we’re gonna guys be smart with
your money and do your research first with that being said the guys onto the
second on the second cheapest traffic source for affiliate marketing I’m gonna
pull the Box all the way we’re in right now I’m get this all the way all the way
sorry guys alright so guys the second one is gonna be Instagram you guys see I
have a a 2a and 2b because guys there are two different ways you can actually
advertise on Instagram I’m gonna cover them both in this video with that said
look guys the first one is gonna be doing Instagram ads straight off the
Facebook Ads platform so of course guys if you ever
done Facebook Ads you know new probably seen the option to actually one ads on
Instagram or you know if you have an Instagram you just roll in the pictures
you probably seen those like sponsored posts those are of course in-stream ads
like came straight from the Facebook Ads platform so guys because you’re actually
running into your Mads straight from the Facebook platform a lot of the same
principles as Facebook are gonna apply try to get leads for under $1 $5 day ad
budget is of course going to be fantastic again you can also run
multiple campaigns to get results quickly the only thing that’s really
different is that different niches will convert better on Instagram versus
Facebook of course guys the audience is on Facebook ever since time we’re gonna
be different people are going on Facebook to reconnect with our friends
people go on Instagram sort of cool pictures because the platforms are so
different because of the people on the platforms a different of course it’s a
different demographic the audience on Facebook might be a little bit older
just because that’s just a platform a demographic they go after
whereas on Instagram the audience might be a little bit younger people go on
Facebook and then on Instagram for very different reasons so you guys you have
to account for that just because you have an
Payne is doing very well on Facebook does not mean it’s gonna convert the
same on Instagram it might convert very differently of course guys either those
things you’re gonna have to test with your ads with that say guys different
niches and different audiences we’re gonna convert a lot better or a lot
worse on Instagram these are things you’re gonna have to test out with
yourself when you’re actually running your ad campaigns but guys Instagram ads
can be just as profitable all right so with that said guys that pretty much
covers the 2a4 Instagram ads from the Facebook ad platform and now the next
thing guys to be we’re gonna be Instagram influence your post is two
completely different beast when it comes to actually advertising but isn’t isn’t
gonna be through any direct ad platform this is usually gonna be like
person-to-person influence or an influence or kind of thing
what’s up being say guys when it comes to Instagram influence your posts they
can be really cheap depending on the niche so guys stay off the bat like
personal brands personal brand like influencer pages are gonna be a little
bit more expensive it was the ones that gonna cost you a few hundred dollars
maybe in a few thousand dollars depending on how many followers they
have but guys the instant influencer pages that are more dedicated just like
an overall niche or topic for example I didn’t champagne to this post pictures
about dogs about basketball clips or car Clips those pages are gonna be very very
cheap to advertise on just because they’re not a personal brand they’re
just kind of they’re trying to make money on their Instagram who has another
reason the instant influencer poster so good is because they’re I think very
undervalued right now there’s not that many people using them and the people
that are using them are killing it with them because you guys there’s not a lot
of competition right now for that specific area of advertising with that
Sega’s they’re pretty much gonna be hundreds of influencers in every single
niche I mentioned a few before guys car Clips basketball clips things like that
guys or pretty much every single meet you guys are gonna find a ton of
different influencers a ton of people with like a hundred thousand followers
two hundred thousand followers and all you have to do get in contact with them
is they’ll usually have like an email in their bio just shoot them an email send
them a deem on Instagram send my message and just say hey I want to know what
your rates are for an influencer post hey guys I might make an entire another
video on this just because this is a little bit more of a vague topic to
cover I could definitely make like a 10 minute video I can contact influencers
and I get the results that you want when you’re excusing influencer posts like
this with that side though guys with these Instagram fluence or post they’re
fantastic because you can reach hundreds of thousands of people for very very
cheap so guys I’ve definitely spent a few hundred dollars just on Instagram
influencer posts and in that time I’ve gotten in contact with pages and I have
a hundred thousand followers hundred fifty thousand followers and I’m willing
paid like 40 50 dollars total just for those answers
for those posts now guys that might seem like a little bit of money in the front
end but you have to realize that if you’re reaching 250,000 people for just
$50 that is very very cheap there’s no where you don’t get even close to that
on Facebook God’s guarantee me guys if you can that’s insane but for the most
part guys when it comes to these instant influence our posts you’re gonna get a
huge amount of value for very very cheap yes god you’re pretty much getting
access to the Instagram influence your audiences that have again guys like a
hundred I wasn’t too into that wasn’t even a million guys
you cannot even get in contact to people who have over a million followers on
their pages now of course those ones are gonna be pretty expensive that we’re
gonna get up into the hundred dollar $200 manages our price range but again
guys they reach a million people for just like two hundred dollars that is
absolutely insane you really can’t get that anywhere else
right now when it comes to advertising that’s why in-stream implement two posts
are so powerful and the reason is guys is because people buy from brands and
other people that they trust but when somebody’s following another personal
interests Rihanna following a brand is because they trust that brand and they
actually appreciate the content that they’re posting so if that brand or that
same person says hey check out this product check out the service it’s
really great and I love it myself there’s a good chance people are gonna
go over and buy it or buy whatever service product or your course whatever
it is they’re selling because they trust that person they trust that brand and
that trust relationship has already built up over the course of months of
just posting with that being said guys Instagram is another great way to
actually kill it with cheap traffic again guys the whole point of this video
see you guys the best and the cheapest traffic methods that I’ve used real
quick though guys I’ve also heard that YouTube ads and snapchat ads are also
doing very well right now but I can’t personally say just because I haven’t
used them myself I definitely plan to in the near future but because I haven’t
used them myself for it I’m not gonna recommend them to you guys once I
actually start using them and start running some YouTube ad campaigns and
some snapchat eye campaigns backtest that a little bit probably over a few
weeks a few months those are kind of see what kind of results I can get back and
if it’s good and it’s actually profitable then I’ll go ahead and
recommend it to you guys but of course I’m not gonna recommend anything to guys
I haven’t tried myself yet with that being so the guys that pretty much wraps
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that being said guys that’s pretty much it
my name is Anthony Bella I will see you in the next one I am out peace


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