The Best Digital Marketing Course of 2019

Are you wanting to start a marketing
agency a digital marketing or social media marketing agency in 2019 well a
lot of you have questions about what the best marketing course on the market is
where can I find it what does it include and what is it going to teach me so in
today’s video we’re gonna talk all about the best marketing course and what you
need to know so stay tuned here we go all right welcome back everybody my name
is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this channel we talk
all about starting a marketing agency building a personal brand but really
just building a business online so lucky for you you’re in the right spot to find
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channel now one of the best ways that you can actually build a business and
build a career or an income for yourself in 2019 and the future is starting your
own marketing agency and the reason being is because there are thousands and
thousands actually there’s really millions of businesses in the world that
need marketing businesses cannot exist without marketing and in today’s day
digital marketing Trump’s traditional marketing substantially meaning that
traditional marketing which is like TV radio print it’s kind of phasing out why
because it’s not easy to track where the results are coming from with the TV
commercial there’s no way to track the results right also it costs a lot more
to build that commercial and actually to disseminate it to the audiences on TV so
with digital marketing you’re actually able to reach audiences at a fraction of
the cost plus you’re able to track the results a lot better because of the
basically the tools and resources that digital marketing companies and social
media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Google all of these
platforms have created analytics and tracking systems that allow you to again
track that information and show business owners this is how many leads we
generated for you and this is how many sales that result in it so I want to go
ahead and talk to you today about the best digital marketing course in
2019 and you guys are probably already aware it’s my course it’s the digital
marketing school over a Cereal Entrepreneur Academy and we really truly
stand behind our course and the results that we’ve been able to get for hundreds
of our students we have over 750 students in our program and most of them
are seeing success if they apply the system that we have built all right so
let’s talk about what is included in the digital marketing school when you sign
up what are you gonna get why does it have everything that you’re going to
want to know about starting a marketing agency and even more plus we’re gonna
talk about some bonus features and if you stay tuned to the end of this video
I’ll make sure you find out how you can save really really big on the purchase
of the course if you purchase it in the next 24 hours after you watch this video
we’ll talk to you about how you can get in for them in the next 24 hours for a
super big discount so stay tuned to the end now guys when it comes to starting a
business or running your agency you guys have to understand that the education is
key I mean think about it why would a business owner pay you $10,000 per month
if you just got a free education from YouTube right it just doesn’t make sense
that’s why doctors don’t get paid hundreds of thousands or millions of
dollars just by going online and watching a few youtube videos it’s not
the same type of idea but you guys get what I’m saying it does take some
professional experience and training to get you to where you want to be as far
as you bringing in the revenue you want to make in a month so the digital
marketing school where it stands today currently has over 150 videos 80 plus
documents really actually now it’s probably about a hundred plus documents
that are included in the course we have over 100 hours of content there’s just
so much that is included plus we do live trainings every single month with me for
everybody that’s in the course you get access to those live trainings that we
do once a month and you have a free private group with everybody who’s in
the course where people are asking questions all the time getting help from
their peers from myself and from people on my team that are digital marketing
professionals now the course itself is broken up into eight weeks or really we
prefer to call it eight modules because you can take the course at your own pace
yes we built it out to be about eight weeks long but
ultimately if you wanted to take a month if you wanted to finish it in two or
three months it’s totally up to you or even six months to a year whatever pace
you want to work at you can totally work at that pace
my recommendation is no matter what pace you choose to work at always go through
the information at least two to three times and the reason why is because you
can’t expect if you’ve if you’ve ever been to school you know that you can’t
just read something once and attain the information or retain the information
but retain the information right that’s a big thing and you have to be able to
remember what you just learned to apply it to the business into the marketing
principles or the marketing strategies that you’re building for your clients so
let’s talk about what’s in these eight modules or these eight weeks in the
digital marketing school and why it’s super effective really at just building
smart marketers and people who are focused on getting clients results
instead of building out some kind of packaged plan that isn’t going to get
the best results for that client so in Week one also known as module one we
talked all about starting the business because you guys have to understand it’s
not just starting a marketing agency you’re starting a business right and so
we talked all about how to set up the business legally when you need to get it
started how you need to go about starting it
what kind of bank account you’re going to need and how to get that set up your
tax identification number we talked about invoicing we talked about really
all kinds of things managing your finances making sure that you’re going
to set up your business properly and not have any hassles later on now in module
two we talked all about social media marketing because that’s obviously one
of the biggest players in the digital marketing space so we go into Facebook
Instagram Twitter snapchat YouTube we go into how to market on Facebook and
Instagram we’re actually in the process of adding a new section on how to market
on YouTube and run Google Ads and stuff like that we have plenty on Facebook how
to run snapchat campaigns and the best ways to do it for local businesses or
medium small size businesses also the cool thing is again all of these
strategies that are taught can be taken and applied to a big corporate style
business as well quick question what is one of the biggest social media
platforms that you think you’re going to struggle with learning leave that in the
comments below I’d like to know your thoughts so moving on to week three we
talked about our module three we talked about email marketing and automation plus website marketing and design so with email marketing and
automation we talked all about how to build an email subscriber list but not
only that how to build effective automations that are actually content
focused and they’re focused on people who actually want to receive that
content first is just mass mailing every single person on the list we talked
about how to segment those people how to create tags how to track those people
and how to make sure you’re sending emails to the people that are going to
be most engaged a lot of people like to pass over email marketing but if you’re
dealing with the right type of business email marketing is one of the best ways
to generate free sales and leads for your business with the website and
marketing side of things we don’t teach the web coding okay because I’m not a
coder that’s a whole other course that you’re going to want to take that’s
going to take you months and months and months of time to learn web development
we aren’t web developers but what we do teach in the website marketing side of
things is how to actually design the websites as far as setting up the
planning and the wireframe of the site so you can take that wireframe and give
it over to a web developer that you outsource to and have them develop the
site for you plus a little bit about email ho art sorry web hosting setting
up the domain and information that you’re going to want to know from the
marketing side of things again web development itself isn’t really
marketing the design of it the structure SEO how the actual site performs is more
the web marketing side and so that’s what we teach you guys about building
websites in this program so with module 4 we go into SEO and pay-per-click and
with these two modules not only did I go into a lot of information about running
search engine optimization campaigns and pay-per-click but I also had my
partner’s Kyle and Bruin Moreno come in because they are experts and that’s all
their agencies focus on so they partnered up with me and we actually
brought them on to teach about all of this marketing information with relation
to SEO so how to get backlinks how to rank your site on search engines and
with regards to pay-per-click how to actually pay to start ranking in the top
three so that way you can get those types of clients and actually say ok we
can apply this strategy to your local business because if you guys have heard
of 3-step marketing you know that that is the one of the best ways for local
businesses to drive cold traffic to their business right so we want to make sure
right so we wanted to make sure we we covered that and we go into all of the
stuff you’re gonna want to know about driving leads with SEO and pay-per-click
there are obviously other more advanced courses if you’re wanting to learn more
in-depth strategy on just pay-per-click or on just search engine optimization we
focus on making sure that you understand how to build that SEO plan and how to
build that pay-per-click plan so that way you can actually go and outsource it
to it to a person who is only specific they’re only a expert with SEO or
they’re only an expert with PPC bring them on your team train them to how you
want to work with your team and then have them start managing those tasks for
you module five or week five is all about
content marketing and if you guys know anything about digital marketing you
know how important content is for your marketing agency for ad campaigns really
for anything and so what we teach you how to do is how to source content that
actually matters how to find topics that people want to digest whether it’s you
know reading a blog or watching a video it’s all about finding that those topics
that are going to help you succeed whether it’s again writing a blog
creating a vlog channel creating ad campaigns we talked all about that and
how to find that content so if you’re looking for that that’s one of the best
lessons that we feel we’ve put together or one of the best modules we feel we’ve
put together in the program now week six is easily a lot of people’s favorite
module and it’s because we go into things like landing pages tools and
templates that you’re going to want for your business whether that’s the
onboarding template or the digital marketing audit template a revised
version only for students we have pricing templates and guides we have all
the resources and tools that we use software’s that we use to run our agency
and to make sure that clients are getting the campaign’s that they want we
have all kinds of stuff in this module that you’re going to want access to all
of it is in week six number seven or week seven is another favorite and it’s all
about getting clients and pricing your services right you have to understand
all of that to be able to run your agency and you have to do it effectively
but why do we save it zillion because you have to understand the services to
understand how to price the services right so really we started off going
into the marketing side of things first we started with obviously the business
cuz you guys are gonna want to know that but then we go directly into the
marketing training because that’s more important than pricing and finding
clients if you don’t understand the marketing side of it it really doesn’t
matter if you find clients or if you price any services because no one’s
gonna buy them right so you we go into that part next and it’s all about again
how to find clients how to sell what is how to drive cold traffic how to
actually take cold leads and turn them into warm leads and then the three step
process that we apply to selling and landing clients every single month
because it’s that easy once you’ve learned
digital marketing and how to sell the services then we teach you all about
pricing the services and that it’s not just something that you just template
out and do it’s a thousand dollars for this it’s all about what the labor is
going to cost you how many hours you project to go into that job right and
then what type of job it is all of those things are things that we talk about and
teach you in this program so that way you see success with your agency oh and
by the way just a nice little freebie here if you’re looking to land more
clients or price your services check out this video in the top right hand corner
over here you’re not gonna want to miss that and finally in module 8 we talked
about outsourcing and building your team because a big part of this is a lot of
people think oh well I have to be the only one who runs the marketing
campaigns when in reality one of the best strategies you can apply to your
agency is starting to outsource as soon as you bring on that first client even
if it’s as small as hiring someone to schedule posts for you your job is to
focus on what we call in business CPAs also known as cash producing activities
right so you need to be focusing on things that are going to build more
revenue for your agency and very quickly if you want to grow quickly right so how
do you do that well if I’m sitting writing all the posts I don’t have time
to go out and find new business right that’s the point behind outsourcing and
also it’s the fact that you have to be able to trust other people in your team
to scale to a hundred thousand six hundred thousand a million dollars in
revenue right all of that has to come into play you can’t build a million
dollars of revenue with your agency by yourself you do need a team and so
that’s why this part is important we teach you all of the things
to avoid how to do it properly how to actually train these people and get them
on board and running so that way you’re doing it as efficiently as possible oh
and let’s not forget about all of the bonuses that
you’re gonna get of course you get lifetime access to this program you get
all of our live trainings that we do once a month with the group and with
everybody who’s in the course or in the program at that time you get access to
the private Facebook group where we have tons of conversation and that’s actually
where we also host the live events that we do every single month so that is
something that only you get when you purchase the course plus again all of
the tools and templates and resources that we’ve put together and built out
for people who are trying to start an agency oh and if you don’t think that
I’m you know being serious about the results that we’ve been able to get for
our students here are three students that are really quickly going to go
through their experiences with you everyone the digital marketing school I
started Jordan’s course on day one when he actually lost it let me just jump
into it whether you’re beginner intermediate or advanced marketer that’s
a social media marketing social media management or digital marketing
altogether this course will be a huge benefit to you and help you to advance
yourself this content in this course it’s detailed full of value and easily
understandable the tools he provides and the thorough explanation of the content
it just made it so much easier for me to understand you know I’ve learned new
ways the prospect buy leads and land clients and just provide a higher value
to myself and the clients that I choose to work with another thing is the cost
of this course is crazy cheap for what is provided what he brings to this
course for you the value and the tools and the content he puts out it never
stops we can make money yeah you will if you learn to content correctly do the
work put in the time and understand the process and use those tools correctly
that are provided to you in this course if that’s not enough you can also reach
out to Jordan with questions or ideas on any of the social platforms trust me I
reached out to him on more than a couple of times and he has given me some great
advice okay his time and knowledge helping me on that alone is worth the
buy in my opinion so follow his course understand it develop your skills and
implement them and you will let clients and you will
make money but only if you do the work you need to do the work and put in the
time so jump on this right away before it’s too late
don’t miss out hello guys my name is Jose I’m 19 years old and I’m a digital
marketer and an entrepreneur this videos from a man
Jordan Steen in his amazing course I would totally check out this course if
you’re a beginner or more advanced into digital marketing you still get
something out of it with the experience he has it’s you know very powerful you
know to learn somebody like him in the digital marketing field you know this
guy is amazing man he has seven years plus in the digital marketing experience
this is why super beneficial to learn somebody like him because of this course
I’m able to make an extra two thousand dollars on top of what I currently do
again this is super powerful you know this course I’ll totally check it out
because it’s helping me you know how to properly deliver for my clients and how
to provide natural results for them as well you know even even to this day even
if I’m struggling I go back to that course and re-watch the videos and I
still get something new out of it that’s how powerful it is totally check out
this course if you’re not you’re missing out you know totally check it out thanks
again Jordan hi my name is Kayla hailey I am one of Jordan Steen’s student from
Denver Colorado I am 24 years old I first learned about Jordan actually on
YouTube third off looking at some other courses online some really big brands
entrepreneurs that are out there you probably are familiar with some of them
and then I stumbled across Jordan some of the value and free stuff that he was
putting out on his YouTube channel he pretty much just served up his audits
that he uses to gain clients into prospect he’s basically giving you the
tools on how to get clients for free one of the other things after getting into
the course bi-weekly basis he’s constantly putting more content more
content whether it’s through Facebook or YouTube or Instagram again I’ve only
been in this course for since May of this year it’s currently November I
closed my first client back in October for a fifteen thousand dollar contract
gonna be signing another contract here to be doing with a monthly retainer for
their marketing getting that sign to you in the next couple of days actually now
guys the cool thing is if can’t afford the course currently right
now because I can’t say it will stay this price forever is only $549 so let’s
think about that if you get one client in the first three months making let’s
say – let’s say 2,500 that’s our average $2,500 per month you’ve already made
back the $549 that you spent on the program and trust me this program is
able to do that if you follow the instructions inside but we do know that
it’s impossible sometimes for some people to afford 549 dollars per month
so the cool thing is we have built in a pricing plan or really a payment plan
for people who need a little help so we have a two monthly payments option and a
four monthly payment option the two monthly payments is 325 them for two
months and then the four monthly payments I believe is 175 for four
months it is more expensive when you do the payment plan but we’re giving it to
where you don’t have to make a big lump sum payment all upfront if you wanted to
take your first three months to really get in there and start getting clients
built up and paying back that service at the same time you’re going to have
access to it and you’re again able to pay it off at a little bit less per
month now let me warn you just because some people get kind of confused as to
why they don’t get the whole course when they pay for the 4 monthly payments you
won’t get the entire course if you do the 4 months you don’t get the entire
course in the first month you get the first two modules as you make your
second payment you get the next two your third payment you get the next two and
then your final payment you get the final two modules so it is broken up but
that’s again more to protect us and our agency and our brand not our agency but
our brand just because people would come in and buy the 175 take the entire
course and then leave and get it for $175 so I just wanted to give you guys
that note if you do decide to do the payment plan that’s kind of how that
works out but that’s it for today’s video and that’s all that’s included in
the digital marketing school but since you stayed till the end and I know most
of you are super excited about this we’re going to take this opportunity to
give you a super big discount for the digital marketing school so if you guys
join right now or in the next 24 hours I don’t even know you
we might not have ever met before maybe we have or maybe you’ve been waiting for
something like this but we’re gonna give you $75 off the digital marketing school
right now all you have to do is click the link at
the top of the description below it’s gonna say like promo you know 75 dollar
promo or something beside it you just click that link right below this video
in the description head on over to the checkout page and take $75 off your
order right now but that’s it for today’s video everybody thank you so
much for stopping by I really appreciate everybody who has supported my marketing
school and my agency my personal brand thus far it’s been almost 2 years now
that we’ve been running this agency in this personal brand and I’m just I can’t
explain how grateful I am to all of you for subscribing which if you haven’t
done that hit the subscribe button but thank you so much if you guys have so
far and thank you so much for following me and helping support my brand in my
business in my journey along the marketing agency journey the personal
branding journey I’m really just building my entrepreneurial Empire so
for now I’m gonna get out of here guys but until the next video I will see you
later Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready
to start living the six-figure work wherever be your own boss lifestyle well
at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy will teach you how to use a laptop and
internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started
with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see
you in the course Cereal Entrepreneur out!


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